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  1. Re: Product Review: Wolfgang Si02 Paint Sealant

    Thanks Pat!
  2. Re: Trunk Lid Heavily Scratched - 2011 Civic, Nighthawk Black Pearl

    First, I would talk it over with the owner and find out what he has to say about the outcome. If he is ok with it, finish the rest of it, protect it, and call it a day. If he wants more than that...
  3. Re: Wanted - Pro Detailer in or around Boerne, Texas

    Interesting. Never heard of that manufacturer. Thanks for sharing the link/info of the car. I thought you misspelled it and was trying to say Ford.

    Hopefully someone is located in that area to...
  4. Re: CarPro Reset or Megs HyperWash?

    This and Reset will rinse away cleanly and leave nothing behind.
  5. Re: CarPro Reset or Megs HyperWash?

    Ive got more experience with Hyperwash and some with Reset.

    For your Si02 LSP's I would use Reset. For traditional LSP's, Hyperwash.

    Reason being, as mentioned Reset is a pure cleaning wash...
  6. Re: Product Review: Wolfgang Si02 Paint Sealant

    You surely wont be disappointed. Fantastic product.

    I agree. Given the number of people that love WG DGPS, this one surely will earn its spot on the top shelf.
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    Re: Wilmington, NC

    Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
  8. Re: 2013 Deep Impact Blue Mustang GT

    Looking good!!!
  9. Re: Product Review: Wolfgang Si02 Paint Sealant

    I have no idea as I have not used any Fusso products.

    I would try this out and see how you like it. I as well as others are really liking it. So far, so good. Surely one Sealant to have in your...
  10. Re: Product Review: Wolfgang Si02 Paint Sealant

    Yes sir!

    That Audi is looking nice! Well done.

    I couldnt believe the look after being applied. Really is icing on the cake!

    Let us know how it goes when cleaning the pad.
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    Re: Happy Cinco De Mayo!

    Hey! You got it going on down there!

    Enjoy in good health Mike!
  12. Re: Wolfgang SiO2 Paint Sealant versus Traditional Sealants - Test!

    Thank you for taking the time not only to divide the car up and apply various products but also documenting and sharing with us.

    Looks like the new WG Si02 is performing admirably well.

  13. Product Review: Wolfgang Si02 Paint Sealant

    Liquid sealants are nothing new. They have been around for years. What is new is the addition of Si02. Think of this as an Uber WDGPS 3.0 on gloss steroids!
    Wolfgang SiO2 Paint...
  14. Re: Pinnacle Black Label Waterless Wash and Protect Review

    Very nice write up Pat.

    Most are on lockdown. Not me. I'm more busy than before.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Re: 2020 GT350R...Hammered!

    Wowzers! Unbelievable how hammered the paint was prior to customer delivery!

    Beautiful transformation Scott!
  16. Re: New Wolfgang Ceramics vs DPGS hood test!

    Nice comparison. Will be following along.

    I received my bottle as well and got my car polished and waxed over the weekend. Need to get the pictures together and write up done to share. One thing...
  17. Re: 2020 BMW M340i - CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 and Gliss

    Beautiful work! You have another vehicle at your disposal to do sitting next to it...

    Saw it posted on Bimmerpost as well.
  18. Re: Review: Mike Phillp's Silver Bullet Line

    Thats a good April Fools.
  19. Re: Real World Ceramic Coating Test by Mike Phillips

    Thats awesome Mike. Thanks for putting together for us to see.

    The Gyeon or Reset would be the soaps to use.
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    Re: Ceramic Coat what to do?

    Hi welcome to AutoGeekOnline!

    I would finish out with 4000 on a foam polishing pad rather than a microfiber. 90% foam will always finish better than microfiber. After that a good wipe down is...
  21. Re: HAMMERED BUICK GN and Camaro SS

    Wowzers! Your work never ceases to amaze me. Well done.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Happy Birthday PaulMys!

    Happy Birthday Paul!
  23. Re: Amazing Customer Service at Autogeek

    No where else to spend your hard earned money than AutoGeek!

    They really do set the bar by which all others in the business are measured.
  24. Re: Review: Wolfgang Si02 Paint Sealant

    Beautiful work Mike! I agree on the sanding approach. While a lot of us would have liked to jump right in on the deep end of starting with a more aggressive sanding approach for this project, a few...
  25. Re: New Mystery Product - 2 words - SLICK and EASY

    Thank you so much Meghan! Just received it. WGDGPS is one of my all time favorite sealants. I cant wait to see how this one measures up!
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