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    Re: Optimum Car Wash - Review

    Megs Hyper Wash although much slicker and sudsier, is much harder to rinse off than Optimum Car my opinion.
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    Re: Optimum Car Wash - Review

    For me, it's not about the's the ease of rinse. I don't want something that is very difficult to rinse off the car. That foam booster will take forever to rinse it's nearly...
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    Re: Plastic trim oxidation/hard water stain?

    The black plastic trim on these cars are getting cheaper and cheaper...when it gets stained like that, it's almost always impossible to remove, and attempting to remove it often makes it look worse.
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    Re: LC UDOS now 5 in 1!!

    Yeah broskie....they should just call it God
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    Re: Never had this issue with interior details

    If you do this long enough, you will eventually get one of "those" types of customers. Just shrug it off. Some people are just way off base.
  6. Re: Pro Detailers that started later in their careers

    Great points brother!
  7. Re: Pro Detailers that started later in their careers

    I'm 45, been doing it professionally on an every day basis since 40. After say my third year, it really did a job on my joints...shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, lower back, knees. I never imagined...
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    Re: City water is too hard, what are my options?

    Use a bucket filled with your favorite rinseless wash solution and use a Worx Hydroshot when your ready to rinse
  9. Re: How would You get Remove this Stain from Dash?

    I don't think thats coming out
  10. Re: What product are you putting in your steam cleaner for carpet?

    Yes, just water...or distilled water if it's required.
  11. Re: Optimum process: hyper compound, hyper polish, ONR, and straight to gloss coat???

    When it comes to ceramic coatings, and all of the time and money spent on paint correction, and prep products, I would just follow the manufactures directions and not cut any corners. All of this...
  12. Re: Really Need Help With Urine Smell In Seat. Trying Hard To Help This Person Out.

    Definitely no more steam or extraction, it'll keep coming back. Multiple rounds of an enzyme killer should work. It may take a few days because it will have to dry properly every time, but you'll...
  13. Re: How To RESTORE your Headlights the PROPER way!

    Opti lens lasts roughly 6 to 8 months out here in the AZ desert. Starts to yellow. Curious about the new McKees stuff.
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    Re: Anyone else just sick of the NFL?

    Aren't they going to start using male cheerleaders now too?
  15. Re: Some claim an extractor is not needed for interior detailing....

    If your going to get one, and use it often , and hard...go all in and get a good one with a reputable company. Check the reviews and warranty. Those cheaper units made by these small companies are...
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    Re: So Chemical Guys Eh?

    Many of there products are now available on retail shelves like Walmart....where they belong.
  17. Re: How many of you detail inside the fuel door?⛽️

    Definitely do it. I think just about everyone pumps there own gas nowadays, and it's a nice surprise when they pop it open and it's clean. It's a spot they're definitely going to notice (maybe not...
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    Re: Stained Mini Cooper seats

    It sounds like the stain wicked up after it completely dried. If that's the case, it probably won't take long to clean, and I wouldn't get it too wet again. Treat just the outer surface fabric...
  19. Re: Best Smelling Upholstery and Carpet cleaner????

    None of my fabric chemicals have a really nice smell.
  20. Re: Does who do mobile detailing - How do you make it so it's not sunny?

    Some of the best sun friendly products on the market. I'm also curious about Mckees 37 products in the direct sun.
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    Re: My car wash method seems inefficient...

    I think the main reason you had difficulty is because these are SUV's and using that method on vehicles this size is just too time consuming. You'll most likely need some kind of step stool to reach...
  22. Thread: Seat Cleaner

    by Mad Wax

    Re: Seat Cleaner

    I too am looking for a dedicated leather cleaner that's strong, but safe. APC's and degreasers are just too harsh on old, cracking leather, and they will especially harm perforated leather if it's...
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    Re: Interior only detail?

    I've got 2 mini vans this week. One tomorrow, one Saturday...and I tell you, I'm not looking forward to it. They are by far my least favorite things to do. I don't blame you at all for passing it...
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    Re: Anybody using a detailing tool belt?

    I have the Detailers Helper belt, and love it. Use it every day, gets's well made, but lasts me maybe a little over a year. Detailing nowadays requires so many different cleaners and...
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    Re: NanoSkin Autoscrub Medium Clay Mitt

    Yeah, it's solid. I've done probably over 100 cars with it, and it's still holding up. Just be careful on hot panels.
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