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  1. Re: Extreme Wheel Makeover - SONAX Wheel Cleaner PLUS

    Faces look like new, but did you scrub the wheel barrels to match?

    Last time I did a car like this I completely destroyed one GG Long Wheel Scrubber brush. It did all four wheel barrels but...
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    Re: What topper for AvalonKing Armor Shield?

    I have used up my two bottles and it is just a nice easy coating product. Now their asking price( high) and once they have a 'sale' price then are in alignment with many other from the AG store. I...
  3. Re: 303 Graphene + The Camaro = Observations

    I recently applied it in full sun, it was a surprise how well it appllied and removed. Key is 'jack be quick' method, apply small sections and remove once it hazes . I too also only apply it to the...
  4. Re: Meguiar's No.7 Glaze for Single Stage - Bondo?

    For those that polish out old single stage that is a metallic color like this truck.

    White polishing pad turns black?
  5. Re: Meguiar's No.7 Glaze for Single Stage - Bondo?

    Finished tailgate polish with Blackfire One Step and then waxed.

    Pulled it out of garage for final photos

  6. Re: Meguiar's No.7 Glaze for Single Stage - Bondo?

    Results for unstable paint

    We finished up today with rubbing down our second coat of No. 7 Glaze.

    I did try a light polish on the tailgate with a white polishing pad. Polish was PINNACLE...
  7. Re: Meguiar's No.7 Glaze for Single Stage - Bondo?

    Yes, the test was the tail gate and so far the owner is pleased, even had him helping this afternoon. Applied a coat today and with Father's Day will come back and do the second coat in a couple of...
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    Re: SiO2 washes and trim products

    I agree with The Guy, you are going to be fighting yourself to use the Wolfgang SiO2 Rinseless prior to the application of Solution Finish. Just use some standard car soap for the short term.

  9. Re: 2006 Toyota Sequoia - Comet Wash - Extreme Makeover - BLACKFIRE One Step

    I glad you mentioned the work required on the roof. If the hood looked bad then that roof was ever more so. And with those roof panels that becomes a bigger job with the raised metal work. Most...
  10. Meguiar's No.7 Glaze for Single Stage - Bondo?

    Meguiar's No.7 Glaze for Single Stage - Bondo?

    Mike & forum members,

    I am helping my neighbor with his old Chevrolet pickup. He keeps it garaged and hand washed so the relatively clean. He...
  11. Re: Quick question on engine/engine bay cleaning

    I use my pressure washer as the rinse process with a 40-degree or 25-degree tip. I do keep it at least a couple of feet away from the surfaces. Use it with care and never close to any fuse box nor...
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    Re: Happy Birthday PaulMys!

    Yes, do have a great day and enjoy another tick on the life clock! Party time PaulMys!
  13. Re: The FLEX BEAST, Supa BEAST & CBEAST - 8mm Gear-Driven Orbital Polishers

    Nice job Mike and is that original paint on the Vette? That is really really RED!
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    Re: Clay bar and ceramic coating

    Yes, you can use both clay bar or a synthetic clay on. Coated car. This can be done once or twice a year to remove stubborn road film. You might want to consider using a Griot’s Garage Ceramic Speed...
  15. Re: 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating: 1 Coat or 2 ?

    I asked that same question on a YouTube video produced by 303. The answer is yes you can apply a second coat but recommended waiting 24-hours between coats. They were not expecting that second coat...
  16. Re: LIVE Boat Detailing Class in 30 minutes! - Virtual Mobile Tech Expo

    That was a good session Mike, liked the slides and commentary
  17. Thread: First Day!

    by Thomkirby

    Re: First Day!

    Welcome to the forum, lots of different experiences to learn from.
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    Re: IK Pro2!

    Sounds like missing a gasket at the top

    Look at diagram Shows as 98

    IK MULTI Pro 2
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    Re: Windshield water repellent

    I have used it for a couple of years and never had any issue with it smearing. Sam and Nick both have some great how to videos on that product. Key is to let it cure at least two hours before going...
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    Re: CQuartz and Glassparency Questions

    If you are doing it buy some Wolfgang Uber SiO2 rinseless, it will be easy to use, and of course you can buy it here from AG.

    Lots of mobile detailers but check out the website of the,...
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    Re: CarPro Clarify

    Agree that this is an excellent choice, especially if you are using any type of glass coating product.

    I have been running IGL Window coating and I give the CarPro Clarify the credit for...
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    Re: Drying Towel Scratches

    I have used the guzzler frequently in Mike Phillip's classes and never marred the paint nor induce any scratches. And that has been several black cars in his classes. I also practice Mike's method...
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    Re: Door panel problem

    I would try an APC cleaner on a MF cloth and scrub. Next step if no impact would be to use a light brush (think toothbrush) and use the same APC or try interior cleaner (enzyme cleaner). Just wet...
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    Re: Getting BF One Step out of pads

    I'll add in my experience with BF One Step and GG Microfiber & FoamPad Cleaner
    1. Mike Phillips response is key, BF1-step has a sealant so is a bit harder to clean.
    2. GG cleaner is good but not...
  25. Re: Flex vs. Rupes Gear Driven Orbital Polishers

    Well if you cannot make the class with Mike then I suggest a way to try them out yourself. You might talk to some of the detailers in your area and see if you can have them show you their RUPES...
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