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  1. Re: Anyone getting excited for the new F1 season?


    As long as they are powered by little turbo engines and they have to meet MPG numbers it is no longer the ultimate racing series.

    Change the rules. Any engine configuration. Any power...
  2. Re: Having a business solely based on youtube training

    I have been watching all the Dr. Pol episodes.

    I now know how to birth a calf and cure milk bloat.
  3. Re: Been thinking about doing detailing on the side....then this happened...


    At least she was happy with the detail work you did. Did you at least get her to pick up the dinner check?
  4. Re: Paint Correction Necessary for a Brand New Car?

    It sure could.
    I have seen brand new cars coming off the car carrier that were absolutely flawless. Mainly because they were arriving directly from the factory and were completely covered in the...
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    Re: 1982 Cadillac Seville : Rotary Dream !!!!!!

    Looks like new.
    And the music was perfect. It does look like the car that Shaft drove.
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    Re: For you mechanics

    Costco uses only Nitrogen for their fills and refills.
    They have a machine that strips out the oxygen.
    It's almost identical to the gadget that people use at home to concentrate oxygen. ...
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    Re: Sand removal?

    I used a method very similar to the sander method but I went a bit further.

    I removed the carpet from the car. I unbolted my steel fence gate door and put it on two sawhorses and laid the carpet...
  8. Re: Security program not wanting to connect to AG

    I have been having trouble also.
    I can sign in, click remember me and when I leave and return I have to sign in again. And I now have to click the Forum button. The autodirect no longer works.
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    Re: what's your weather currently like?

    Beautiful today. Got up to 77, and I am two miles from the Pacific Ocean.
    Could see all the snow capped mountains surrounding the Los Angeles basin.
    Low of 52 tonite.
  10. Thread: Zaino Z-2

    by oldmodman

    Re: Zaino Z-2

    My favorite thing about Zaino was the bubblegum smell of some of the products.

    Plus the bottles were so small that you could take them all with you.
  11. Re: What would you do if this was your daughter? The PAIN of ALL AGO Members!!

    I must be the really old guy here on the forum.

    If I had done anything like that in 1956 when I was 4 there is a one word answer for the result.

  12. Re: Turn this Building into a Top Notch Detail Center......Need your ideas and Tips

    How will you be getting vehicles inside the building and out of the sun and weather? Will you be the building owner or renting. If you are the owner then there is no problem with cutting a roll up...
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    Re: Foaming pump sprayer

    Here is a Video of it being demonstrated (all in German)
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    Re: what are you currently watching?

    Everything I watch has been recorded on my DVR since I absolutely will NOT WATCH COMMERCIALS!
    Last night I watched
    Doc Martin
    And last weeks episode of one of the veterinarian...
  15. Re: 2016 Cadillac Escalade - A Miracle Detailing - CQuartz FINEST

    That's a BiiiiiG job!

    Beautifully finished too. Look at all that shiny black perfect paint! I bet that took a while to do.
  16. Re: Can Matte paint protection products be used for vinyl stripes??

    I generally do not use any protectant on matte vinyl stripes. Everything seems to shine them up eventually.
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    Re: Oil field truck

    I had a lot of road tar from oiling down dirt roads and I filled a garden sprayer with kerosene. I let it sit on the paint for about an hour then washed it off. Repeated once more with the kerosene...
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    Re: Makita or Flex

    I have both tools and i hardly ever use the Makita anymore. The Flew is smoother, lighter, and just easier on my old carcass to use.
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    Re: Need Opinions: Used Car Value w/Full Detail

    Yes it's worth it.
    You may not be able to demand thousands more, but a beautiful, clean vehicle will get a faster sale with much less chance of low balling.

    Too bad you are not local. I love...
  20. Re: DetailedByPrecision: 2016 Golf R New Car Prep & Protection Service. Owner is a detailing enthusiast. San Francisco Auto Detailing

    Splendid job!

    Even your fanatic customer will be totally satisfied. And he is probably capable of washing it properly so it will still look great when he brings it back for any upkeep in a few...
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    Re: What are you listening to...?

    "The Sound Of Silence"
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    Re: What are you listening to...?

    "Love Will Save You" The Swans
  23. Re: Review: AMMEX Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Powder Free Industrial Gloves

    They are on sale right now for 14.99 per 100, or the same price per glove for a case of 1000

    Orange Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves
  24. Thread: DK News

    by oldmodman

    Re: DK News

    I had a Ford LTD II wagon also. It was a 1977. Bought it used at the height of the gas crisis for $2250.00 and it had 13K miles on it.
    Gold colored. Dropped a bored 4V Cleveland into it. With a 2...
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    Re: Upgrading Shop (should I ?)

    Sound like more than 3X the space for 2X the rent. Is the new space heated (I know you said heated but make sure)?
    If it is it seems like it would allow you to get more work accomplished with less...
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