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    Re: Identify this hood ornament?

    looks like a 5 window Chevy with a Studebaker grill,,and Mike is 100%'s fugly
  2. Re: "When Mike Phillips Talks, People Listen" ...

    same,I barely use gloves for anything I do,,every glove I have ever put on my hands make them sweat and swell horribly and I hate it.
    I use a lot of hand sanitizer as well...and moisturizer
  3. Re: Work in progress, but love the metallic

    it sure looks better than GM's blah white diamond
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    Re: Call to Ban YouTubers

    I fail to see why anyone would watch something or someone they don't like,,if you don't like there is an off button..... that being said most of them are tools
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    Re: The Post a Picture of Your Ride as it Sits Thread

    my Equinox after I bought it last summer ,, a quick polish and a coat of Powerlock +,,today it's dirty from the rain
  6. Re: Need advice - Oxidized Paint Correction on 1968 Dodge Charger

    I'd love to see this car after it gets polished back up,,the non perfect "beater" cars that have been long neglected are kind of my favorites,,look forward to the pictures
  7. Re: 54 studebaker, 327 corvette engine/4 speed.

    it's not pretty..yet..someday....maybe:D
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    Re: Chevy 2500HD Leather Seats

    I work at a Chevy/GMC dealer and I'll tell you firsthand that they all do that,,you wern't getting lied to,,like others have said ..just protect it best you can.
    I'll also tell you to keep an eye on...
  9. Re: 54 studebaker, 327 corvette engine/4 speed.

    Nice Commander !!,,I happen to be a fan of that body style,,pretty sleek IMHO
    my brother has one in mid "restoration" ,,it's getting tubbed out and a LS turbocharged powerplant
    I have a 1947...
  10. Re: How to wet sand paint flat by hand by Mike Phillips

    good read ,that thing had a lot of peel
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    Re: Member status

    maybe it goes by post count?

    edit: or maybe not,it appears I'm one too but I don't post much
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    Re: I am lost right now

    Sorry for your loss of Dude ,,my wife and I lost our Boris in 2016 after 13 wonderful years ...about a month later we adopted Jack and then got little puppy Maggie,like you we can't go without our 4...
  13. Re: Behold ... 29 Year-old BC / CC Paint !

    Looks great for age!!,,actually looks better than some cars a 1/4 of it's age.

    That bodystyle was my favorite as far as Cavaliers go,,it actually looked sporty in comparison,,v/6 w a stick to...
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    Re: what's your weather currently like?

    Snow and Cold
  15. Re: Review: Mothers Ceramic Wax by Mike Phillips

    The Camaro looks really good ,,I may use my Equinox as a Guinea Pig for this product come spring.

    any Idea on durability or still testing ?
  16. Re: Blackfire One Step compared to 3D Speed

    I use Menzerna 3 n 1 for a 1 step...I can't compare it against Black Fire or 3d but I really like how it cuts and shines,,,seems pretty durable too.
    some have said it's greasy but I think that may...
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    Re: Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating test

    not everybody has a heated area to wash their vehicles and it's my opinion that swirls and car wash scratches are easier to fix than rust so my vehicles see the swirl a matic once in awhile as well....
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    Re: Crazy lottery jackpots.

    I would disappear to somewhere warm ,,either the tropics or the Mediterranean although I may summer in western Montana
  19. Re: My original Makita 9207 SPC Rotary Polisher - Mike Phillips

    Looks a lot like the one I learned on which was a Sioux, looks just as heavy!

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    Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    no pictures but I spent 8 hours compounding and polishing a 2019 Silverado woods runner ,,I could have done it faster maybe but I kept getting interrupted so I gave up on finishing it today and...
  21. Re: My original Makita 9207 SPC Rotary Polisher - Mike Phillips


    My 2nd Polisher I bought was this Milwaukee 5260 (I think) in 1993,my Makita got stolen.,,it's been through the ringer and the variable speed control crapped out along with the detachable...
  22. Re: Question for you guys who live in a blizzard..

    Carbrite makes a product called Omni-brite,,spraying down the area and then scrubbing with hot water and hot water extracting does wonders on removing all that salt although I'm not sure AG sells...
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    Re: Hydrofluoric Acid to clean wheels?

    I use it on occasion to clean wheels or a few other things,I wear gloves,a respirator and pour baking soda under the tire for it to run into and neutralize before it goes I to my drains.

    I take no...
  24. Re: What key features would you like to see in a new tire dressing?

    Fairly durable,no sling with a matte finish that isn't sticky
  25. Re: Tell everyone one of your best detailing secrets!

    comet cleanser on a red scotchbrite pad works great on white walls and white letters in case it hasn't been said,,,,I too have used newspaper to do windows with but the only I used Pledge for was...
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