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    Re: Newbie drying in sun

    Is a DI syatem in your budget?
  2. Re: Rant about 'Mike's Must Have microfiber Towels"

    Hey, I'm spending my friend's money on this one:D
  3. Rant about 'Mike's Must Have microfiber Towels"

    Good morning all. I woke up this morning to an email about Mike's must have towels on sale.... I was excited to open it up, Why you ask???? I have a friend coming out the week of the 4th to learn the...
  4. Re: Adding a polishing step to my current regimen...

    CarPro Essence. Sonax 04/06 3D polish. Renny Doyle Jeweling Envy. any of those will add a nice polishing step
  5. Re: Has anyone ever cleaned Wet Okole seat covers?

    Thank you. I saw that. So if I dont have the shampoo, is steam ok to use?
  6. Has anyone ever cleaned Wet Okole seat covers?

    Like the title says. I have a customer coming Monday with them, and I have never cleaned them. I figure Mike with all of his boating knowledge, would possibly have an answer. Apparently they are made...
  7. Re: Wow seriously?!!!?! Home town making me proud (not really)

    In my opinion, he needs to be banned. Reason being, any post he makes has the potential to draw venomous responses. Not judging either way, but it is the world we live in. I can’t make any judgements...
  8. Re: Blackfire One Step + Blackfire Paint sealant

    Red pad, yes. And just apply right after
  9. Re: Unable to find a combination that will remove swirls

    What I find great about this particular thread, is that it sure does emphasize a test spot. Yes we all know for example that most GM clear coat is hard, Asian paint is softer.... etc. So, for the...
  10. Re: Griot's Garage G15/G21 Long-Throw Orbital Polisher *Ground-Up Redesign*

    Sometimes a15 finishes down better than a 21
  11. Re: Best AIO To Remove Etching From Bird Poop On A Metallic Black Car

    I have had bird poop penetrate a coating/clear in less than 12 hours. It can sometimes be just horribly acidic. OP needs to machine polish it to level the clear. Try Blackfire one step if you...
  12. Re: Waterspots still here after compounding... Help!

    Yes, more aggression is needed. Corvette clear is hard. What DA are you using? Microfiber May be in order?
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    Re: Ceramic coating for hobbyists

    I like to recommend Renny Doyle’s Inspiration. With proper maintenance, it lasts a solid 2 years. And is very very easy to apply. Plus it fills a little bit. Plus BeadMaker works as a great topper...
  14. Re: Experts, please advise on this paint condition

    Use a panel wipe and microfiber towel. either dried wax or compound. No big deal> Good luck
  15. Replies

    Re: Microfiber Polishing Towels

    Not at all. My new favorite go to towel is the Rag Company Creature. I like dual nap towels for many reasons.
  16. Re: Is Graphene the next big thing for coatings?

    Great write up. I posted in another FB group about not liking the removal process. I retried it, and although I do not like the dry, wet, dry removal method, it was better the second time. It...
  17. Re: Mobile detailing and online/card payments

    URABLE invoices and tracks your customers. I’m a one person operation, So the $50 per month option is what I chose. It works with all payment options including Square. So, check them out for your...
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    Re: Glasweld for headlights?

    Just checked the Autogeek store, doesn’t look like it is sold hear. And I have never heard of it
  19. Replies

    Re: Pricing Help

    Listen to this guy. He has been very successful in a short amount of time in this industry
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    Re: general question from novice

    The streaking is either too much/wrong towel... try again. Spray the towel first
  21. Replies

    Re: general question from novice

    It is possible, but more effective by machine
  22. Replies

    Re: general question from novice

    First off welcome young Skywalker. As far as press on BeadMaker.... it’s mostly people that really like it as a topper. To darn near perfectly polished paint, it adds gloss and slickness. It doesn’t...
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    Re: Happy Cinco De Mayo!

    Mike, please post your margarita recipe.
  24. Re: First steps on bussiness , what else i need

    When you first start out, get your interior game on, way on. You won’t be polishing a lot of anything right away. Get a quality steamer and a quality vacuum
  25. Re: Can I mix Chemical Guys Hydroslick + Collinte 915 for the best durability?

    I say go for it. I added what was left of my Shine Supply Flat Top to my Blackfire One Step. Added a bit more cut, I love the “new” concoction and still finishes Dow the same. You never know until...
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