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  1. Re: Newbie - Start Me On The Right Path

    All I can say...when I coated my car I used Dawn .... to remove old wax...I am no expert...but other people on here also used it
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    Re: White car

    I have a white car also....I been using Blackfire One step which cleans...polish...and protects....then topping it with Blackfire SIO2 sealant spray....not sure the age of your car you might have to...
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    Re: Need a little advise

    I ,plus other people on here used Dawn...also at TimesMike used it
  4. Re: Wolfgang Uber Spray Coating & Uber Sio2 Rinseless Wash

    [QUOTE=PeteT19640;1708410]I mixed Uber waterless (original) with the spray sealant.
    I haven't done this for awhile now though.
    But with the sprayer I normally spray the tops then each side. Also...
  5. Re: Wolfgang Uber Spray Coating & Uber Sio2 Rinseless Wash

    Pete ....did you use a regular garden hose sprayer....and mixed SIO2 waterless wash and SIO2 spray sealant....also a stupid question...did you do the whole car....then wiped off...
  6. Re: Wolfgang Uber Spray Coating & Uber Sio2 Rinseless Wash

    glad you liked it ...did you use a foam gun?
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    Re: Layering Wax/Sealant

    I would use blackfire ONE Step....It cleans...polishes and use it by hand or machine....if your paint feels rough you might want to clay it...a lot of people use One step...then you...
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    Re: New Avalon

    I have a 2019 Camry..I would use Blackfire one cleans... polishes and protects....then you can top it if you want
  9. Re: Wolfgang Uber Spray Coating & Uber Sio2 Rinseless Wash

    I wasn't sure if I was doing right but I mixed WF SIO2 waterless wash and Bk SIO2 spray sealant....I am no expert but to me it worked fine...easy on and off
  10. Re: Review: BLACKFIRE One-Step Cleaner/Wax by Mike Phillips

    Hi Mike I applied BF one step one time about 2 months machine....and I am happy using....can I use it like every 2 months
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    Re: Customer comment..

    Have you mentioned a price....maybe he is to cheap
    offer to do it for a lesser price
    tell him his car is the second most item he can buy besides his house
    when he sells his car he will get more...
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    Re: Suggestions for Wax/Sealent might want to think about Blackfire one can use it by cleans...polishes and protects....also top it with SIO2 blackfire sealant
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    Re: Online dating

    well guys I am a senior 79 years young....I was lucky to met a wonderful women on silver singles..we lived about 5 hours away from each other but we talked on the phone about 5 hours every...
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    Re: What do all the abbreviations mean

    It will be nice if Mike put a new heading "abbreviations" will be a big help
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    Re: My Next Great Adventure

    had my Hernia repaired 10 years 70 years old....never had a problem...LOL and everything works fine....keep the faith
  16. Re: Super Bowl Snackin? Who is cookin and what

    my wife cooks baby back ribs from Costco in a krock Pot for about 8 to 10 hours just adds a can of coke...the meat falls off the bone adds BBQ sauce after they are done..hope the Bucks win...
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    Re: Please critique my process

    whatever7.....I am no expert that's why I am called weekend to keep things simple...this is what I did to get ready to use sealant

    washed with DAWN yes Dawn....I got a lot of...
  18. Re: Overwhelmed With Options (New Car Protection)

    congrats with your new SUV...I believe in Toyota products
  19. Re: Overwhelmed With Options (New Car Protection)

    Blackfire one step is a great one step cleans....polishes and protects...I use it on my 2019 white can also top it with Blackfire SIO2 paint sealant ...its a good combo
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    Re: still trying

    we all thought they would release million's of doses ...hope you get your shot soon
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    still trying

    was up this morning at 5AM to go online to get on Publix covid 19 web site ....Publix is our supermarket in N>E> Florida ....had no luck with getting a date to get the shot...
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    Re: blackfire hybrid liquid wax

    Hi Tom....LOL you sure know me I sure think to much...yes I feel my car is smooth enough...what s your suggestion...between BK sio2 paint sealant...BK midnight sun wax or Bf hybrid liquid wax....I am...
  23. Re: Old Cringe worthy Detailing Techniques

    LOL I am old and remember my dad and I use news paper to clean glass....the funny thing it worked...also using simoniz wax....
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    blackfire hybrid liquid wax

    well guys the weekend warrior " the old guy"...been thinking to much...I been using BF one step...topping it with different I read about BF hybrid liquid wax...if I use it do I need...
  25. Re: Is there a need to further prime the pad with polish after using a pad conditioning spray?

    I do prime my microfiber towel's when using a sealant .....Mike had a video showing that
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