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    Re: Poorboy's Bird Sh#t Remover Question

    Google Autoglym bird dropping. Their research found that it isn't the uric acid in bird droppings that ruins clearcoat. It's the heaing and cooling cycles and temperature differential if you don't...
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    Re: Best Interior Detailing Lights

    I use the Milwaukee M12 LED bar. Love it.
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    Re: Optimum Tire Protection Coating (TPC)

    I used Optimum Tire Protection on a new set of tires, and it was terrible, had to painfully remove it. Same tires, 2,000 miles later, it worked great. I clean them until pure white foam shows on...
  4. Re: How would you clean these? -The Rubber on Running Boards

    I clean running boards using an APC of choice like Power Clean or Meguiars diluted 10 to 1 and a rotary polisher with a soft brush. I've tried multiple tire and rubber dressings (Meguiar's CarPro...
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    Re: Review: Speed Master Detailer's Seat

    Wish the wheels were larger. That won't roll around well on my concrete driveway. Wheels will jam in the expansion joints.
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    Coating dashboard gauge plastic?

    Bought a Scion IQ to restore, and I'll need to replace the clear plastic cover for the speedometer and tachometer gauges which was damaged by the previous owner. Any benefit to coating the new...
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    Re: Flagged tipped brush & Duragloss #253

    Tuff Shine Tire Cleaner and Optimum Power Clean are the only two products I've found that will completely clean brushes that are used on tires.

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    Re: Flagged tipped brush & Duragloss #253

    Yes, the Flairsol sprayers. You can spray directly on the tire and just walk away, but I find I'm most accurate by spraying on the brush and applying. No dripping on the tire that way.

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    Re: Flagged tipped brush & Duragloss #253

    I use the same brush as recommended by Eldorado2k, but I now use one of those beauty supply spray bottles to load the brush, instead of a standard pump sprayer. They pump a super-fine mist and one...
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    Re: Master Blaster hose ends

    I've had mine for a couple of years. I've only used the tapered cone tip because it's the most concentrated. If they made a 12HP model I would use that :) All my vehicles are coated and regularly...
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    Re: Rupes Mille or Flex 3401

    Do you think the CBEAST will ship in 2019 Mike?
  12. Re: Nice job bringing in The Rag Company, Autogeek....

    I use these as my general shop towels and love them. Plush towels don't scrub as well as these terry weaves. I soak them before washing and they clean up great.
  13. Re: Paint Correction driving between parts/stages

    Yes, I've done two vehicles this way. A couple of panels at a time, correction and then apply a coating.
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    Re: Water spots on black!

    If water spot removers aren't working, I would try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser first (followed by your favorite trim restorer), and if that didn't work, a heat gun used carefully. Solution Finish is...
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    Re: Ordered a Griot's 3" Polisher

    Complete agreement with SNP209. With the original thick Griot's 3" pads, all I could do was spread wax or the machine would stall. With thin pads, or microfiber pads, you can actually polish with...
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    Re: Cut the cord or no?

    Mike, this is no longer true with the latest generation of top of the line tools. My Milwaukee Super-Hog cordless has more power than my old corded Milwaukee. I think you'll see the power of these...
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    Re: How to Restore Faded Rubber Car Mats

    I use Stoner Trim Shine (available from AutoGeek) water based, either interior or exterior to restore grey floor mats back to black. I let it dry and then knock it down lightly with a microfiber to...
  18. Re: Suggestions for troubleshooting a new Mytee Tempo S300-H

    Couldn't get it to work so I got the name of a local repair shop from Mytee. Got it fixed the same day. Turned out to be the heater core was clogged with debris. Great repair tech, he apologized...
  19. Re: Suggestions for troubleshooting a new Mytee Tempo S300-H

    Thank you for the tip, I will try that tomorrow.
  20. Re: Suggestions for troubleshooting a new Mytee Tempo S300-H

    Thanks for sharing that. No suction from the pump, it just makes noise. Straight out of the box, but the warranty expired since I never unpacked it. Might bite the bullet and look for a better...
  21. Re: Suggestions for troubleshooting a new Mytee Tempo S300-H


    Good suggestion but no. I opened it up and didn't see anywhere to prime. The solution tank is gravity fed from the top.
  22. Suggestions for troubleshooting a new Mytee Tempo S300-H

    Bought this brand new a year ago and just never needed it. Until today. Pump makes sounds but no water moves through the hose. Tried a second hose (dry upholstery hose) and no joy either. ...
  23. Re: P&S Bead Maker over Unpolished & Uncoated Paint

    ONR has wax in it? Optimum makes a version with wax (green color), but not the standard blue ONR.

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    Re: Wheel barrels that aren’t worth cleaning?

    With my most recent vehicle, I deliberately bought the cheap steel wheels because they came with plastic wheel covers that hide the wheel barrels. No more scrubbing the barrels for me. My wheel...
  25. Re: In Search of a Good Portable Tire Inflator: HELP!!

    My all time favorite is my Powertank, but takes a lot of space. I've had both the Ryobi and the Milwaukee, and now have a Milwaukee Inflator in both vehicles. If you're already using Milwaukee 12V...
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