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  1. Re: 1950 Panel Delivery - From neglected to respected

    I was at the Rupes class and the 3 day class. If you want to learn from a full spectrum instructor about all brands and Technics these are the classes to take. Every tool is used in these classes...
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    Re: The Rag Company edgeless

    This towel is all you need to remove sealants,polish,or wax. Microfiber Wax Removal Towel, 3 Pack as long as your work is clean they will work better than a super plush mushy towel. Save your plush...
  3. Re: "safe scrub" bug & tar pads on entire vehicle (for wax prep)

    The sponges are scratch free. What causes problems are the things that the sponges rub across your paint. In my case I found the bugs had sap that collected grit from the road and that was the issue....
  4. Re: Love Bug Tip - Rent a car - avoid the bugs

    I live close to you but out west by the Sawgrass and got covered with hundreds of flying swarming ants that are horrible also.
  5. Great customer service from William.

    I had to place a order by phone on Monday due to computer issue and was so pleased to know that someone I met two years ago at Detail Fest was still with the company. Seems as if every other place we...
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    Re: The PE-8 Kompact "mini spinny"

    Flex was called and shipped part free same day. Better than that won't happen.
  7. Re: Brand New Mytee Focus 1500 Steamer not producing steam

    I have one that is new that the same exact thing happened to me. I though that I was just dumb and put it away, that was a year ago. Been to busy to deal with it for now.
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    Re: Personal AMG C43 New Car Detail

    Great job now you need to add some Bead Maker on top of the Wolfgang Im the MAN
  9. Re: Assistance with Configuring a Portable Water Tank Setup for Pressure Washer

    Why not use a hose and DI water instead? CR Spotless Water Systems, deionization system, water de-ionizer, purified water systems, cr-spotless, spot free rinse, spot free car washing
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    Re: Kranzle pressur washer mounted up.

    If you enjoy your cars it is worth every penny. I purchased the Kranzle because I was tired of the roar of the gas powered pressure washer.This system can be used at any hour it is that quiet.
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    Re: So - How's This for a Nice Surprise?

    [QUOTE=mk9750;1610871] He wasn't able to come up last year, and my wife forgot to give it to me last year!

    I hope you called him and told him Thank you Son!
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    Re: Gift Certificate Questions

    The $50.00 certificate was the the last sale that I could not resist. I think it was called Tool Time. I bought a 3" Flex that is really nice!
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    Re: Are My Microfiber Towels History?

    Try a pet hair brush nothing to loose at this point.
  14. Re: Pics & Vids: Grumman Aluminum Van Extreme Makeover!

    Mike would you please post a link for the pads that should be used with each of the Wolfgang products. I have all three of them compound,polish, and concourse. It would be nice to know what you...
  15. Re: New Mobile Detailing Business - VAN WRAP

    You hit it on the head. I did just what you said after my equipment was stolen. I used 2" square steel legs that drop and lock from inside just as a trailer hitch and receiver works. I had the...
  16. Re: New Mobile Detailing Business - VAN WRAP

    I think I saw your cool set up on YouTube that has you showing how you set up the equipment. It looked really nice with all the hoses on reels. Make sure to review your alarm and extra puck type...
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    Re: Rupes Polish

    Rupes are color coded. Blue coarsest, Green,Yellow,and finally White the finest. You can also use the wool and micro pads that are color coded.Lake country HDO pads work well also with your favorite...
  18. Re: Distilled water as final rinse to avoid water spots

    I just purchased a dual bed deionized water system. I purchased this to make my city water spot free. If I had a smaller budget and regular sized vehicles I would get a Ik 9 liter type sprayer and...
  19. Re: Video: Trying P&S Bead Maker for the first time.

    [QUOTE=Klasse Act;1606740]For some reason, I'm not leaning towards using Beadmaker as a drying agent

    I was thinking of using it as shown heavy first then as drying aid. Well I cheated and went...
  20. Re: Fixed my First Scuff/Scratch... First time Wet Sanding factory clear

    What is the reading on your paint thickness gauge before and after? It looks really nice.
  21. Re: Video: Trying P&S Bead Maker for the first time.

    I was told by a anonymous source that Bead Maker is going to sell out and every one will blame Pan :argue:
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    Re: Who is ready for CYBER BUSTERS 2018???

    I like the $100.00 and $500.00 gift certificates.

    Flex 3" FLEX XFE 7-12 3" Mini Polisher.

    Leather & Vinyl Interior Scrub Brush
  23. Re: Been a While Since Detailing... Buying New Products. Which ones to get?

    I would switch to Jescar if you liked Menzerna you will love the simplicity of the Jescar line. They are a result of Menzerna changing the names of the favorites a million times.
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    Re: Scratches not going away...

    I would not perfect the paint on a daily driver that is just going to go back through the automatic car wash again? You are maybe better to just go easy and preserve clear thickness.
  25. Re: I am completely drooling over flex tools...should i just take the dive?

    Flex are really good tools and they can be purchased at the 15% storewide no exclusion promotions that come up. I got a defective finisher when they first came out. It was the part that the backing...
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