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  1. Re: 2017 Detail Fest Custom Car Builders Challenge for the Detailer's Cup

    they're all so hot it would be a pleasure to work on any one of them!!!
  2. Re: Putting together CR Team for Detail Fest Detailer's Cup - Filming on Friday, March 17th

    Super stoked to be part of the Competition Ready team!
  3. Re: Putting together CR Team for Detail Fest Detailer's Cup - Filming on Friday, March 17th

    I'd love to partake!
    Robert DiTerlizzi
    Impressions Fine Automotive Detailing
    Xtra large
  4. Re: Sign-up: Dodge Hellcat Detailing Class - Thursday July 14th - 5:00pm to 9:00pm at Autogeek!

    Its a long way over but I'll be there
  5. Re: 1955 Chevy Bel Air with a $15,000.00 Custom Paint Job - How to remove water spots

    that came out beautiful!
    Great job team!
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    Re: Happy Birthday Robert DiTerlizzi!

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it
  7. Re: Sign-up: 1955 Chevy Bel Air - Thursday, June 2nd

    I guess I can make the trek all the way over there! :)
  8. Sticky: Re: RUPES 2" Backing Plate not for use with the rotary connector and the RUPES Nano iBrid

    Thanks for clearing that up Mike!
    I've been using my ibrid longneck all day on a Harley motorcycle and and really enjoying the 12mm orbit!
    Correction level is great and very surprised at how long I...
  9. Re: Review: Griot's Garage 3 inch Pneumatic Orbital Polisher - Mighty Mouse!

    It has to be one of the coolest tri-fives around!
  10. Re: Sign-up: 1985 GMC Rally Van - Thursday Night February 18th starting at 5:00pm

    Count me in
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    Re: Presidential Railcar US No.1

    what an awesome opportunity to work on such an amazing piece of American history!
    Thanks to Autogeek and RUPES, Jose Fernandez and Mike Phillips, it was an honor working with you guys!
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    Re: Detail Fest Custom Car Builder Competition!

    I can't wait!

    Glad I've got a front row seat too!

  13. Re: Share a picture of your last detail job for 2016!
    Polished with Essence and topped with Reload...
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    Re: Essence Marring on Black Tesla Paint?

    I do 2-3 passes with Essence
    Overworking the product will leave da haze which is actually dried up product that doesn't wipe off
  15. Re: New size for your Avatar - 180 pixels wide x 240 pixels tall

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    Re: Surprising News & Good News!

    I've had the pleasure of knowing and interacting with Meghan for quite a few years now and was saddened by the news of her departure!😔
    I know she's always just a text message away and wish her the...
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    Re: Interesting new video from Rupes...

    I'd love to see an standard body with interchangeable heads!
    2"/3"/4"/5"/6" and 12/15/21mm throws as well!!
    Now we'd be talking!
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    Re: Concrete under fender bays

    try a product called "Backset"
    Back Set by RoMix Chemical & Brush 800-331-2243
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    Re: Happy Birthday Impressions!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!
  20. Re: Challenger Hellcat Cquartz Finest Ultimate New Car Protection - Tampa, FL

    Awesome work as usual Billy!
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    Re: Triumphant Triumph TR6 NZ.

    Awesome job BillE!!!
    Hope you get to feelin better!
    I'm familiar with that "old age" syndrome!
    And I sure can relate to a gorgeous black TR6, here's mine!
  22. Re: 1971 Dodge Charger R/T - 1940 Oldsmobile Streetrod shine by Pinnacle

    Oh man, another night of off the wall buffing!!
    both of these cars looked amazing when they were done!
    Kudos to the "newbie" team, you guys did a great job on Dave's 1940 Oldsmobile!
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    Re: Smack Towel Method (STM)

    good tip Mike!!
    Feel free to post on DFD with either a link to this thread or just make a post, whichever you like.
    And don't mind the haters, haters gonna hate!
  24. Re: Sign up: 1971 Dodge Charger - Show Car Detailing

    Sign me up
  25. Re: Breaking in the new Show Car Garage - 1932 Deuce Roadster!

    I couldn't help but share pictures of the man himself, gettin it done!
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