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  1. Thread: Employees

    by bsmith0404

    Re: Employees

    Depends on the laws of your state. Some states don't require much if you only have a couple employees, other make your start paying workman's comp insurance if you have 1 or 2. Best advice I can...
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    Re: Hyundai Sonata

    I use steam on interiors. I used to use chemicals and scrub until my arms fell off. Check out the McCulloch heavy duty steamer. Has a bunch or attachments that work great for cars and isn't nearly...
  3. Re: Gen IV Camaro Black Fire Transfdormation

    To be honest, I'm surprised it still had clear coat on it. Sitting in the sun in El Paso, TX usually takes it all off in a couple years. Surprised it has lasted 26 years!
  4. Re: Operation It's Hammered!! 2016 Chevy Tahoe...

    Great work. Nothing more rewarding than bringing one back to life.
  5. Re: Leather care - conditioner, sealant, coating or water?

    I use the Pinnacle as well. Works great, I think it provides a bit of softness/flexibility to the leather to help prevent cracking. Also, has that leather smell, keeping my vehicles with that new...
  6. Gen IV Camaro Black Fire Transfdormation


    Just finished transforming a severely neglected Gen IV camaro. The car had sat outside for several years, had pine sap/tar, bird...
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    Re: Best product to remove headliner stain?

    I've never tried Folex, maybe I need to give it a shot. I've always had great results with an orange citrus cleaner and then hit the stain with my steam cleaner and wipe with a clean microfiber. If...
  8. Re: Anyone still using Blackfire Sun spray wax

    I still use the BF, I use the instant detailer more than the spray wax now. I till use the midnight sun paste wax as a base and then touch up with instant detailer. pulled the spray wax out the...
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    Re: Wife's long HAIR

    I have a drying rack that i hang mine on.
  10. Re: How many here are still using the Porter Cable DA?

    My PC 7424XP bearing froze up on me, cost to repair was more than a new machine. Plus I was in the middle of a detail and needed a replacement quickly (I only use it for small areas, my Flex gets...
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    Re: New Electra Glide need advise

    As already mentioned, there are a million different combinations/products you can use and asking this question is like asking what's better Ford or Chevy, (the obvious answer is Chevy). I personally...
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    Re: Still struggle at times to get tires CLEAN

    Sometimes it's almost impossible to get all the browning/blooming off a tire. Different brands are more difficult depending on how much antiozonant the manufacturer adds. I've scrubbed tires 3,...
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    Re: 2002 HD Softail Deuce - Extreme Detail

    Amazing results. I haven't taken the time to go that extreme on my Harleys yet. I've done a 7-8 hour detail on the Ultra with great results, but really need to get after the nooks and crannies. ...
  14. Replies

    Re: 2002 HD Softail Deuce - Extreme Detail

    Looking awesome I really like the lift you have as well. What brand is it? what's your thoughts/pros/cons on it. Right now I use a small center jack type lift because its very portable and I can...
  15. Re: Black Plastic and Black Metal "Restorer"/Protectant ??

    I use Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant and have had great results. I've tried other products, love 303, but nothing I've found works as well on exterior plastic grills and fender flairs.
  16. Re: Local Car Wash Creating A Lot Of Business

    I definitely spend time educating them. Even go as far as to tell them I'm wasting my time and their money if they keep going back to that carwash. I use it as an opportunity to upsell paint...
  17. Re: Painting my new garage. What colors work best for a garage when it comes to detailing?


    I went with an eggshell pure white in my garage mainly for brightness. I have a 32x32 garage with ten 8' LED light strips for lighting. I can't remember the exact LED light color, but...
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    Re: 4" Pad Recommendations

    Yeah, I'll get the new plate and try them out. I normally use 6.5" and 4" when doing cars. Motorcycles are pretty much exclusively 4" not too many times I would need a smaller pad with them. It's...
  19. Re: Local Car Wash Creating A Lot Of Business

    I don't hold up a post it note, but I do tell them their clear coat is thinner than a post it note/piece of paper.

    Thanks for the replies, I felt I was taking the right approach, but it's always...
  20. Replies

    Re: 4" Pad Recommendations

    Thanks for the replies I have some 3" LC pads, but I haven't tried them, to be honest I don't know why I bought them, my backing plate is too big for 3" pads. Was really hoping someone would have...
  21. Local Car Wash Creating A Lot Of Business

    I'll admit that most of my detailing has been on motorcycles, garage/trailer queens, and my own vehicles. Lately I've been getting a lot of work/requests to remove scratches caused by a local car...
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    4" Pad Recommendations

    Looking for some recommendations/what others are using for 4" buffing pads. I've always had good results with Lake Country pads, but recently I have not been happy with the LC Hydro-tech pads. Not...
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    Re: My Wet-ice Over Fire Story

    Thank you Garage is 32x32 Insulated and air conditioned, also has epoxy coated floor. Only regret is I could only do 8.5' walls because of local codes about out buildings not being taller than the...
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    My Wet-ice Over Fire Story

    I recently finished my garage and was finally able to get my truck inside for a good detail. It has been sitting outside in the New Mexico sun for 2.5 years with the occasional wax. There was some...
  25. Re: would you be reluctant to buy a 2001 car with less than 1,000 miles?

    I personally don't think this is a concern. I have ever heard of this happening and if was that easy you would think people would be doing it all of the time. If I understand it correctly, the...
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