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  1. Re: What's in the box? NEW Griot's BOSS 15mm & 21mm Long-Stroke Polishers

    Oh, come on - If the user sees that plate stop rotating, they definitely need to revise their technique... :buffing:
  2. Re: Has anyone actually tried a 3" backing plate on a G9?

    Backing Plate Swap - 5 inch backing plate for the Griot's Garage G9

    I put the 3” plate from my GG3 on my G9 and took pictures with the 3.5” BOSS pad and regular thickness 3” pad - based on how...
  3. Re: Proper way to clean gauge cluster plastic?

    For maintenance, I typically VERY gently wipe screens/clusters first with a deep pile microfiber to collect the dust/big stuff, then follow it with an Interior Detailer (I use the Griot's one)...
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    Re: SEMA 2020/2021 New Products

    Thanks for adding pics. As my lunch break was burning up, I was just going to add (It's Green/Clear/etc) to the descriptions. :laughing:
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    Re: SEMA 2020/2021 New Products

    This would be comparable to something like Griot's Foaming Surface Prep (Sorry to bring them up again) or one of the Bilt Hamber foams, right? Versus the Ammo product that gets a lot of love from...
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    Re: SEMA 2020/2021 New Products

    Products I saw in the Griot's Video, descriptions stolen from their site:

    Ceramic Speed Shine:
    The World's best spray detailer now with SiO2 protection. It features an exclusive blend of...
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    Re: SEMA 2020/2021 New Products

    I'm guessing this is from a YouTube video they just did to announce their SEMA stuff. I saw they teased they would be doing it on their instagram. (Confession, I don't really watch detailing videos...
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    Re: Help! What am I doing wrong?

    I'm with Hoyt - from the looks of it from the picture it looks like something rubbed onto the wheel. If it were a chemical issue, you'd think it would be more widespread.

    Any chance your brush...
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    So, I missed a day, but yesterday I put the finishing touches on Anti-Covid Manor, our candy handout station (with candy chute) to keep kids happy while maintaining social distancing.

    For a pile...
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    Re: Should I clay before winter or after?

    You could just start with a chemical decontamination and do the baggie check and see how it's doing.

    If it fails the baggie test, then I'd probably clay before reapplying to try and have the...
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    Re: Cleaned up my daughter car

    Holy Hannah on the clear bra!

    At least it did it's job abrasion wise - front of the hood still looks good! Did you end up with a line from UV exposure at all?

    Good reminder for the rest of us...
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    Re: Cleaned up my daughter car

    Looks fantastic!

    Really awesome she was in on the process - helps give her a feel for what goes into making a car look THAT GREAT, and helps her have pride in it. I think that goes a long way...
  13. Re: Car wash process that hasn't been washed for over 3.5 years

    Has the car been on the road this whole time, or was it put away clean and has just been sitting? Any plans for a paint correction?

    If it was put away clean and has just accumulated dust from...
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    Re: Griot's Rinseless Wash

    I’ve been using it at this ratio as a presoak since they mentioned in during one of their YouTube videos. Overkill? Maybe. But for how cheap the bottle is I don’t feel bad erring to the side of...
  15. Re: How Do You Change the Color of the Stitching on Your Seats?

    If you’ve got the time and ambition, I saw this once:

    DIY Interior Color Stitching

    Essentially just adding colored thread to your existing stitching. Gets the look without needing to...
  16. Re: Slight rust on very bottom of fender. Does this need a repaint? :(

    From my understanding of galvanizing, I don't think so. But it's a good conversation to have with the body shop if you have them look at it.

    If nothing else, make sure you find out their corrosion...
  17. Re: Polished Aluminum and Fast Finish = Awesome!

    That 3rd picture was totally messing with me. Trying to figure out the brake caliper situation - took me a minute to process that the wheels were such mirrors it was reflecting the "Wilwood" from the...
  18. Re: I've Got An Amazing New Stainless Work Surface Coming In 4 Weeks. What Are The Recommended Purposes For Detailing?

    You can also get stuff like this if you look at restaurant supply sites (I’ve gotten really nice 3 shelf plastic carts for like $60 or $70). Or even just search for stainless bench.

    Not knocking...
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    Re: What should "water beading" look like?

    I'll lead off with the fact that I'm not able to do scientific level tracking like so many of our rockstar members here (I say this in the most complimentary way! I'm always blown away how well the...
  20. Re: Slight rust on very bottom of fender. Does this need a repaint? :(

    As others have mentioned, once the rust starts there's no stopping it.

    I will say that Audi uses galvanized panels, and that galvanization really works to slow down the progression of rust. So...
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    Re: Microfiber lint on windshield glass?

    I really wanted to love the Zap Cloth, but it hasn't blown me away. On any windshield I've used it on that was visibly not clean to start, you could see a "fog" on the windshield while it was still...
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    Re: Backing plate failed

    I ran into having to adjust technique when I got my G9. With my (3rd Gen) GG6 I got used to running it at higher speeds to maintain rotation under normal correction (downward) pressure. When I got...
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    Re: Disappointment

    Wouldn’t a “Guided Medication” for that be like, Xanex? :laughing:
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    Re: Really Need Help Urgently

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    Thanks for that guys. :D
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    Re: Does AG have 30% off?

    I remember that 50% off one as well, but that was such a "The world is upside down" sale I didn't figure it counted. :D

    I don't remember the date, I think it may be embedded in Mike P's...
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