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    Re: THE cigar thread

    I’m a light weight so I prefer a mild cigar. Isla del Sol is my choice as it’s mild with a sweetened tip.
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    Re: Duragloss Car Wash.

    Good point on the cherry smell which is why I don’t use it.
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    Re: A good 100' water hose

    I detail part time and out of my car so space is a premium. Zero G for me (2 50 ft hoses, 5/8 diameter)
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    Re: What Got You Into Detailing Cars?

    I grew up watching my brothers’ cars and how they loved them. I’d also watch my brother in law wash his Cadillac. When I got my first car, I’d keep it clean even in the winters in St Louis, Mo. I...
  5. Re: Customer claims I cracked her windshield...

    I had a car with a slight crack or chip (been years so Iím not sure which). What I am sure of is when wetting the car as I was about to wash it (Louisiana summer heat), the cold water started the...
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    Re: Tire dressing help

    Thanks for the tip. I hate applying dressing to aggressive truck tires.
  7. Re: Question for mobile detailing guys with small vans?

    I detail out of a MB E350 part time. I donít carry water nor a generator. I sell my abilities and knowledge and always advise the client ahead of time and ask if connecting to their power and water...
  8. Re: Classy German Diesel with 140k+ on the ODO gets restored

    Beautiful work in a beautiful SUV. I’m searching for a 2014-16 charcoal grey VW Touareg TDI currently.
  9. Re: Backing Plate Swap - 5 inch backing plate for the Griot's Garage G9

    Just received my 5 inch vented plate and pads on my last Autogeek order
  10. Re: Which has better quality Mothers or Meguiars?

    I love the Meguiar’s Pro Detailer line of products and bottles.
  11. Re: Looking to start a mobile detailing business!

    Basic equipment

    1. Good dual action polisher (I have the Griot Garage 6). Get a smaller one as well for tight areas. Pads for both.
    2. Vacuum
    3. 3 buckets and perhaps a few bucket dollies....
  12. Re: Other hobbies or past times outside of detailing

    Golf, family and I own a franchise pizza restaurant (Your Pie). Crazy about my 4 legged family member Luna (mixed breed). Prior to owning the restaurant, I enjoyed traveling.
  13. Sticky: Re: Advice for someone considering a mobile detaling side hustle!!!

    Great points and advice from Sudsmobile and Mike Phillips

    I’d add also be smart and research products as several products diluted or can substitute for buying other products.

    For example:
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    Re: Umm... opinions on everything please

    Regarding the steamer, Mike P pointed out Vapor Chief. I had 2 McCullough steamers and they work but don’t last long. I’m part time and didn’t want to spend a lot but wanted quality. I bought the...
  15. Re: Gorgeous BMW E46 in Imola Red; Truely Stunning

    Side reflective shot is incredible. Beautiful work
  16. Re: Mobile detailing and online/card payments

    I use Square. Never an issue although I don’t do a bunch of sales thru it as I’m part time. Fees hit you like any business but I like Square.
  17. Re: How Much Polish and Sealant Do I Need?

    What he said above
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    Re: Wilmington, NC

    Welcome. Hang on to your wallet tightly.
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    Re: Silly question- the roof?

    Even though challenging, always. As stated before, that’s what a pro would do. If I didn’t do the roof, I’d know even though the client might not as they might be accustomed to that level of work....
  20. 2008 Toyota Solara convertible top trim

    I have an upcoming detail and took pics of the vehicle as the owner babies her car. The pic Iím sharing is the metal border around the convertible top (sides and around to the back) and above the...
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    Re: Griot's Garage BOSS Creams: Explained

    I like all of the Boss products and primarily use them. HD Speed is nice but in my opinion doesn’t last.
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    Re: Your worst detail company names!

    Ef Up Auto Detailing

    Scratch N Deny
  23. Re: $1,000 Prize up for grabs when we hit our 1 millionth post!

    Win or lose (love to win), congrats AG on hosting a site for us
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    Re: How much work is it worth?

    Yes, it’s worth it. Good practice and love the products recommended already.
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Spent time observing declining customer traffic at my restaurant. Thinking about how long I can run it and keep folks working. Also wondering if itís worth staying open. Texted other franchise owners...
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