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  1. Re: Post SEMA Detail Night! Check out new STUFF!!!!!

    Add Jeff Wallace and Dave Vezina to the list. Thanks
  2. Re: Test out the NEW FLEX and Griot's Polisher this Thursday Night!

    If I wasn’t on shift I would be there...want to get my hands on that new flex tool..and want to try try the cordless beast.
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    Re: New Product GIVEAWAY!!

    I’m not very good at writing reviews...I’m really interested in buying one though..
  4. Re: Pictures: Autogeek's Open Detail Class - Wednesday, September 5th

    Mike just wanted to say thank you to you and autogeek for putting these events on. This has been the 3rd Wednesday night open class I've attended and there's just a wealth of information each time. ...
  5. Re: Autogeek's Open Detail Class - Wednesday, September 5th - 4:00pm to 9:00pm

    I’ll be there, along with pvezina. Not sure if hell remembered to log on and post.
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    Re: To the people who have Detail Guardz...

    Just ordered them, should be here Wednesday, I.l let you know what I think if you haven’t pulled the trigger this week..
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    Re: nanoskin mitt or nanoskin pad ??

    I use the mitts, super easy.
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    Re: advice on force hybrid pad purchase

    Itís 25% off, get 1 or 2 of each..I have both..Iíve used the red to spread out 845....havenít used the black. Seems every time I take out the 3401 itís for an all in one..
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    Re: Detailing bag?

    I use the rigid modular toolbox..fits everything. Well almost everything.
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    Re: Review: Pinnacle Advanced Glass Cleaner

    Went and reread your blackfire glass cleaner article..

    On the interior you recommend up and down motions, while on the final wipe for exterior you recommend side to side. Of course this is so you...
  11. Re: Packing for our Roadshow Car Detailing Class in Wisconsin

    Good counting...I guessed right a few weeks ago...been meaning to do a review of what he sent but itís been raining non stop down in south Florida and I havenít had a chance to play with any off it.....
  12. Re: What're your most recommended new-ish products to use?

    HDspeed or BLACKFIRE one step, for your all in one.

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    Re: TOOLS! - Can you count all the tools?

    I count 103...regardless. Thatís a lot of polishers...lots of choices, itís a great time to be into detailing cars...and you guys put on an amazing class
  14. Re: 12 different people - 6 different polishers and 1 jeweling wax = wet paint

    Awesome class/project Mike. Thanks for having us. Was a really cool car to do my first waterless wash. I’ve watched a few of your videos but it’s nice to be their in person.

    The history lesson on...
  15. Re: Wednesday Night Project - June 27th - 5:00pm to 9:00pm

    Hi mike, sign me up please

  16. Re: Cordless Flex Polishers Available For Preorder Per Autogeek Website

    I believe they posted on Facebook that they were in and shipping out this week.,,
  17. Thread: DA polisher

    by JWallace

    Re: DA polisher

    Your Makita is still a DA polisher. It’s just a forced rotation like the flex 3401 and the new rupes Millie.

    From everything I’ve read and seen online it doesn’t work well in the free spinning...
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    Re: Time for a new polisher

    I recently went through the same process looking for a polisher. You have way more expierence then me as I’m just starting out. I went to a class at autogeek Wednesday night though and was able to...
  19. Re: Review: Speed Master Rolling Detailer's Cart by Mike Phillips

    Just the colors
  20. Re: Looking for updated advice on pads for the 3401


    I just ordered my flex 3401 though so looking to see what everyone is using now...I don’t have the old 4in backing plate.

    Tried doing a search and everything I could find is a few...
  21. Re: Looking for updated advice on pads for the 3401

    Anyone else expierenced with the 3401 that wants to comment on your favorite pads to use is welcome also.

    �� thanks
  22. Looking for updated advice on pads for the 3401

    Hi Mike Iíve read your book on the 3401,in it you recommend the lake country 4in backing plate with the hybrid 5in pads as your favorite. Fast forward to 2018 and that backing plate and pad size is...
  23. Re: 700 HP Hennessy Vette and Jeep Cherokee - Waxed and Coated

    Just want to say thanks to Mike Phillips and Autogeek for putting on this class.

    What a great expierence. Itís one thing to watch videos and read how to do things online. Itís completly different...
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    Re: Part Time Detailer - What Extractor?

    how do you like the dry upholstery tool?
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    Re: Part Time Detailer - What Extractor?

    I have the mytee tempo s300 with heat...seems to work pretty good, although I have nothing to compare it to...I was able to pick it up barely used for $300 bucks..
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