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  1. Sticky: Re: Clayed my car and scratched the hell out of it

    We've done this with thousands of retail vehicles. Clay bar the vehicle in sections & in a covered area (preferably inside a garage) during the wash process. Use a wash mit with dish soap to remove...
  2. Re: Paint polish options that are safe on ceramic coating

    If it's a good quality ceramic coating then you might have to wet sand it to remove. We recently had a wet sanding training session and needed to use that technique to remove Gtechniq Crystal Serum...
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    It's funny how the big brands haven't adopted the ceramic coating crazy. I figure it comes down to the skill/difficulty to installing it properly and maybe that doesn't line up with their target...
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    Re: Gas pedal cleaning

    Personally, I've used the Tornador detail tool + degreaser + scrub brush + microfiber to wipe and that has produced great results on thousands on customer vehicles. (Keep in mind NOT to apply any...
  5. Sticky: Re: How To: Detail Your Engine Like a Professional

    From a retail detailing perspective, I would suggest not offering engine shampoo as a service offering. We stopped offering this service over 10 years ago. Too many electronics under the hood to...
  6. Re: What the heck did the dealer spray on my car

    We used Body Bar (Body Shop grade clay bar) and isopropyl alcohol/water mix in spray bottle after the vehicle was dried off from wash. Like you said, it took time to remove. Time frames will vary...
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    Re: Regular wax on rims. ??

    I've used Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour and it has held up to the toughest and longest Canadian winter we had last year (Mid Nov to April)! Thought we'd get a break this year, snow on the ground this...
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    Re: Wheel techniqe

    As some have said here, a lighter bristled brush is safer to avoid scratching the faces of the rims. (This is coming from the perspective of detailing a customer's vehicle.) We'll typically avoid...
  9. Re: What the heck did the dealer spray on my car

    Same as others have said most likely paint overspray. We had to remove overspray on about 10 vehicles at a local car dealership last week that had the similar issue. The vehicles were parked close to...
  10. Re: Do I need to wash my car after I use detailing clay to clay the paint?

    We clay bar vehicles during the wash process and have been doing so for years. This is more efficient then washing, chamois and then clay baring (this is for servicing retail customers)....
  11. Re: 12 Tips To Instantly Up Your Car Detailing Game!

    I like your video! One tool that we use in our shop that we didn't use till year 5 of being in business was a Tornador (compressed air/solution detail tool). This tool speed up our overall production...
  12. Re: Ceramic Coating Experiment! Am I just wasting time and money?

    Nice to hear your process. I believe the hardest and most time consuming ceramic coatings are the multilayer ones (e.g. Ceramic Pro). If you apply it incorrectly and a high spot appears it can take...
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    Re: Old Dog Looking For Something New

    Good on you for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new! I have 15 years experience running a detail business and the first 5 years was the hardest (This was pre-social media era...
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    Re: Interior Plastic Protectants

    I've had experience using Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash, very cost effective and the feedback from customers has been positive. Typically requires a re-application every 12 months (maybe sooner depending on...
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    Sticky: Re: Professional Detailers list

    JREK Autocare in Ottawa has been in business since 2004. They provide complete car detailing services (interior shampoo, paint protection, paint protection film).

    Their website is: Car Detailing...
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    Re: Are you kidding me, dealer?!?

    Ya like you said, it really is hit and miss with dealership staff. It's fairly high turn over for most positions and as a result, hit and miss.
  17. Re: 12 Tips To Instantly Up Your Car Detailing Game!

    Watched this video the other night, some great tips! One thing I noticed was that the dog hair removal tip can just be completed with the rubber gloves if your in a pinch. The static from gloves to...
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    Re: Are you kidding me, dealer?!?

    Sorry to hear, like others have said a common issue at most dealerships. Most likely a breakdown in communication. Your vehicle was most likely handled by a variety of people at the dealership...
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