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    Re: Detail Fest 2018- Judges Needed

    Thank you for the invitation, Meghan. Sorry for the delay in responding; we were in Sarasota this week and returned this evening. I look forward to judging again this year and could work both days....
  2. Re: Roll Call for Volunteers for Detail Fest Judging

    Hi Meghan,

    I would be pleased to assist with the judging again. Here is my data: Al Fortuna; 772.344.4702;; medium. Thank you!
  3. Re: Detail Fest 2017 Commercial - Check it out!

    Great job shooting the commercial, Bryan. It's an exciting 30 second tease that is sure to draw a crowd. Al
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    Re: Happy Birthday Mike Phillips!

    Happy Birthday, Mike. Wishing you all of the best and thanking you for sharing your talents with so many people. Be well and happy, my friend! Al Fortuna
  5. Re: Custom Paint Job - 1980 Corvette - RUPES & Gyeon - Extreme Show Car Makeover at Autogeek

    No doubt that Jim, the owner of this flashy Corvette, was a proud car guy when he left his baby at the Autogeek's Show Car Garage for some detailing. I hope Mike took a picture of his friend's face...
  6. Re: Pictures: 1947 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe - Show Car Makeover at Autogeek!

    Thank you, Mike, for another outstanding detailing experience in Autogeek's Show Car Garage. Your product knowledge and hands-on experience are awesome and always bring out the best gloss possible...
  7. Re: Sign-up: 1947 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe Detailing Class - Thursday, December 15th

    Please sign me up for this session, Mike. I was born in 1941 and remember the pre-war Lincoln Zyphers very well. This car has the front end of a 1947 Lincoln sedan but the back is not the same as...
  8. Re: Pictures: 1987 Buick Regal T-Type WE4 Turbo - Show Car Makeover at Autogeek!

    Great work with your Canon camera, Mike. You managed to capture the rich, deep gloss of that black beauty. The RUPES Paint Polishing System never ceases to amaze me! The new Dodo Juice Black Widow...
  9. Re: Sign-up: 1987 Buick Regal T-Type WE4 - Remove Holograms - Black Paint Detailing

    Please sign me up, Mike. Looking forward to a good evening with the team. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Re: This Thursday - Hologram removal to a 1965 Mustang Fastback Shelby 350GT Tribute Car

    Please sign me up, Mike. Looking forward to checking out Nick's new product on that beautiful Mustang. Thanks!
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    Re: Roll Call! Who drives a MANUAL transmission?

    My personal point of view is, "If you're not shifting manually, you're not driving." My pleasure ride is a BMW E92 M3 with a proper six-speed manual transmission (three pedals) and a...
  12. Re: 1996 BMW Z3 Extreme Makeover - Thursday, September 29th starting at 5:00pm

    Please sign me up, Mike. I would like to invite a friend with a silver Z3 M. I just completed successful cataract surgery on both eyes and look forward to seeing a glassy black finish through...
  13. Re: Sign-up: Dodge Hellcat Detailing Class - Thursday July 14th - 5:00pm to 9:00pm at Autogeek!

    Please sign me up, Mike. We just traded-in our daily driver, the Alpine white BMW 128i, for an Estoril blue metallic BMW 228i. It is a beautiful color and I can't wait to put a deep gloss on the...
  14. Re: This Thursday night - Show Car Makeover - 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560 SL

    It looks like a great opportunity to learn something about coatings, Mike. Sorry that I just opened this message and am unable to be there tonight. I am recuperating from recent cataract eye...
  15. Re: Pictures: RV and Motorhome Detailing Classes at Autogeek

    Thank you for another outstanding evening in the Show Car Garage, Mike. Your power-point presentation and hands-on instructions were clear and concise. The waterless wash was quick and easy despite...
  16. Re: 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster - Free Thursday Night Detailing Class at Autogeek - April 21st

    I will be there, Mike. Please sign me up. Thanks, Al.
  17. Re: Free RV Detailing Class! - Learn how to correctly machine polish clearcoated high-end RVs!

    I asked Brian to sign me up on Saturday morning. I believe he listed me as Al F. and I plan to be there. Thanks to Brian for his help. See you tomorrow evening, Mike. Al Fortuna
  18. Re: The Rupes UHS System - Just a few comments after using it all day...

    The Hudson Hornet convertible was one of the best make-overs that I experienced, Mike. Todd and you did a great job in explaining and demonstrating the system. I bought my Rupes LHR 75E (Mini) after...
  19. Re: Mike Phillips' New Show on Velocity - Competition Ready + FREE SHIPPING NO MINIMUM!

    Congratulations, Mike! You have earned this great opportunity and all of your friends share your excitement. At the Thursday night sessions, you always tell us, "Each one teach one." The world of...
  20. Replies

    Re: Next Cars & Coffee - Saturday, June 13th

    This "lucky local" is looking forward to another fun Saturday morning at Autogeek's Cars & Coffee. Al Fortuna
  21. Re: Pictures: 2002 Panoz Esperante - BLACKFIRE Crystal Coat Paint Coating

    Great job with the pictures, Mike. This was such a satisfying project for the team that we appreciate seeing that beautiful finish again. The Rupes polishers are so balanced and comfortable, I...
  22. Re: Sign-up: 2002 Panoz Esperante - Hologram Removal

    Beautiful paint color on that car. Let's get it straightened out, Mike. Please count me in.

  23. Re: Autogeek Across America - Travelin' in Style!

    Looks like a first-class outfit to me, Nick. The A-team must travel in style! Enjoy your ride and return safely. See you on Saturday morning at Cars & Coffee!

  24. Replies

    Re: Happy Birthday Meghan!

    Happy Birthday, Meghan, from all of your friends at Everglades Chapter BMW CCA. You are the greatest, Sunshine!

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    Re: Sign-up: 1947 Plymouth Coupe Streetrod - Show Car Makeover

    Last evening reminded me of the old adage, "When life hands you lemons - you make lemonade." The 1947 Plymouth coupe morphed into a behemoth in the form of a Ford Excursion. Mike took a "no show"...
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