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    Re: Do you use face mask doing detailing?

    I have one of the big bulky ones I got it about three years ago when coatings requests picked up. I remember watching a video on Larry’s YouTube channel Ammo he was wearing one of the fabric ones...
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    Re: Good way to clean your AIO pads

    The poor boys apc and strip down looks very strong
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    Re: Flex Cordless Polisher

    I should of read the thread cause it is so tempting to get one. The only good thing about a long throw that is unique to it is you can zone right out and put your self on auto pilot. Can that be done...
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    Re: Chemical Guys 15mm DA vs Max Shine 15mm

    This really good advice from coatingsarecrack
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    Re: Wolfgang DGPS alternatives?

    If you don’t want to go SIo2 try duragloss 111 or 105 best 12 $ you can spend if you want a spray sealant turtle wax seal and shine or turtle wax ceramic line
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    Re: PolishAngel Silver Alunite

    It’s mind numbing I have had this happen with companies as well. Glad to know I’m not blacklisted or in the matrix or something.

    The polish angel’s names for their products.... some are over the...
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    Re: Clearcut Dust

    Go to know thanks always wanted to play with it.
  8. Thread: Best Rotary

    by Mgavin1985

    Poll: Re: Best Rotary

    Makita is smother than DeWALT and had better ergonomics that what made me choose the Makita. It is also lighter I believe. I have used my Makita for more than detailing I’ve slapped on many cutting...
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    Re: Review - CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner

    I thought the same thing not having it in stock I also don’t understand why companies like Meguiar’s doesn’t have stores stocked the same week of the SEMA show just seems like a missed...
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    Re: Review - CarPro Clarify Glass Cleaner

    Banda Bing Bada Boom thanks Guz
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    Re: Awesome Experience with P&S Beadmaker

    I was thinking the same about the person as being Pam I have never tried bead maker and probably won’t because I have far to many products it just seems like another super detailer that excels in one...
  12. Re: Funniest thing ever witnessed at an Employer Christmas Party.

    So my father has an old but good one. He worked for 30 years as a UPS driver and this story is the reason that management was no longer involved in the UPS drivers parties. Story starts out in a hall...
  13. Funniest thing ever witnessed at an Employer Christmas Party.

    Mine happened earlier today a super vegan pushing her philosophy was just trumped by a Joe Redneck who vowed to eat double the meat for the next year just to make sure that the lady being vegan had...
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    Re: Sealant on a tombstone

    Nanotechsurfacesolutions makes one for stone I have used a few of there product’s mostly geared towards industry and construction. This one is a penatrating solution which is way to go cheaper spray...
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    Re: Compound to use once a year by hand

    I do m105 inside door handles by hand and it works good I’ve tried polishes and don’t notice any difference in gloss on differences is in cut. With either one your really not removing a lot of CC but...
  16. Re: Entry level combo that's made me a ton of $$$

    Cruz holy smokes in Japan flying back to us are you in marines or Navy
  17. Re: Entry level combo that's made me a ton of $$$

    Got a chub in my pants definitely digging it out
  18. Re: Entry level combo that's made me a ton of $$$

    I like the combo idea. I used to water down esscence plus with water to make a topper it was awesome but haven’t used it in a while going to dig it out I have it somewhere watered down can’t remember...
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    Re: How many pads?: Discussion!!

    I recently tried apex detail way of 1 pad and after each pad blowing out with compressed air running machine on low speed it does work after each section clean pad with air. I spray onr liberally...
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    Re: cheap Non Acidic pH Balanced wheel cleaner

    There is a retail brand you can find at box stores made for black plastic coated/dipped wheels that is part iron remover part wheel cleaner for 6$ can’t say name on here
  21. Re: Carpro CQuartz UK 3.0 and Gliss version 2

    Yea it polishes off real easy. Look good though
  22. Re: I learned some valuable detailing knowledge on a YT video - YMMV.

    Here is a good idea start at something higher in price let them see it and they give you the speech then agree and then pull up the product you actually want which should be lower than the first...
  23. Re: Is Anyone Else Tired of All the Ceramic Pile-Ons?

    Nope in fact I want ceramics to start getting the self heal stuff from the top of the line to trickle down to poor lonely old me so I can have fun in the sand box too.....and I want it to glow in the...
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    Re: I Just passed all 10 of my IDA exams!!!!!!

    Bob I LMAO all the time with your replies
  25. Re: 600+ How-To Articles & 200+ Product Reviews by Mike Phillips at

    your a first ballot for hall of fame. How do u remember what you had already written?
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