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  1. Re: Coating experts: I need your opinions here

    One of my friends had a Facebook friend (or similar) that's a Ceramic Pro installer try to sell him on a umpteen layer X year blah-blah-blah coating job. The way he explained it I'm pretty sure the...
  2. Re: Review: Pinnacle Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner

    acuRAS82 - Thanks for taking the time to do the write up!

    Results look great. I love your wife's comment "She likes it a lot as she does not like oil based, shiny tire dressings." (I'm being...
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    Re: DIY: $75 electric pad washer

    I like the idea of using the colander - I've always been leery of the thought of running my pads against the sharp edges of the grit guard they use in the pad washers you buy - seems like a recipe to...
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    Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    Yikes! Nice turnaround on that one.

    If memory serves, you use Meguiars leather cleaner for interior cleaning, right? Do you ever worry when you have a car with that kind of build up you'll end up...
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    Sticky: Re: Blackfire One Step Proficiency Tips.

    Jim -

    Thanks for this post! Really great read. I'll be using BF One Step for the first time very soon, and this was a really nice concise rundown of great info!

  6. Re: Backing Plate Swap - 5 inch backing plate for the Griot's Garage G9

    Ok, hereís what I got:
    (Please donít judge the polish residue on the machine!)

    6Ē plate, BOSS pad:
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    Re: Amazing people and company

    Add another tip of the hat to Mike Phillips and the Autogeek Peeps.

    I had chimed in for the "Win a Prize" thread as well, and even though the post I found was older than the one he was thinking,...
  8. Re: Backing Plate Swap - 5 inch backing plate for the Griot's Garage G9

    Ah shoot, Completely forgot about it, sorry.

    I'll set a reminder to do it tonight and shoot some pictures.
  9. Re: Can car wash shampoo be diluted to a rinseless wash?

    Interesting thought exercise, but I'm with the other folks - I'd just pick up a dedicated rinseless as there are so many good options to choose from.

    On top of leftover soap dulling the...
  10. Re: Well, first day using random orbital polisher, and I failed

    They didn't try to post any.

    Trying to help a feller out, I went to the dark site and looked at the sales posting of the polisher. Looks like a GG3 clone, except 8mm throw. 380w motor (I think I...
  11. Re: Well, first day using random orbital polisher, and I failed


    Looking at the pictures of that machine, it looks like the “3000 RPM” setting is only speed 1 - on any random orbital machine you’ll need more than that to get pad rotation. Especially on a 3”...
  12. Re: Well, first day using random orbital polisher, and I failed

    I'd say failure's a pretty harsh term for your first go-around. You're not diffusing a bomb, you're playing on a test panel! :D

    Great points above. First thought I had was that a 3" dual action...
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    Re: Win a PRIZE!

    I don't have a boat, but I'll try: Pictures: 2020 Boat Detailing Class - SOLD OUT! :dunno:

    EDIT: Scratch that: Missed 986DTM beat me to it!

    How about:

    1 of 2 Training Boats for the 2020...
  14. Re: Are there any foam cannon type wash systems that do a decent job without touching the vehicle?

    I'll agree with others that a truly touchless approach may not be possible. But, if you're able to do it weekly/often enough for low grime build up, I think something like the Griot's foaming surface...
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    Re: NEWBIES : Please Read Before Posting

    Mike - Thank you for reaching out personally. I'm buried at work today (I know you know the feeling), but I'll touch base soon.

    Keeping it brief - I'm sure you didn't mean any ill will with your...
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    Re: NEWBIES : Please Read Before Posting

  17. Re: Gorgeous BMW E46 in Imola Red; Truely Stunning

    TTQ B4U - As always, when you do it you really do it right! Looks fantastic.

    Nice to hear on the leather - I've seen a handful of these where the leather's gotten super stiff - not sure what they...
  18. Thread: Corado g60

    by oneheadlite

    Re: Corado g60

    The headlights look like some aftermarket pieces.

    Had a VR6 Corrado back in the day. Mod'd airbox, "test" pipe to borla exhaust = Great noise.

    I had several friends with G60 transplants back in...
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    Re: Bummer dude. Torqx DA.

    Before reading too far into your post, Mike Phillip's leading question of "Did you see great pad rotation?" was the first thing I thought of with that machine.

    I'd be willing to bet you're losing...
  20. Re: Other hobbies or past times outside of detailing

    Now thatís a before and after shot! Thatís very cool!

    I love how furniture like that frequently has a story. My boss also has been collecting authentic mid-century modern furniture as well.
  21. Re: Wow seriously?!!!?! Home town making me proud (not really)

    I’d long ago stopped clicking on any of his threads (never watched any of his vids) based simply on every one of the threads he posted was a YouTube link, and I swear I only saw him reply to his own...
  22. Wheel Woolies Users - What size do you use most?

    Looking to get into a Wheel Woolies style wheel cleaning brush, but trying to decide which size would be best to go with.

    I'm mainly looking for something for between spokes and in their corners,...
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    Re: Solutions for odors that wonít leave

    Don’t forget if you do clean the belts to keep them fully extended until they’re completely dry, otherwise you’re setting up for them getting funky.
  24. Re: GG Brilliant Finish Rinseless Dilution Ratios?

    Forgot to add - I had also called Griots when Brilliant Finish Rinseless first came out to ask about stronger dilutions, and at that time they weren’t recommending it for anything other than the...
  25. Re: GG Brilliant Finish Rinseless Dilution Ratios?

    Part of me wonders if they donít recommend it at stiffer dilution ratios for other uses so they donít steal sales from other (more expensive :) ) products. If itís lubricious enough to be used for...
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