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    Re: 1995 Harley Davidson Bad Boy

    Damn Scott!!! :urtheman:

    Thatís quite the turn around my friend, well done. Bikes can sure eat up a bunch of time & some bits just plain drive you crazy. Nice work Scott, Iím sure the owner was...
  2. Re: NEWS FLASH!!!!! The new FLEX XCE 10-8 125 Corded Polisher is NOW IN STOCK!

    Awh geeze . . . :buffing:

    Interested to see when Iíll be able to get my hands on one of these. Iím sure Mike will let me have a turn on His one if not an Autogeek one when weíre there in early...
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    Re: Public Service Announcement!!! BEWARE!!!

    Thank you mc2hill. :props:

    We are staying at the Holiday Inn Water Park Hotel, which I believe is close to the action but not 100%.
    Are you gonna be around at this time of year mate? Be great to...
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    Public Service Announcement!!! BEWARE!!!

    Hey team. :xyxthumbs:

    Question for the people in the know -

    Best route for us to take?? Or are they much the same either way??
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    Re: 2017 Shelby GT350 + FLEX PXE-80 Review!!!

    Awesome Justin. :props:

    Looks incredible. My money is already spent with the PXE, I just hope there is one left by the time we get there in a few weeks.

    What is you approach for the taillights...
  6. Re: Open House Detail Day at Autogeek - Saturday, January 4th, 2020

    You know what! Itís so very exciting that for once I can actually say -

    SIGN ME UP MIKE!!! :buffing:

    This is cooler than I can explain, Iím unsure I am worthy of the VIP status but I can tell...
  7. Thread: Flex b here!

    by Aaryn NZ

    Re: Flex b here!

    Aaargh! I neeeeeeed them! :buffing:

    Whatís the chances you can sneak one of each under your desk until we get there with money in hand Mike???

    Bet these sell like hotcakes!!!

    Aaryn NZ....
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    Re: Are the detail classes worth it?

    If it were me & my hard earned money - Hands down every time Iíd be spending it on a Mike Phillips Class. :buffing:

    Howís this for perspective - in January 2015 I traveled all the way (8000+ Miles...
  9. Re: Free Ceramic Coating Class - Wednesday, December 11th - 5:00pm to 10:00pm

    Ahhh .... damn!! :wow:

    If the Chevelle is of that standard, then holy moly thatís a slick line up! :props: Absolutely love the 32 Highboy! Still one of the favourite cars from memory of being on...
  10. Re: My first car detailing how-to book from 1998 - Mike Phillips

    Too cool Mike. :props:

    I too had heard a bit of this story but even though this is a ďNut ShellĒ version itís more detailed than I knew. Haha, funny & scary about Barryís phone call, I wouldíve...
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    Re: For my fellow Northern tough guys:

    .... I dunno about those guys but if it were me ... Iíd move & coat them in layers of Floridian Sunshine. :cheers:

    Aaryn NZ. :xyxthumbs:
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    Re: Please forgive my absence!!!

    ... Itís getting close now. Weíre 33 sleeps away from the beginning of our journey back to the USA, & I gotta say - we cannot wait!! I hope to catch up with a few of you while Iím there. :props:

  13. Replies

    Re: Public Service Announcement!!! BEWARE!!!

    ... Wow! Five weeks to go .... 33 sleeps until we start making our way to the USA! :awesome:

    Aaryn NZ. :dblthumb2:
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    Re: Happy Birthday Visitor!

    Happy Birthday buddy! :birthday:

    Hope you have a great day. :props:

    Aaryn NZ. :dblthumb2:
  15. Re: It's an honor and thank you! - Signing Tools

    Too cool Mike. :props:

    I gotta say, (& I will post up my own review one day) I am a fan of the PE-150 Cordless Flex. In my opinion, the PE-14 is the nicest tool made to date but alas they simply...
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    Re: Another AGO member meet up

    The Family & I are coming from New Zealand to Florida (Orlando, Stuart, West Palm Beach) in mid December through early/mid January.

    Awh Damn Justin! We donít get down to Stuart until the 4th,...
  17. Happy Birthday Mike@DedicatedPerfection!!!

    :birthday: Happy Birthday Mike!! :birthday:

    Thank you for being such a great contributor to AGO, & a friend. Have a fantastic day buddy. :props:

    Aaryn NZ. :dblthumb2:
  18. Re: Post SEMA Detail Night! Check out new STUFF!!!!!

    ... I would love to be a part of this.

    Have fun folks ... actually - have EXTRA fun for me too. :props:

    Aaryn NZ.:dblthumb2:
  19. Re: Offline for 2019 SEMA - Hold the Cyber-Fort down

    Awh geeze Mike, Youíre breaking my heart! :props:

    Sweet booths to be calling home for a few days. Tipping my hat towards the FLEX one for the win. Sweet looking Bug! Is she a Ď63???

    Have a...
  20. Re: Offline for 2019 SEMA - Hold the Cyber-Fort down

    Thatís weird PaulMys, you spelled New Zealand wrong ....

    Safe travels Mike, have fun mate. :props:

    Aaryn NZ. :dblthumb2:
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    Re: Yeah? OR Nay? 1950 Ford Custom

    Hot Damn!!! :props:

    Thatís a big thumbs up from me! So cool. :awesome:

    Aaryn NZ.:dblthumb2:
  22. Re: Production Detailing - Mercedes Benz CLA250.

    Cheers Route246. :xyxthumbs:

    Indeed they were. I will see the husband at a car event this Sunday, I will be sure to ask how itís going.

    Thank you Scott. :xyxthumbs:

    Appreciate it as...
  23. Re: Production Detailing - Mercedes Benz CLA250.

    Thank you Brother. :props:

    I certainly donít claim to be any good at taking pictures but a strange thing happened at the NZ Detailers Conference lately. We have a guy there who is a photographer...
  24. Re: Production Detailing - Mercedes Benz CLA250.

    Thanks Klasse Act. :xyxthumbs:

    Appreciate it my friend. I keep telling Ange a nice 356 Speedster would look great in the background of my pictures . . .

    She said ďNOĒ . . .

    Thank you...
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    Re: Polishing Fiberglass Rockwood TT

    Hey jzaldivar.

    Meguiars One Step compound is just that - a One Step COMPOUND. Youíre still going to need to do another step to seal the surface after you compound it. Whereas Blackfire One Step...
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