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  1. Re: Dr. Beasley’s ZR1 on a Subaru

    Nicely done Mike! Looking good
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    Re: Hobbyist in NC

    Hi James, welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
  3. Re: Things got out of hand! Repainted my GTO.

    Wowzers! That looks incredible Justin! Nicely done.

    I just got some new SATA guns for work. A 5500 HVLP and a 100 Primer gun.

    What guns did you guys use?
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    Re: New member Minnesota

    Welcome to AutoGeekOnline from Minot ND!

    Beautiful rides!
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    Re: Erik in the Ozarks

    Welcome to AutoGeekOnline from ND!

    Spent many a summer down at the Lake of the Ozarks. Grew up just south of STL.
  6. Re: Product Review: Wolfgang Si02 Paint Sealant

    Havent gotten any on trim or plastic so couldnt say.

    But it sure makes the paint slick and glossy!
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    Re: My bride is awesome!

    Right on Mike! Happy anniversary!
  8. Re: Pulling out at Green Peter Reservoir circa 2001 - 1970 Sanger Drag Boat 1969 Chevy Blazer CST 4x4

    That boat was bad ass Mike. Same for the Blazer pulling it.

    I dont blame you on not running it under 100. Every time you get in a boat like that you send it!

    Thanks for taking time out of...
  9. Re: Review: DP Intense Iron Remover

    That is a good bit of reaction from contamination from what I see laying on the pavement. Looks like it was working as it should to knock out the contamination.

    Always a bit harder to tell when...
  10. Re: Detailed my Jeep to sell it. Looks better than before, but I suck at paint correction!

    Hi, welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
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    Re: Mercedes GLB350

    You can only do so much when customers only want a clean and shiny vehicle. Too bad for that Mercedes.

    Did you use the new BF AIO?
  12. Re: 2017 Porsche Cayenne S Exterior Detail

    Wow, beautiful work and documentation. You really transformed that black Porsche. I can well imagine the owner couldn't believe the transformation.

    Well done. The new Wolfgang SI02 sealant is the...
  13. Re: Wolfgang Uber All-in-one disappointment.

    Spikey, sorry to hear about your experience with Uber AIO. I haven't used this one that I recall but I have used the BF one step and this one is a home run. Incredible AIO that flat out works. Easy...
  14. Re: Offline - July 1st through July 13th - Please hold down the Cyber Fort

    Right on Mike! Enjoy your down time.

    We got it from here.
  15. Re: Mom with Good Taste in Cars Signs up for Ceramic

    Wowzers. Looks great now. Sure does not look like it has 120K on the ODO.

    She made the right choice coming to see you to get her car in shape and and opting for the dual layer coating for future...
  16. Re: What is your current favorite waterless wash?

    Another one to throw in the comparison you mentioned would be BlackFire Waterless Wash Concentrate.

    I have not used Uber as a WW but have compared BlackFire to Ultima and found BlackFire to have...
  17. Re: SiO2 Ceramic Spray Sealant comparison test

    Interesting that you are noting better performance in hot weather. Wonder if it is flashing and curing better with the warmer temps. I imagine that could be the case. After all, the same thing goes...
  18. Re: Have a Safe and Fun 2020 July Holiday Weekend!

    Thanks Mike.

    You, the AutoGeekaroonies, and lurkers as well.

  19. Re: Review: Meguiars Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner (D-143)

    Hey Ian!!! Glad to see you on. Congrats on the new job bud. Sounds like you have been busy behind scenes.

    You cant beat the performance at cost attributes of D143. One of the best maintenance...
  20. Re: Review: Griot's G9 - 9mm Orbit Stroke Random Orbital Polisher by Mike Phillips

    IMO, you wont gain that much time. You'll get down to the 8 hour mark but I think what you will find is that you will save the most time by having a second machine set up with a 3" plate and pads...
  21. Re: SiO2 Ceramic Spray Sealant comparison test

    Mmmm. BMW time. lol

    From the first video it looked like WG had a slight edge over 22PLE. You really have a test going with various products.

    Thanks for putting together and sharing Robert....
  22. Re: Mustang Foxbody Multiple Step Correction

    Nice transformation. Looks much better. The blue paint looks much better now. Surely will turn heads now as it runs the quarter.

    Thanks for sharing.
  23. Re: Review: Griot's G9 - 9mm Orbit Stroke Random Orbital Polisher by Mike Phillips

    Considering how little you use your machine its really not necessary unless you are after a newer tool with more power. The GG6 has enough power and will serve you well.

    Another option is to...
  24. Re: Should I upgrade to a Flex 3401?

    Keep in mind, the 3401 will turn larger 6.5 pads without issue. Depending on what you are polishing, stick with the larger pads. If you encounter a lot of smaller vehicles you may way to go with the...
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    Re: Major letdown

    Really happy to read on the second page how your story was turned around.

    Ive said it before and ill say it again. No better place to be and buy your things than here.

    BTW, retired AF vet...
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