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    Re: Some work on the 911...

    I have never seen anything like that one, and you always continue to produce stellar results. It is so shiny that even the sun was a bit jealous.
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    Re: 11 year Anniversary at Autogeek

    While Bruno may be the face behind Ivan Karstuf (AG Logo), Mike Phillips has become a true mentor for all Forum members and AG training classes. Being an alumni of the detailing classes, it has been...
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    Re: Review: Griot's Garage G8 Headlight Sander

    You would need to sand it in this order: 800-1200/1500-2000/2500 and then run a polish to bring back the clear lens. You can do finer grades of sanding to see how each improves the clarity of the...
  4. Re: Can you deep clean car seat foam cushions?

    Short answer, you cannot remove that nicotine smell if it truly is saturated into the seat foam. We had that discussion during the Mobile Tech sessions in January and the common solution was to NOT...
  5. Re: Few questions regarding ppf for headlights.

    I will chime in on this as I run PPF on both of my car headlights. I really think your source on PPF is misleading you on the orange peel. Over clear headlights you will not even notice if it...
  6. Sticky: Re: Boat and Car Detailing Class Dates for 2020 here at Autogeek in Stuart, Florida

    I am planning on this class to help give me a chance to try out the latest tools and products. Reading the forum or watching a YouTube reviews just do not begin to quench my thirst. I like hands on...
  7. Re: Which is more glossy between TLC 2 and Beadmaker?

    I am not trying to start a war but this is the first FQA on the website for TLC which is the basis of my assumption and past reviews of that product. I highlighted the section on the content claim...
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    Re: Paint area not blending with the body

    Does not look bad but is that the basic white or the Pearl White?
    My GS350 has the Pearl White and the pearlescent is added in the clear coat. Pearl colors are a really hard thing to match even at...
  9. Re: Front bumper rash repair before clear bra?

    PPF is the only option for protection and I run it on both my vehicles. Being that is on the lower sections which already have the chips I would try Mike's path and go the easiest route.

  10. Re: Which is more glossy between TLC 2 and Beadmaker?

    Okay now that I know what is the TLC2 is referring to I will add my thoughts (LOL).
    Why are you even comparing those two products?
    Beadmaker is sold at AG for 10.99/ 16oz
    TLC2 is a huge jump in...
  11. Re: Hand Scrubbing versus Machine Scrubbing Tires - 1971 Charger R/T 440 Magnum

    Question Mike,

    I bought both the 5-inch Heavy Duty Brush heads for the rotary/DA backing plate (velcro).

    Now I need to order a backing plate for the rotary and AG has the Lake Country 4-3/4...
  12. Re: LIVE Detailing Class: Super Car Prep 2020 C8 Corvette - BLACK

    A perfect BLACK car to do for the live class. For me that is why I have only owned one black car eve. Clean great, then everything shows up after that picture.:D
  13. Re: Extreme Floor Mat Makeover - How to machine scrub floor mats to remove stains

    Those were disgusting when you started. You need to talk to the owner to take better care of those mats! :xyxthumbs:
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    Re: Does PPF protect against UV?

    I see your concern then without knowing the amount of clear coat removed. Use some sort of protection that does have a UV-function. Some waxes and sealant do have UV protection as well as modern...
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    Re: Does PPF protect against UV?

    I run PPF on both of my cars, not for the UV but for reducing the damage to the surface of the hood and frontal zones.
    My first product did yellow earlier than it should have and Suntek replace the...
  16. Re: Looking to start a mobile detailing business!

    I would suggest that you watch Miranda Detailing on YouTube. He has been doing it for about 10-years and did a review of his latest trailer setup. That you give you an idea of the items he uses in...
  17. Re: Review Wolfgang Convertible Top Cleaner and Vinyl Convertible Top Protectant

    And those products are on today's specials! For those with convertibles or classes with vinyl tops. It would be interesting to try on my tonneau cover some day.
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    Re: Hello from Argentina!

    Wonderful, good to get more international input in the forum!
  19. Re: BLACKFIRE SiO2 Spray Sealant review by Mike Phillips

    Keep your glass clean and your Wiper Blades clean! Try using alcohol as the cleaning agent on the wipers to stop the chattering. I do that with both Griot's Garage Glass Sealant and the IGL Glass...
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    Re: Recommend electric washer?

    Okay, I have three pressure washers in my garage and bought two more for my adult children (Ryobi and Stanley-thanks to Home Depot prices).

    BSoares is correct about the fittings but do not let...
  21. Re: Quick and easy tire detailing - Use water-based all-in-one rubber & vinyl cleaner/conditioners instead of tire dressings

    I had to look at the link and must confess, that is the worst product I have purchased for being 'waterless' and something I would likely not use again on my tires.

    I thought about it having...
  22. Re: New, frustrated and determined (lots of questions)?

    That small brush is designed for safe use on leather cleaning so yes it works on the interior panels. You will find that you will collect all type of small brushes for the interior and exterior. ...
  23. Re:Video Class: Tire Coatings - Machine Scrubbing Tires - BEFORE & AFTER Pictures

    My test tires used the Tuff Shine and I did have reasonable luck with 6+ months on those tires. Yes they did get dirty between washes but using regular soap they cleaned off back to matte finish.
  24. Re: New, frustrated and determined (lots of questions)?


    Welcome the the AG Forum. Sorry to hear you are a bit confused after trying to watch so many different opinions and methods from the YouTubers.

    AG website has this link that is very...
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    Re: Need help identifying issue on PPF

    I run PPF on my cars and truck and use both Suntek and Expel. Suntek has a great warranty and did cover my yellowing but had to visit 'another' dealer since the original business closed.

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