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  1. Re: How best to negotiate with dealer for new car price ?

    Here's how I've done it. I haven't needed financing, but when I helped my son who did need financing here's how I approached it.

    1. Tell them all you want to know is the "out the door price...
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    Re: LSNAutoDetailing News

    Hey Paul- glad I got to meet you. thanks for the product samples and advice over the years. Hope you enjoy your life as fully as possible, even if your ride gets a bit dirty! take care,
  3. Re: Packing for an Autogeek Roadshow Class - Pictures and Videos

    Mike - that's an amazing amount of machines, pads, towels, and product. I can only imagine how many hours are involved packing and unpacking.

    BTW, how do you go about cleaning all the dirty pads...
  4. Re: Montana Original Tri-Angle Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush

    Here's my take on this. I do not wash/detail for a living, just my vehicles and some friends/family, so take my comment with a grain of salt.

    I bought the Montana Brush many years ago from AG to...
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    Re: What Makes a Compound The Best?

    BSoares - thanks for the info. I have a sample of Correcting Cream so I'll give it a try. Sometimes I can cheat a bit with certain compounds ( like D300 and certain pads ) and get away with it.
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    Re: What Makes a Compound The Best?

    Thanks for the video, Joe.

    For lighter colored DD's, does this finish down well enough to use as a quick 1-step if you use an orange or blue HDO pad?
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    Re: How I store my MFs and pads

    thanks for the detailed response. And great idea with the velcro strips. that sure would speed up the process. I take it the final rinse in N914 doesn't leave residue in the pad?
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    Re: How I store my MFs and pads

    fly07sti -What method do you use to wash your pads when you have a large amount to clean at one time?
  9. Re: The Importance and Value of Weekly Maintenance Customers

    Mine wasn't waived but I didn't push too hard as it was before Coach Steve posted they could waive it and I didn't know if was a real option. I plan to contact them in December and ask them to return...
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    Re: SunJoe SPX3000 longer hose?

    very nice setup!

    I have the exact same gun with a 50" foot hose on my Sun Joe. Greatly improves the functionality of it.

    Do you have any issues with stepping down to 2.0 orifice? Just wondering...
  11. Re: The Importance and Value of Weekly Maintenance Customers

    I had the exact same thought as you but let me tell you why you should consider the larger tank ( 14' vs 10' ).
    1. larger tank has roughly 2.5x resin of the 10" tank
    2. larger tank is only $25...
  12. Re: The Importance and Value of Weekly Maintenance Customers

    Duy - feel free to PM me if you ever want to hear how I'm configuring mine. It's really going to remove the mental barrier associated formerly associated with dragging the PW out and setting it up...
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    Re: New Product GIVEAWAY!!

    I would love to get my hands on one of these and review it. I have been using a leaf blower but it's pretty underpowered.
  14. Re: The Importance and Value of Weekly Maintenance Customers

    Hey Steve! - thanks for that tip, I'll try it this weekend. I don't do this professionally so no customers to impress ( except friends and family who beg me to occasionally wash/detail their car!)
  15. Re: The Importance and Value of Weekly Maintenance Customers

    It works great with a a pressure washer.

    I just got my Puretec tank set up over the weekend. What a game changer! It was actually enjoyable/relaxing to wash my wife's black car on Saturday. No...
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    Re: $14 pressure washer hose reel option

    So do you have a jumper hose with a QD, or do you have to unroll the whole hose and then connect to your PW? Or, is there a way to partial unroll it but then be able to partially unwind the end that...
  17. Re: Good rule of thumb when using an AIO - stick with foam polishing pads by Mike Phillips

    How many section passes do you usually make with this method? I reread your posts a few times and didn't see that so apologies in advance if you already stated that somewhere. Thanks again...
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    Re: Poor boys black hole new paint safe?

    Here's what he is referring to. I used it when my wife's black car had a respray. cleaned up the swirls and left a little bit of protection.
    Meguiars M305 Ultra Finishing Durable Glaze 16 oz.
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    Re: How to tell if I used enough Collinite 845?

    I had the same problem when I had my white Yukon. One tip I learned was when I would get to the point where I thought my applicator was out of 845 I would simply rub it on one of the windows where it...
  20. Re: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am - all original - Rubbed down and ready to show!

    That's an incredible save. Very impressive work!

    What pad did you use with the BF 1 step?
  21. Re: LSN Autodetailing - 2014 Lincoln Navigator

    Looks great, Paul!!( as do all your jobs ). A large, black SUV....that's a serious amount of real estate to tackle! But they sure do look great when they are cleaned up and detailed properly.
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    Re: Tire Dressings PERL vs Hyper Dressing D170

    And it looks like your cat was interested in the results as well......:laughing:
  23. Re: Video: NEW CAR PREP of this 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan (black SUV) !!

    Very nice job, Pan!

    A bit off topic, but are those Bose Headphones? I'm looking for something that is sound deadening but will allow me to listen to my music as well and still be durable enough to...
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    Re: Equipment/Supplies Order

    There's nothing like the thrill of your first big order when you get into detailing. Back in the day I remember my first order was a PC 7424, CCS pads, KAIO and some DP clay. I thought I was in the...
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    Re: Flagged tip brush to apply HD to tires.

    I didn't believe it till Eldo turned me on to this method. I have very limited time and I was amazed at the time savings vs 2BM. Less chance of marring too as each time you're not dealing with a mitt...
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