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    Re: non-chrome glossy engine parts

    Harley gloss black engine covers - my opinion...

    Personally, if it were me, I'd continue with what you're during now. Maybe substitute a spray wax, sealant, or coating in lieu of the Harley...
  2. Re: Controlling pigment removal using Mirror Glaze #7 - 1953 MG


    I don't think the yellow wax is a good choice in this situation. You are talking #26, right?

    My reasoning... The #26 dries to a cloudy haze. Anything that dries to a cloudy haze (#26, or...
  3. Re: Controlling pigment removal using Mirror Glaze #7 - 1953 MG

    I think anything you use is going to penetrate to some extent. It's the nature of the compromised (porous) paint film remaining.

    There are many products around today that were not available the...
  4. Thread: Eldorado2k?

    by 2black1s

    Re: Eldorado2k?

    Welcome Back!
  5. Thread: Paint stains

    by 2black1s

    Re: Paint stains

    Those look fairly minor and I think any good AIO (cleaner wax) should take care of it without issue.

    Of course, you could also use a fine polish followed by your 845.
  6. Re: Controlling pigment removal using Mirror Glaze #7 - 1953 MG

    Here's my recommendation for what it's worth...

    From my experience, compromised paint in the condition such as yours does not respond well to traditional methods. Especially traditional LSPs. The...
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    Re: Not enough duct tape...

    Not only not enough... It's also the wrong color!
  8. Replies

    Re: LSP Spray n Wipe vs DA application

    Depends on the application and what I feel like using that day.

    But here's some of my choices. All Meguiar's products.

    - #3 Machine Glaze
    - #7 Hand Glaze
    - #21 Sealant
    - #26 Yellow Wax...
  9. Replies

    Re: LSP Spray n Wipe vs DA application

    I'm a little old school when this topic comes up. And while I understand that products have changed and some of today's "spray-on" products have made serious advances, I still like a product that is...
  10. Re: Need advice - Oxidized Paint Correction on 1968 Dodge Charger

    That's exactly what I'm talking about. A protectant for vinyl, rubber, plastic trim, etc. The oilier, the better. One of the products I remember trying was a thick, clear, silicone gel that was...
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    Re: 2014 Lexus GS 359

    Looks good!
  12. Thread: 303 Graphene

    by 2black1s

    Re: 303 Graphene

    I've used Mineral Spirits in many, many applications and have never stained anything. What "sorts of things" are you referring to?
  13. Re: Need advice - Oxidized Paint Correction on 1968 Dodge Charger

    My opinion...

    I understand that this is a great learning experience and so the effort you are putting in is beneficial regardless of the results you achieve. You are learning and that makes your...
  14. Re: Advice on protecting the HD Windsplitter 10" Windshield

    Just use an AIO... It's so easy you could do it everyday if you wanted to.
  15. Replies

    Re: So Glad To Be Here

    You are on the right path. Either of the forums you listed will work and get you as many, and possibly even more, replies than you will know what to do with.

    I'll start out by recommending that...
  16. Re: Need advice - Oxidized Paint Correction on 1968 Dodge Charger

    I watched your vids... Your DA process is greatly improved since your earlier videos where I made the "haphazard" comment.

    As for the BF One Step not making much improvement, my experience with...
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    Re: Another Newbie Question - Sorry

    Another vote for the Griot's G9. Even though I don't own one so my recommendation is purely from research, I think it's the best deal going right now.

    I recommended the G9 to a friend of mine in...
  18. Replies

    Re: Meguiar's 26 on a Black Chevy Colorado

    Yesterday I hand applied another layer of M26 on my truck using my "experimental" process described in my first post back in December of 2020. No claying, polishing, or anything else. Just a quick...
  19. Re: Is pretreating necessary when rinseless washing?

    I would think rinsing with a hose prior to the actual rinseless would be sufficient. Of course that would also depend on how thorough of a rinse is performed.

    If you do a thorough hose rinse...
  20. Re: Big Black Chevy Gets the Business Inside & Out

    Nice work! And like always, great photos.
  21. Re: The importance of letting fresh paint outgass

    This is a common misconception throughout the general public and even some in the painting industry... Baking.

    The paints used in the refinish industry are not "bake" formulations. They are "air...
  22. Re: A special trip and visit! Rev's Institute Car Collection

    Very Cool!

    Love the Indy Cars... Not many but that is my main interest.

    Anyone who is an IndyCar fan like me should see the Unser Museum in Albuquerque, NM if you have the chance. And of...
  23. Re: Got some terrible water spots on the glass/mirrors... help.

    I'd start with a clay bar...
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    Re: Synthetic clay mit and wax removal

    Like Mike says... It sure isn't adding any wax and the opposite of adding is removing.

    I can't speculate how much wax is being removed by your clay mitt, but I can guarantee that your wax...
  25. Replies

    Re: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix Megs #7 rub down

    If I were to ever restore a GP, a '68 would be at the top of my list for candidates. The rear end of the '68s is so cool and unique.

    Actually a hybrid 67/68 would be ideal. 67 front & 68 rear.
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