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    After a day on the lake product?

    I often will take my seadoo out when camping and it develops bad water spots. My question is what could i use to spray on and wipe off after i pull it out of the water between rides? Quick detailer,...
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    Wash and protect a RV? Help!

    So after searching through the forum I'm still a little lost. I have a 20 foot travel trailer with that ribbed metal siding. I do not have the desire to take this task of cleaning and protecting it...
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    Re: Protecting metal sided camper

    I have the exact same question. I too have a metal sided travel trailer and confused on what I should use to clean and protect it.
  4. What pad to use with collinite 920 on my DA buffer

    Never used this stuff before but love all the other collinite products ive used so i figured id give this a shot. Problem is I am unsure what pad to use. The boat is in pretty good condition for the...
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    Wash without drying???? RV

    Hey guys its been a while. So I have a question. I just bought a 22 foot travel trailer. Its a 2016 but has that aluminum siding. Or at least i assume its aluminum. Either way it needs a bath. Im...
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    Re: National detail pros

    I got a text asking if I detailed boats recently in which i replied yes. I talked to this guy for 2 days over texts then he said he said he was with national detailers pro and for me to sign up. What...
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    Re: Does D151 need topped?

    D151 has wax in it and from my experiece finishes off pretty nice. But its an AIO so you cant expect it to be as protective as 845. So its up to you if its worth the extra 30+ min
  8. Re: Getting mirror shine on polished aluminum

    When I was a kid I was into those go-peds. I was too poor as a kid to afford the chrome pieces so I would buy the billet aluminum pieces for a fraction of the price then soak in oven cleaner to...
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    Re: Starting Up Part Time Detailing

    Since you are in Jr high its very unlikely you have a car of your own that you have practiced on . It is likely that you have practiced on your parents cars though so i wont take that away from you....
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    Re: Pro Detailer wanted in Reno, Nevada

    Oh wow what an opportunity! Id love to help your friend out! But only if there will be a line backer pizza from lamppost like back in the meguiars days Mike. Hahaha JK. But absolutely count me in on...
  11. Re: ISO skilled southern CA detailer for 2 jobs

    lol i know the feeling. Id gladly do both jobs but unfortunately i now live in northern NV
  12. Re: ISO skilled southern CA detailer for 2 jobs

    No one?
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    Re: Mobile detailing w/o water or electric.

    When i initially started i was hesitant to do so because I was like "customers are going to think im a joke for not supplying my own water and power" however I am so glad I never invested the...
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    Re: question for the pros

    As a lot of people said you pick up little short cuts when you start doing it for pay. Also you mentioned doing the engine and I think many detailers will agree that engine details dont come all that...
  15. ISO skilled southern CA detailer for 2 jobs

    Hey guys, as a former resident of CA when ever I am back visiting I get approached by people I know asking for advice on how to correct issues or if i can fix the problems for pay. This last time I...
  16. Re: New Truck - Need Care & Detailing Advice!

    Since its a new to you vehicle id clay it. The clay you choose is up to you. I like meguiars mild. But i use nanoskin fine often. The problem with the nanoskin in my experience is it leaves very fine...
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    Re: Opinions on putting business on Groupon.

    Lol yeah that about sums it up haha. I guess im not going to get on groupon. I wonder if i could put my highest priced package on there with the intention that no one will buy it and then use it just...
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    Opinions on putting business on Groupon.

    Hey guys. Its been a while. Any way I am considering putting my business on Groupon. I have noticed that a bunch of people in my area use it and to my disbelief there are no auto detailers on it...
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    Re: APC's vs tire cleaners

    It depends on what you are doing in all honesty. An APC works well. A dedicated tire cleaner works quicker. If you are only doing your own vehicle and have the money to spend on a dedicated tire...
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    Re: One Step Corrections

    Hands down Megs D151. For one step corrections this has the highest amount of cut. Unless something new has recently came out. (havent been on in a while) Its my go to all in one. I havent tried the...
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    Re: New Detailer

    Honestly you dont NEED any of it... Yeah its good to have insurance and licenses in every county but starting off you dont NEED it right out of the gate. If you can afford it then by all means get it.
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    Re: how would you do these windows?

    Spotless. I just had a detail yesterday with the same water spots. Spotless cleared them right up. Or as every one else suggested you cant go wrong with Ceriglass. Both are amazing products.
  23. Re: Readily available leather cleaner/conditioner??????

    Great thanks guys!
  24. Readily available leather cleaner/conditioner??????

    Hey guys, so I have a detail tomorrow for a complete interior on a 2004 chevy tahoe with grey leather. I decided to get my stuff together and realized I am nearly out of my leather stuff. So with...
  25. Re: Give us your best Detailing invention or service idea

    Really? I was looking for one and only found one that heated the water to just above freezing. Im talking like 100F temp coming out of the hose
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