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    Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    Usually for me that's a brand new aerosol can and you blow the spray nozzle/internal straw apart. :laughing:
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    Re: Design Flaws

    Anything "modern" (Post E46/E39), though I honestly haven't dedicated brain power to monitoring which ones actually stay off.

    What class do you run in? :D
    I ran Street Mod back in the day,...
  3. Re: Hard Black Audi Paint Finishing Hazy swirls/marks

    I'm with John on this one - When looking at your picture, those straight line marks aren't going to be caused by the machine work. DA Haze will be more uniform/circular/pigtail looking. Were those...
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    Re: Tornador: Just get the good one?

    I don't have a compressor at home, so I'd only use it at work. Our compressor is a 120 gallon unit, not sure the flow. Our line pressure is 140psi, but each hose reel has a regulator so I could dial...
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    Tornador: Just get the good one?

    Looking to hear from folks who have played around on either side of this:

    I've been thinking about getting a Tornador Black and the Velocity Vac attachment for a while now. Been wanting to do a...
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    Re: Design Flaws

    Oooh, that one drives me crazy. BMWs do that too. Fixing cars in the age of Covid, I don't want air stirring up in the car if I can avoid it, and it feels like every time I cycle the key it's...
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    Re: Design Flaws

    I've driven cars where instead of the common "stream" style windshield washer spray nozzles, they have 2 or 3 "fan" nozzles. Which is great for even fluid distribution, but when you're driving into...
  8. Thread: Griot G9

    by oneheadlite

    Re: Griot G9

    That’s interesting you’ve found it unpleasant. Once I got past my mental conditioning from my GG6 days that I’m only supposed to use 5.5” thin pads, I actually found there are times I prefer a thick...
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    Re: Thank you Mike Phillips

    Guz - Thanks for sharing, I'm in the no-social-media camp.

    Mike Phillips - Best Wishes on what lies ahead! Definitely appreciate all you've done to help us all raise our detailing game!
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    Re: G9/G8 Hard Case?

    Hardly exotic, but I use a 15qt snap top Sterilite tote.

    Fits the G8, G9, both little bags they came with, the 10 ft and 25 ft cord, pad cleaning brush, and all the backing plates (2,3,5,6). I...
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    Re: I now have my detailing Everest

    That’s the interior picture they send when they’re trying to sell it? :eek: At least you know they’re honest! :laughing:

    That blue is gonna look amazing! Looking forward to watching the updates....
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    Re: Need some new sprayers...

    Sizzle - Do you have compressed air in your garage?

    If you do and decide to go the pump up sprayer route, it looks like the Marolex sprayer has a spot where you could drill a hole and add a stubby...
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    Re: Post your vacuum cleaner

    Here's another Vacuum question for folks -

    For those of you that have air compressors, how many have/are using a Tornador Velocity Vac?

    I've been strongly debating getting one to help with...
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    Re: Post your vacuum cleaner

    Nothing to be embarrassed about in my opinion. I've got an older 14 gallon Rigid (pre Scroll Noise Reduction) and have been thinking it would be nice to switch to something smaller/lighter/quieter....
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    Re: Will This Polish Out?

    UncleDavy - How've you been doing after the wreck? Hopefully no after effects from the big hit? Insurance taking care of you ok?

    Any idea what your next ride will be?

    Sorry to hear your...
  16. Re: Is anyone using cordless pressure washers like this one?

    That's a great point I hadn't thought of when I was searching. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Re: Is anyone using cordless pressure washers like this one?

    The unit is 40v, they just get there by having two 20v batteries.

    7 and 9 lbs doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re trying to blast your whole car before starting a rinseless it seems like it...
  18. Re: Is anyone using cordless pressure washers like this one?

    That's a quick search from Home Depot's site. $205 for the 40v Hydroshot Power Share (2x20v batteries), $389 for the Hydroshot Ultra (Uses 2x 20v batteries. Didn't look that hard to see if the...
  19. Re: Is anyone using cordless pressure washers like this one?

    I suppose it's building to a price point - at HD: 450psi = $205, 725psi Ultra = $389. :eek:
  20. Re: Is anyone using cordless pressure washers like this one?

    At first I was wondering if you meant the Hydroshot Ultra I mentioned, but looks like they have a non-Ultra rated at 450psi that's dual battery too.

    Tool weight of 6.9 lbs on the dual battery...
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    Re: Anyone use ONR for everything?

    Optimum was talked about a lot more when I joined the forum. I bought a gallon of it since it sounded like it was a do-all game changer.

    Rinseless: I used ONR for a little while doing rinseless...
  22. Re: Is anyone using cordless pressure washers like this one?

    I wanted to let Klasse chime in first as I knew he's got the closest experience to what you linked. :dblthumb2:

    I recently researched the topic and ended up picking up a (no longer sold)...
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Yeah, that's terrifying. That corner's a long ways away, and it's not like your mailbox is feet out into the street... :eek:
  24. Re: Hybrid Solution Leather Mist & Streak-Free Interior Detailer Mist

    Other than the Flairosol bottle, anything stand out about it that puts it ahead of other Interior Detailer options?
  25. Re: Something happened to my leather? What is this?

    +1. Looks like a depression from something having been in place either a long time or something heavy on a hot day. May just be the picture, but it looks like maybe it's a synthetic leather with how...
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