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    Re: Paint Stains or Etching

    wheel acid. then clean it with an APC to neutralize the acid
  2. Re: Shout-out and Thank You to John aka 2black1s

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    Re: Call to Ban YouTubers

    I thought today would be a great time to bump this thread, Check out Scott HD's youtube
  4. Re: Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer on a ceramic coated car.

    Ask what your detailer recommends. I offer SB3 coatings. There is a specific product from SB3 that works with their coatings that I sell to customers
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    Re: Apartment washing without a hose

    I am adding my .02. I detail full time from my garage in Wyoming. We did not get a chance to have a water source added to the garage. My solution for winter time is a GreenWorks cordless pressure...
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    Re: Standard vs Cutting Corners

    A one step is not standard. My Paint enhancement on a small car starts at $225. I do the Levi gates 30 minute method with UNO and BeadMaker. Most of my customers want a true one step paint...
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    Re: Customer comment..

    Eric, I would slap his face, and challenge him to a good old fashioned duel..... with pistols..... ooooohhh or swords.... yeah, swords
  8. Re: How do you do so much in so little time?

    If you have never been in a class with Mike, let me tell you something, This man, flat boogies!!!! he moves like a Britney Spears backup dancer. Mike has 13 years on me and it looked at most times...
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    Re: Rinseless wash question

    I use anywhere from 6-12 mitts depending on the size of the vehicle. I also picked up a Greenworks stand alone rechargeable pressure washer for winter time use. It has exceeded my expectations. I...
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    Re: Im questioning joining this forum/AGO

    Go take a Mike Phillips class..... I think I spent $900 after that:buffing:
  11. Re: Mike Phillips recommended foam pads for the FLEX Family of BEAST 8mm Gear-Driven Orbital Polishers

    This is a great thread. I personally love the smaller pads, just personal preference. But knowing the 3401 is going away, i'm thinking of ordering another one. Mike, any idea where I can find a pink...
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    Re: Coatings for an ATV?

    P&S Inspiration ceramic coating will be a good choice
  13. Re: If I buy a Flex 3401, Can I Complete any Given Job Faster?

    I will chime in. I started with a PC as hobbyist over 10 years ago. After doing a couple of cars i quickly moved to a 3401. For years it was my go to for everything. Then a few years ago, I was...
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    Re: Any Ford F150 Experts?

    Ace is right, Certainly a dealer creation. Like a Mr Norms 440 Dart, or a Yenko Camaro. Or even a Nickey Chevrolet package
  15. Re: Stretching - Wiping down all jambs after washing

    I kid you not. The exact way you do it. Im the MAN
  16. Re: HELP! Can't finish down without micro-marring on 2015 Ram 2500

    Also, a shorter throw machine may help too
  17. Re: HELP! Can't finish down without micro-marring on 2015 Ram 2500

    One possibility, The white pad is too soft. I have found on some soft paints, I need to use a Blueberry pad(Reflection Artist blue coarse) and essence to finish out. I think a stiff pad and a finer...
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    Re: detail process sequence

    Ok, let me chime in with this perspective. In most cases when I have seen PPF applied before any correction was performed, It has been in my experience very difficult to see defects under it. If I...
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    Re: Crazy lottery jackpots.

    I would click on lots of things on Bring A Trailer for a long long time....
  20. Re: Anyone tried Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 and Done?

    OOOOOHHHH. Exciting!!!! Go Mike!!!
  21. Re: Anyone tried Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 and Done?

    Ok. Here is my short review. Flex 3401 and a LC orange force pad. Did a great job cutting and finishing. It seemed to cut better than 3D One. Wipe off was harder than it should have been. Overall a...
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    Re: removing hardened pin stripe tape

    Be very careful. I had a customer that wanted me to remove the shadowing left behind from someone else removing them. What I encountered was missing clear coat where the stripes were. Only time I...
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    Re: Need advise---what should I get?

    You have a PM handsome Tommy
  24. Re: Anyone tried Hybrid Solutions Pro 1 and Done?

    I will be using it tomorrow on a Honda HRV. I will update tomorrow around this time
  25. Re: Paint Correction - George Harrison's 1966 Ferrari 275 GTS - Pinnacle Jeweling Wax & Souveran Paste Wax

    Hey Mike, has anyone ever told you, you are pretty good at this detailing thing. You are the standard I strive for. Thanks for sharing
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