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  1. Re: Anyone feel like answering a boatload of questions?

    Welcome to the forum!

    A this great thing to do when searching for products and then your brain melts LOL. There are so many options out there today that are really great. Most if not every...
  2. Re: Tips on removing weird stains caused by"ceramic hybrid" finish?

    The Ford Focus ST has the bc/cc paint if it's not repainted with a SS paint.

    What's also strange to sort out is that even haveing the Wax in it's name. It's not always it has any organic wax in...
  3. Re: Feedback Needed -- Ceramic Recommendation for Generator

    My first thought was Carpro Dlux since you coat it on both powder coated wheels and plastic textured trim and also the rubber seals if there is some of those visual. Don't know the difference between...
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    Re: New guy wanting to learn

    Welcome to the forum!

    / Tony
  5. Re: One of a kind. All Original 5k mile 79 Big Block Silverado!!!!

    WOW what an amazing truck!

    Awesome work and write up and pictures as always Justin!

    And what a rare low miles on it.

    Thanks for shareing your incredible work on this truck!

    / Tony
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    Re: 2011 Police Tahoe--Black

    Awesome save and write up and pictures Ryan!

    That was swirl city galour and scratched up badly. That combo of 3D Speed and LC white pad did an amazing correction. Didn't know that Speed had that...
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    Re: Eldorado2K, checking on you...?

    Hope you are getting better Eldorado2K!

    We miss you around here. And worried when not hearing from you. Hope the recovery goes awesome!

    / Tony
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Had some faults on my Kia cee'd SW on the yearly inspection. So have a month on you to fix it and that date is today LOL. The handbrake on the left side was not working at all. It's new parts since...
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    Re: Post Your Unpacking Pictures

    Was in the autoparts store yesterday and was getting lights to my car. That bottle I`ve seen people use on YT and forums. And it`s on the sales shelf. So what to do LOL. Seemed like it speaked to me...
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    Re: Rupes Mille May need service?

    Is there any other company that do have a lifetime warranty on electric power tools other than GG?

    IMO this is something that's very rare and I have not seen anything close to this. Don't get me...
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    Re: Noob! Help with ceramic wash/maintenance.

    This is much of personal preferences on how to do the maintance washes. And you did the right thing to leave the company that did the washing for you. If they where to be useing dish soap as to wash...
  12. Re: Do I need 1 or 2 Tornador units? Little Confused


    Have just been testing them a little. The Tornador with no vacuum or chemical bottle I have been interesting to get for when polishing. To blow clean the pads with these seems very...
  13. Re: Do I need 1 or 2 Tornador units? Little Confused

    Yes the one you ordered can be used dry vacuuming too. Just shut off the chemical mix setting on the it. The other one is just dedicated for blow out the dirt and vacuum it up. And you can do that on...
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    Re: DG AW vs. UQW Showdown (as toppers)

    Nice! I find all testing interesting LOL. So fun that you share your experience with these products!

    The Elixir with EcH2O and PA Cosmic and High Gloss was interesting to hear about. It shows how...
  15. Re: 2006 Bentley Flying Spur-Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings

    Great work and videos on an awesome car!

    / Tony
  16. Re: Tips on removing weird stains caused by"ceramic hybrid" finish?

    What year modell is the Ford ST? From the late 90s most every car has a bc/cc paints. If you are uncertain you can do a little handpolishing with a hand pad that's not yellow. And if you get paint...
  17. Re: Take Me To Paint And Body Work School/What's Next?

    What did the painter said about how long you should wait?

    Generally speaking if the paint has not been baked afterwards. It's 30 days until you wax it or use a sealant or coating. If going with a...
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    Re: Rupes Mille May need service?

    That's great customer service!
  19. Re: 1st time machine compounding, a bit disappointed

    The HC1000 has 9/10 cut and only 3/10 in finishing while the HC400 (old fg400) has 8/10 cut and 8/10 in finishing. Then the SHC300 has 10/10 cut and 6/10 in finishing. With SHC300 and HC400 you can...
  20. Re: Tips on removing weird stains caused by"ceramic hybrid" finish?

    As Rsurfer mentions it's easy to get overspray and even when rinsing it off it's important to go over a larger section than you applyied it on. Then you mentioned that you get paint transfer when you...
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    Re: Removing Etching From Calipers

    I would get the calipers and rims ceramic coated. Carpro Dlux or Gyeon Rim or Gtechnic C5 Wheel Armor is tried and proved coatings with a year of solid protection and behavior. So doing the wheels...
  22. Re: Pinnacle Liquid Souveran Wax, holy cow itís good!

    Looking awesome!

    Great work and write up and pictures Jay!

    Really good reading. And fun when you get that moment. PNS and BSD I think looks really awesome on white paints. Otherwise just good....
  23. Re: Tips on removing weird stains caused by"ceramic hybrid" finish?

    This is one that you spray on dry paint and wipe it off with a mf towel? Or is it a spray on rinse off product on wet paint?

    The most common user errors with any kind of ceramic/SiO2 products is...
  24. Re: Gyeon Syncro or Pinnacle Black Diamond Label Surface Coating?

    Know this is a question for those who have experience with these. How is McKees 37 N-914 rinseless wash and waterless washes in QD dilution or waterless wash in direct sunlight? Or the Griots Garage...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Richy!!!

    Happy Birthday!

    Hope you get an awesome day!

    / Tony
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