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    Re: Windshield water repellent

    I have used it for a couple of years and never had any issue with it smearing. Sam and Nick both have some great how to videos on that product. Key is to let it cure at least two hours before going...
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    Re: CQuartz and Glassparency Questions

    If you are doing it buy some Wolfgang Uber SiO2 rinseless, it will be easy to use, and of course you can buy it here from AG.

    Lots of mobile detailers but check out the website of the,...
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    Re: CarPro Clarify

    Agree that this is an excellent choice, especially if you are using any type of glass coating product.

    I have been running IGL Window coating and I give the CarPro Clarify the credit for...
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    Re: Drying Towel Scratches

    I have used the guzzler frequently in Mike Phillip's classes and never marred the paint nor induce any scratches. And that has been several black cars in his classes. I also practice Mike's method...
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    Re: Door panel problem

    I would try an APC cleaner on a MF cloth and scrub. Next step if no impact would be to use a light brush (think toothbrush) and use the same APC or try interior cleaner (enzyme cleaner). Just wet...
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    Re: Getting BF One Step out of pads

    I'll add in my experience with BF One Step and GG Microfiber & FoamPad Cleaner
    1. Mike Phillips response is key, BF1-step has a sealant so is a bit harder to clean.
    2. GG cleaner is good but not...
  7. Re: Flex vs. Rupes Gear Driven Orbital Polishers

    Well if you cannot make the class with Mike then I suggest a way to try them out yourself. You might talk to some of the detailers in your area and see if you can have them show you their RUPES...
  8. Re: Flow Chart for February Detailing Bootcamp Class

    Very nice new T-shirt for the students, looks great!
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    Re: 2021 Telsa Model 3

    Another reason why clients that love their cars bring them to you Scott.

    I wanted to pass along the two latest video's from Jason at Chicago Auto Pros which match up to Scott's findings with poor...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Mike Phillips!

    Happy Birthday Mike

    Today is a hands on event so make the best of it! Do whatever keeps you active and smiling this day.
    Hope you and Stacy have a great time on the beach.

    Sent from my...
  11. Thread: C8 Corvette

    by Thomkirby

    Re: C8 Corvette

    I am always a fan of red corvettes but seeing those photos makes me sad and mad at GM for dropping their quality.

    I would not accept that car unless Sizzle Chest first had performed his stellar...
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    Shiny tires - how many coats?

    I have a good friend and now a customer that really wants shiny wheels and TIRES. I have the wheels looking their best after using the DP-Wheel Coating and started him with the Pinnacle Black...
  13. Re: How far people travel to attend our 3-day Car Detailing Class

    Mike is correct to say his students come from all over the USA and a few international students too!

    I became a AG Roadshow attendee back in 2018 and traveled from Houston to Seattle for my first...
  14. Re: How to detail your BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

    Thanks Mike for the tip on the BakFlip tonneau model.

    I use the 303 on mine but mine is the rolling model: BAK Revolver X4 Tonneau Cover | BAKFlip

    This model has a different coating I...
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    Re: Griots ceramic wash & coat

    Fair question and same thing I would be asking. I have no problem with using the Wolfgang SiO2 Coating Wash nor the new UBER SiO2 Rinseless (good stuff). Plus I use many other soaps that would...
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    Re: Griots ceramic wash & coat

    For anyone planning to use the new product, watch the video by Nick and this past Thursday's live feed demonstrated all three methods.
    Griot's Garage LIVE: Ceramic Wash & Coat (LIVE DEMO!!!) -...
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    Re: RagCo Ultra Black Sponge

    Sorry to bring up the topic but I opened mine today and found the same issue you showed and described. I took time and reported the issue to TRC support.

    TRC has excellent service and controls...
  18. Re: Overwhelmed With Options (New Car Protection)

    I will add to the confusion by giving you my opinion. I have owned so many white cars over the years including a Toyota 4Runner many years ago. Owned a few 'real' Chevy Blazers used for running the...
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    Re: Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating test

    Thanks for giving the update on the coating. Glad to be here in Houston and not that type of BRUTAL winter, brrr.
  20. Re: VIP Guests - Industry Experts - for the February 3-Day Detailing Class

    Wow, this coming class is going to be a great way to learn from Mike and some top industry insiders. As a former student all I can say to anyone interested, sign up NOW!

    If anyone wants to get...
  21. Re: Do stones "bounce off" PPF, and not leave a mark?

    I have PPF on both of my vehicles, car and truck. As Funx650 stated, it depends upon the size of stone and velocity it is traveling. I even have PPF over the headlights to protect them too!

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    Re: Review: GYEON Q2M Tire SiO2 Coating

    So the results are from a one coat application, once by foam applicator and immediately then with the drill brush? If so then is a great time saver ov other tire coating products.
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    Re: Looking for a no-dry wash

    Agree with both Mike and Skip on ways to help. I think you are looking for rinseless wash, wet the dry one section at a time. Your outside car is most likely getting some overnight dew which attracts...
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    Re: Happy New Year for 2021!

    I agree with Mike Phillip’s post, may we all stay positive in the year ahead. May the days ahead be filled with hope as we kick the COVID-19 to the curb. Until then a warm virtual hug to all my...
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    Re: Tuff stuff question

    The Guz is correct and I concur. Tuff Shine instructions state to only use normal soap on the tires.

    A respected YouTuber did a comparison on tire coatings and was disappointed in Tuff Shine...
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