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    Re: Looking for an after wash topper spray

    Or maybe their new 3-1 spray?

    So many choices in this category of product. I liked Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax, but others like the Griots 3-1, and Blackfire SiO2 Spray seem interesting too.
  2. Re: Durability Test: Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

    Here we go with the first update. Never thought I'd do one this soon.

    We had hours of pouring rain yesterday, so the car was literally, "ridden hard and put away wet." I drove it home via a...
  3. Re: Now available - Dr. Beasley's Z1 Ceramic AIO Primer

    Agree on the white foam pads.

    I've never used Z1, but Toyota paint is really soft. You can easily one-step polish most mild/moderate swirls away with a finishing polish and a medium cut...
  4. Re: The OFFICIAL Duragloss Enviroshild review thread, everyone!

    Thanks for the update. I think you tried 2x more than I would have! After the first experience, I would have simply moved on to something else.
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    Re: Car Pro CQuartz and Reset

    Not too strong, but it is expensive. I would suggest using another reputable car wash soap for the weekly wash and use Reset monthly.
  6. Re: Durability Test: Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

    Thanks, Mike!

    I have to admit, I uttered a "whoa!" when I walked into the garage this morning to drive to work. Can't wait for a sunny day to get a really good look. I've really been impressed...
  7. Durability Test: Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant

    A few months ago, the hosts of this fine forum provided me a bottle of Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant to try out. My first experience using it on my neighbors Porsche Cayenne was very positive (2017...
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    Re: Best wash mitt

    Funny you should mention this.

    I have two wash mitts. One I bough at WalMart and another I purchased from the Blackfire site a couple of years ago. At this point, even though they are...
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    Re: Cleaned up my daughter car

    The car looks great! Really jealous you can wash your car in your garage.
  10. Re: 2017 Shelby GT350 and the Dr Beasley's NSP Z1

    Do you get any correction with only two passes? Since it's an AIO, I'd hope you could at least work it a little bit to correct the surface.

    Speaking of correction, how good is the cut on NSP Z1?
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    Re: What should water beading look like?

    Maybe I'm just a little odd, I find it really entertaining what happens to water beads like that as I drive away. On a car with a really hydrophobic surface, those tiny beads all start to merge...
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    Re: Toyota CAMRY TRD

    Does it use a electronic e-diff rather than a mechanical one? I haven't read up on them more than a couple quick reviews. Not as good as a mechanical one, but at least a step in the right...
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    Re: Toyota CAMRY TRD

    Not a bad looking car and I like the color. One parks near me at work frequently and it appears to be well kept so the read really pops.

    Toyota is really trying to be a little more interesting...
  14. Re: Review: SONAX Insect Remover - How to avoid getting a new paint job

    I found the yellow bug sponge like the one pictured does a great job, but is murder on soft Toyota paint. The green bug scrubber pad from Sonax is much softer and works just as well.

    I always try...
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    Re: Wow! Still on the road!

    My Dad's Chevette I drove in high school and college had the same issues with power, but since I grew up in Colorado the altitude made it even worse! I doubt the thing had more than 60-ish hp on tap...
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    Re: 2010 Camaro SS

    The artist will always see the imperfections in their work, but those looking at the art will not. Car looks great!
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    Re: What should "water beading" look like?

    I thought the same thing when I saw it. A good sealant, but not a coating.

    So very true. The coatings create water beads which are literally beads which just perch on the surface. I found...
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    Re: Burning Tape

    On the topic of "burning" the tape, its a really simple solution I have never thought about. It seems most painter's tape these days is really sticky and some "low adhesive" tape I recently tried...
  19. Re: My experience w BF Ceramic Pro Black Edition

    Andre: Just a thought.

    If the recommendation is to use the MF applicator pads, you might want to change how the kits are sold for the BF coatings. Both the Black Edition Pro Coating (BLACKFIRE...
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    Re: Best Ceramic for Wheels

    I don't think the barrels of the wheels are bare aluminum, aren't they typically painted with something?

    On the vehicles I've owned and the aftermarket wheels I've also used, the backside of the...
  21. Re: My experience w BF Ceramic Pro Black Edition

    It's interesting that in cool humid conditions it flashes so much quicker than what is provided in the product instructions. From my experience with CQuartz UK, both v2 and v3 flashing slowed in...
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    Re: 303 Graphine review!

    My experience is a good hard rain will rinse a coated car to where it looks clean again, but won't get it as clean as you do with a hand wash of some form, no matter how good the coating. Nothing...
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    Re: Wow! Still on the road!

    The way those things rusted, I'm not sure many had much left to recycle!

    After driving a Chevette in High School, I'm pretty certain the Metro was a better car. The only advantage for the...
  24. Re: How to remove wax from plastic/vinyl bumpers?

    I've used peanut butter and it worked great. I once had a car with textured black trim with some wax stains on it from places where I was a little sloppy. After trying APC and some other products,...
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    Re: Lightning Deals - Confused

    I'm in a similar place as well. Due to shipping costs, I'll often do a larger buy and wait for a big sale which either has free shipping, exceed the threshold to get the free shipping, or at least...
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