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  1. Re: Feel like I was duped here with detailing and ceramic coating

    Just asking - are you implying that the light source flaring out like that indicates that the picture has had a filter applied to it? Otherwise I don't understand what you mean by what you said and...
  2. Re: Feel like I was duped here with detailing and ceramic coating

    I've been doing this on the side for a while now and I've had one person ask me to come back out and fix something that I didn't catch. He was super nice about it and just asked if something should...
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    Re: Help near St. Louis with windshield

    I'm in St Louis and always willing to lend a hand. I have plenty of stuff we can try(including some glass polish and rayon pads if need be)

    Shoot me a pm if youd like.
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    Re: Looking for new interior product

    It does smell great - it's very masculine smelling. There's a little bit of... suntan lotion? Coconut? Something tropical but not fruity. It's great, I bought a gallon after the first time I used it...
  5. Re: McKee's 37 vs BLACKFIRE: who owns each and which is better?

    You can look all of this up on the Florida State department website if you want a concrete answer. PBMG was acquired in 2016 but I don't know the ins and outs of anything or how it's all structured...
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    Re: Suggestion to Gyeon

    Agreed, huge pet peeve of mine. It actively turns me away from using Hyper Polish & Duragloss 501, two otherwise superb products. I have pads dedicated to HD Speed for that reason as well.
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    Re: I never liked gear driven polishers.

    I got the ibrid back when it came out using some discounted gift certs and the now defunct Connect program over at Autopia and it wound up being like... $375? I have enjoyed it for polishing smaller...
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    Re: Griots BOSS Foaming system. *NEW*

    Definitely. They stepped up their game in a big way with the release of the BOSS line and I've been super happy with everything I've used since. They were the first "niche" product line I tried...
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    Re: Question about Blackfire Primer Polish

    I ignore pretty much 100% of marketing descriptions by most companies in general, but I'm extra skeptical of all detailing marketing. Everyone has different terminologies for things, nobody offers...
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    Re: Fair price to charge to take wheels off?

    ITT: OP asks for thoughts and argues with or is skeptical of almost every response in one way or another.
  11. Re: Star Wars : The last jedi just as bad second time around

    Thought it was pretty good. Same for Force Awakens. Good thing movies are subjective.
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    Re: Gyeon Bathe+ Initial thoughts/review

    I'm so tired of the tone of a lot of posters and bickering on this site. It's been fun, AGO. Detailing online communities are turning absolutely toxic.
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    Re: i am disappointed from my 21 MK2

    Seemed like independent thoughts to me. The smoothness of the Rupes is undeniable, and the correction ability of a long throw is undeniable as well.

    Dunno why you felt compelled to comment on...
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    Re: Body shop safe products...

    I think I remember you saying that in a previous thread - amazed at how easy it is to get the sds for any 3d product. It makes me want to use more of their products, honestly. My main thing is the...
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    Re: Body shop safe products...

    Many companies I've asked are hesitant about releasing SDS sheets or other information unless you can prove to them you are a full-fledged shop and have a need for them. It's a valid question to ask....
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    Re: Body shop safe products...

    hey Tom, not sure if you already know this gentleman or not from previous dealings, but this sort of thing is a red flag for people when I'm potentially doing business with them. I'm overly cautious,...
  17. Re: Another review of McKee's37 Plastic Trim Restorer

    Don't mean to hijack your thread, but I have to pop in and give my props too. This stuff is really excellent. Used it on some gnarly trim a couple weeks ago.
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    Re: The Post a Picture of Your Ride as it Sits Thread

    Had to go to the self-serve and spray all this off last night. It was so much worse than it looks in the picture... bird crap full of berries just everywhere. Now i...
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    Re: New Carpro Clear Cut compound

    Very interested in how it performs. It would take something special to knock out Fast Correcting Cream and M101 from my current most-used compounds.
  20. Re: Is this a joke? BF Pro APC is $70/gallon?!?!?!

    Negative opinions are fine IMO but you kind of answered your own question. you break the rules on a forum youre subject to moderation. Its really that simple. Its rude to sign up voluntarily for a...
  21. Re: Is this a joke? BF Pro APC is $70/gallon?!?!?!

    People say that because it's literally against the forum rules to promote other products. They're not just trying to rain on your parade or fanboying. This is an Autogeek-sponsored forum so you...
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    Re: New Blackfire goodness inside!!!!

    Cool. Thanks for the review. I've always had a soft spot for Blackfire products. Wet Diamond is still the easiest product I've ever applied to a car hands down.

    My big Blackfire bag is one of my...
  23. Thread: I'm slow

    by Heisenberg

    Re: I'm slow

    Don't think it was resolved, there have been a few posts about the button. The big thread keeps mysteriously vanishing.

    How I search for users is by logging in then going to the "Advanced Search"...
  24. Re: Class - How to become the recognized detailing expert in your hometown by Mike Phillips

    You can create a free email address to use solely for this purpose in minutes. :dunno:
  25. Re: Your Favorite Spray Wax (synthetic / carnauba) for Direct Sun use

    Another vote for D156. Bonus is that it works equally well on pretty much every exterior surface; glass, plastic, paint, faux-chrome trim, etc.

    It's really a great product.
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