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    Re: Should I upgrade to a Flex 3401?

    Yes. Just buy it. It was the very first polisher I've ever bought and never looked back. It's gear driven so it has the power of a rotary, but the safety of a DA. I've gone full three-step...
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    Re: Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat

    Haven't tried that.
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    Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear Coat

    So, I like to "pressure test" products. Back in April I detailed the family Highlander for it's regular spring, knock the road salt and winter wear off. I applied Pinnacle Black Label Tire Clear...
  4. Re: Review: Pinnacle Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner

    I've been using the Pinnacle BL Tire Gel myself. Your results looks great!
  5. Re: Tuesday June 30th - LIVE Detailing Class - How to do High Quality Production Detailing using Gear-Driven Orbital Polishers

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    Re: Need opinions

    I work in a production facility where our assemblers have tool supports hanging on retractable lines etc. which basically makes them weightless and counteracts repetitive motion injuries. No idea...
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    Re: Unknown Bubbling in paint

    Not in my experience. The products you used are all designed for the exterior treatment of paint/vehicles so they should all be chemically safe with one another. As for fixing it, if it is solvent...
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    Blackfire Bug Blocker

    Well, I put Blackfire Bug Blocker to the test this week. My wife rented a lake cabin three hours away for a week to get away. I applied Bug Blocker to the front of my Camry before driving. After I...
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    Re: Unknown Bubbling in paint

    By chance has it been repainted? In my experience as a painter it looks like solvent pop. Basically the paint cured too fast on top before everything could gas out properly.

    If not that, some...
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    Re: Detailing Pricing

    I recently jumped in the pool of doing detailing as a part time business out of my shop. After doing the math, I came up with $65-75/hour is what I need to make to pay myself, taxes, retirement,...
  11. Re: Review: 3D Paint Coating and 3D One Cutting Compound and Finishing Polish

    Wow! T

    hank you Mike for this product introduction/review and interview. I've been considering applying a ceramic coating to a my personal vehicle (or my wife's beast of a Buick Enclave).
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    Re: Amazing people and company

    That's freakin' awesome!
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    Re: IDA certification

    I worked at a place that rented scissor lifts and a number of other pieces of equipment to Jo or Josephine Whomever on a daily basis. It was basically sign a contract absolving us of any wrong-doing...
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    Re: Ceramic paint coatings care and Tree Sap!

    No ceramic coating, but my neighbor's son came home from Tennessee after leaving the Army. I've NEVER seen such thick, set-on, piles/patches of what the hell is this stuff? sap in my life on his...
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    Re: Badge Removal - How to Video

    Thank you for sharing this. What kind of adhesive/material do you use to reapply a badge after you have removed it if you want to do that?
  16. Re: Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion vs. Meguires #7

    Thanks Mike for the clarification
  17. Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion vs. Meguires #7

    Reading the description of the Pinnacle product, it seems very similar to the Meguires #7. What's the main difference?
  18. Re: New business, fill in the gaps for what I don't have?

    Thanks again Mike. I have no doubt you are up to speed, and I've been looking at the Vapor Chief and Duprae steamers in the $1000 range. I am purchasing it specifically for interior cleanings of...
  19. Re: New business, fill in the gaps for what I don't have?

    Thanks Mike! How about using a steam machine for vinyl top or canvas/vinyl convertible tops? Or is that a seasoned professional/experience detailing method?
  20. Re: New business, fill in the gaps for what I don't have?

    Thank you. I am comfortable with almost everything. I have absolutely no problems saying Yes I can/No I can't. I know my skill level and own it. As a an artist who has been doing custom painting...
  21. Re: New business, fill in the gaps for what I don't have?

    These are items I do not have, and products I need to fill in the gaps for. What is/isn't an immediate need or necessity, or should I just fill in all the gaps now? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Post Your Unpacking Pictures

    My friend and I put in a $1000 order during the 25% discount sale. There should be more stuff I thought. LOL.
  23. Re: What is your "go to" clay product nowadays?

    I have the Sonax clay disc, but also an assortment of yellow, gray, and black traditional clay. The gray and black clay only come out when things are really bad, or windshields.
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    Re: IDA Chemical Exam

    That was the first one I was going to take tonight now that my tests are all unlocked. I'm intrigued to see how much science and paint knowledge comes in to play.
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    New business logo

    Hey all, I am starting a legit part-time detailing business and turning my expensive hobby/passion in to a gig. I've attached the logo/branding I've created for myself. Right now I will be focusing...
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