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  1. Re: Rag Company's Pluffle or Griot's Garage's Plush Edgeless Towels?

    Based on this info, the pluffle is not the right towel for the job. The griots one would be the one to go with.

    The Autofiber royal plush is nice for this task.
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    Re: Best spray wax for windshield?

    If it is chattering then don't use D156 on the front glass and use that angelwax product whenever you desire. Or invest in a more robust glass coating and maintain with that angelwax product.
  3. Re: Getting started with a Pro level ceramic company?

    There is nothing wrong with CQUK 3.0. It’s a very good coating.

    Check out this video

    CarPro CQuartz UK3.0 vs Professional vs Finest Reserve - whats the difference? - YouTube

    Also don’t...
  4. Re: 2021 Jeep Gladiator Plastic fenders/bumpers/top etc

    You could use 303 but it doesn't last long on the outside from the get go. And DLUX will shed it sooner. It won't hurt to use it. You could get away with just maintaining with a ceramic...
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    Re: Looking for an after wash topper spray

    EcH20 is a concentrate and not expensive if only using it as a drying aid.

    You will mask the coatings properties with the other two. For how long well that has too many variables to say.
  6. Re: Jeep Wrangler Sahara and New Rupes UNO Protect

    You are good to go sooner than that. According to Rupes Uno can be topped or wiped off after 20 minutes.
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    Re: Looking for an after wash topper spray

    If you already have CQUK then stick with either EcH20 or Elixir.
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    Re: Detail over multiple weeks?

    You may have different darkening between the panels from one day to another for a period of time. If this is all you can do in your current situation then go with your plan and post up feedback.
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    Re: Happy Birthday DETAILROOKIE!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Re: Detail over multiple weeks?

    Then polish it one weekend and coat it the following weekend after a wash and panel wipe. The paint won't fall off without anything on it.
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    Re: Detail over multiple weeks?

    Let your wife borrow your car and you can focus on hers. Or decon it on one day and the polish and apply one layer in the next day.
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    Re: Waterless wash for freshly painted car?

    As long as it does not have any wax, sealant or silica (SiO2) then you are ok to use.
  13. Re: The new 75th anniversary TW ceramic+graphene...attracting dust?!?!

    Maybe it is the graphene coming off lol. Adams states they have 5% reduced graphene oxide (RGO) in their spray coating and I doubt this wax has that much. It probably lacks in self cleaning than...
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    Re: How to polish/correct wheels

    Treat them like you would paint.

    You can do it by hand. I am not sure if you can use a 3 inch plate with the G9 of if you would have to get the G8. I agree with Mike that the ibrid nano...
  15. Re: Hi, can I use carpro Elixir over Megs M27? + additional questions.

    I am not sold on M27. Iíve applied it twice and after the first wash itís all downhill.

    Ive tried two coats and that didnít help much. A friend of mine told me itís hit or miss. Sometimes it...
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    Re: Removing Coatings too soon

    You could always apply a second coat. Itís fine either way.
  17. Hi, can I use carpro Elixir over Megs M27? + additional questions.

    You can use Elixir on pretty much any LSP.
  18. Re: Ammo Frothe vs CarPro ECH2O on Ceramic Coating

    The SiO2 is not there for protection. Itís for gloss enhancement. Itís not well known but EcH20 contains carnauba. Thatís where the slickness comes from.
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    Re: Beadmaker question

    I don't believe it has changed. Have you seen this video.
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    Re: Happy Birthday PaulMys!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  21. Re: Checking out different ways to get the job done. Tried CanCoat

    CanCoat is a great product. Versatile and durable.
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    Re: Jescar over 3D AAT

    Try a test spot with the polish first and then you can determine if you need to compound or not. Then you can use whatever form of protection you like.
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    Re: Ceramic coating correction.

    Polish the entire panel and re-coat it.

    You can try adding more product onto an applicator to see if you can remove it. If that doesnít work then polish it.
  24. Re: What do i use to restore outide black trim, bumper, and rubber on jeep?

    Tapatalk will allow you to upload photos easily.
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    Re: About to do my first ceramic coating.

    Yes. You can even coat the plastic trim if it doesnít need restoration.
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