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    Recall on Harbor Freight jack stands

    I know some of us have bought a thing or two from HF in the past.

    Safety recall on potential collapse of Harbor Freightís jack stands.

  2. Re: Anyone like and use 3D One Cutting Compound and Finishing Polish?


    Those pictures are great. Love the way you composed them with polishers and stool in the foreground and vehicle in the background. Well done. Always enjoy your work and photos:)
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    Re: Best winter snow brush?

    Ive been using a variant of this style snow brooms for 20 plus years. I have one in each car.
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    Re: Porsche GT2RS

    That is one awesome car. I’m guessing that car corners and accelerates like no other.

    You should have traded your services for a couple 100 miles of spirited driving:)

    Nice work Scott BTW
  5. Re: cheap Non Acidic pH Balanced wheel cleaner

    I’ve been using Meguiar’s D143 non-acid wheel and tire at 2:1 dilution for 3 years with good results.
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    Re: 2019 Blazer RS AWD

    Wow, great write-up on a very nice looking Blazer. I think Chevy got this design right.

    I do not like how Chevy does the LED DRL and headlamps in separate locations. The Jeep Cherokee had this...
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    Re: 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn Detail

    Not many trucks look that good when they leave the showroom. Looks excellent, nice work!
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    Re: Boat Detail Down Under!!!

    Ready to ride the “Tide”:)

    What a transformation! Excellent work!

    Glad you were able to save that finish, that aluminum looks really cool. Looks like a very utilitarian design, but a possible...
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    Re: Favorite Wheel To Work On

    I always liked the look of these BBS wheels, never owned or detailed them. Thankfully:)
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    Re: 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo

    Looks great Scott, nice work and photos!

    Those wheels are looking brand new.

    Looks like winter must be effecting you too. I see your FL sun isn’t totally blanketing your driveway:)
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    Re: Microsoft Edge - DOA

    Iíve been using a Mac desktop for over 11 years and I still donít understand Appleís filing system. Love their phones and iPads, but donít get their filing system either. I use Windows at work and...
  12. Re: Happy THANKSGIVING! Let's see some Thanksgiving pictures!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all AGOís and their families/friends.

    Safe travels as well!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Re: Happy THANKSGIVING! Let's see some Thanksgiving pictures!!!

    Check out the super hydrophobicity of TW Seal n Shine:)

    Picture from yesterday of about 10-12Ē of snow. Yuck!...
  14. Re: Tenkor Apex Zero -G Water hose. (Or other choices)

    BTW, super time saving tip that I don’t see mentioned often.

    When filling buckets with a hose, try using a two way splitter at your spigot. Use a second cheap leader hose to fill buckets. Leave...
  15. Re: Tenkor Apex Zero -G Water hose. (Or other choices)

    I had the 50’ version which I really liked.

    -light weight
    -was kink “resistant”
    -small volume, easy to store, I put mine in a 5gallon bucket

    -weak aluminum fittings, mine bent...
  16. Re: The current Ford it a "real" Ford?

    No right or wrong on this one. Iíd say my opinion is more leaning towards your logic.
  17. Re: The current Ford it a "real" Ford?

    I always wondered how Ford manufactured the newest GTís. Thanks for sharing all the information:)

    Makes sense that a supercar that beautiful isnít made on a regular production line.

    The Ford GT...
  18. Re: Xtrafluff orange microfiber wash mitt, awesome value.

    Iíll tell you from experience the Meguiarís X3002 mitts has remained very soft for going two plus years of use. Itís been machine washed and dried probably close to 100 times. Iíve had tar stick to...
  19. Re: Shinning it up! 1LE Camaro, Viper Truck, Boss 302

    Nice representation of the big three.

    I always love the wheels off detail write ups and photos.

    That Dodge truck is awesome.

    Thanks for posting and awesome work!
  20. Re: Xtrafluff orange microfiber wash mitt, awesome value.

    Those chenille mitts can empty a 5 gallon wash bucket in one car washing with the amount of water they hold:) They do get very noticeably heavy as compared to other mitts.
  21. Re: Xtrafluff orange microfiber wash mitt, awesome value.

    I bought two blue MF xtraFluff style mitts. I agree the blue is thicker and softer, but the inner liner material is less durable. I still think Meguiar’s wash mitt is a great value too. Only...
  22. Re: Xtrafluff orange microfiber wash mitt, awesome value.

    No, Iíve never tried the Gyeon lambswool. Iím still using the same mitt reviewed above. Two plus years and dozens of machine washings, not nearly as soft as when new. Probably time to replace it!
  23. Re: Production Detailing - Mercedes Benz CLA250.

    As others have mentioned your before and after photos are exceptional. I’m looking at those outdoor before and afters trying to look for marks on the asphalt where you marked your place:)

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    Re: Touch up pen

    I’ve never had good luck with the ballpoint touch up tips.

    I prefer buying inexpensive fine tip paint brushes in the craft aisle at Walmart. I Clean them up after every use with paper towel and...
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    Re: Hang in there Ronkh!

    I met Ron at DF 2016. What an awesome guy. He bought a group of us dinner and was great to talk with. He always had great photos of his and other cool cars at the car shows. I especially liked his...
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