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  1. Re: ATTN Dent Repair Business Owners. How can I hire dent repair employees or find business partners?

    PDR is an art. No way anyone is going to learn proper PDR from a video. It takes years and specialized tools to be any good at PDR. I wouldn’t want any untrained person beating on my car with...
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    Re: PA cosmic spritz

    White goo is the correct answer. PA products are strange. It should still spray easily.
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    Re: What's up with Rupes pads???

    I’m Is everyone out of Rupes yellow and white or just AG? I see them all the time on eBay.
  4. Re: Review - Blackfire Synthetic Mitt Cleaner

    I thought the same thing when I saw this product. What does it do that APC doesn’t do? I’ve got products that clean rubber mats too? I really don’t need anything just taking up wall space.
  5. Re: Been away for awhile.......what new?

    Coatings and SiO2 toppers have about killed off wax and sealants, not quite but coming close.
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    Re: Turtle Wax Seal and Shine

    If the mods cared they could delete or lock the thread, sooooo.
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    Re: Mango Black Bean Tomato Salad

    Slow detailing day? Lol.
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    Re: Gyeon quick detailer

    Try the IGL towels for coating wipedowns. For $3.99 they are pretty good. I toss mine after coatings so $3.99 is about my limit.
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    Re: Longest lasting slickness LSP?

    I’m going to throw my vote for FK 10000p. You can’t go wrong. Long lasting and slick. When I don’t use a coating I always grab the FK 1000p. Just remember thin for the win and a can will last a...
  10. Re: Killed a Cottonmouth also called a Water Moccasin

    I got bitten by a brown recluse while on duty in Honduras. The bite started out as two tiny pimples, in a couple of days I had an inch deep gash in my side. Docs treated me with antibiotics and now...
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    Re: New passport dilema

    A copy of a birth certificate is not good for much of anything except a record that somewhere there is an original. I used one issued from the hospital where I was born for passports and joining the...
  12. Re: Neglected/Abused 29 year old Mercedes Paint - NOOB

    This is one that I would give it a Dawn wash since it’s been sitting outside for so long. I don’t recommend Dawn for anything except reclamation projects where the owners have neglected vehicles for...
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    Re: SF3500 and SF3800--What Happened?

    I’ve always loved Menz products. I never used 3800 much as I found it good for jeweling and not much more, but 3500, wow. A Goldilocks polish for me, just right cut-great shine. I have shifted to...
  14. Re: Mother Natures Car Wash and Ceramic Coatings

    I know from personal example that driving my coated car in a rainstorm will give it a good cleaning on the hood and top areas. Not so much on the rear deck and sides where road crap is thrown up. ...
  15. Re: Mother Natures Car Wash and Ceramic Coatings

    I like this type of post! So many questions about why to use a coating can be answered by this one example.
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    Re: Hard water spots?

    I had some strange brown hard water spots last week. Luckily for me my car was coated and the hard water spots came off with not too much effort. Another good reason to use a good LSP and keep it...
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    Re: 303 stained my headlamps?

    Any good APC should remove 303 Aerospace Protectant. I’ve been using the stuff for a long time and have never had it to stain anything. I’ve gotten it on my clear plastic dash lens covers and it...
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    Re: NEW McKess 37 pollen X

    I’m going to have to try a bottle next spring. I hate pollen.
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    Re: 303 stained my headlamps?

    I see so many cars with “cataracts” around where I live I wonder how people drive at night. I don’t mean a little cloudy either, some look white. People don’t seem to care though. Since there is...
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    Re: Britemax Remax vs. Reload

    In my test of the two they lasted pretty much the same amount of time. I only got two weeks out of them though.
  21. Re: Prefer to use soap or quick detailer for claying?

    I still like to use a dedicated clay lube like Immolube.
  22. Re: Safe chemical decontamination products for PP film

    Yes, PPF will also get contaminated by rail dust and other contaminants. I would just use a normal iron remover for decontamination and regular soap to wash unless the PPF manufacturer says...
  23. Re: what make of car & how many miles do you have (pt.2)?

    I had a 2006.5 Jetta TDI and still regret not keeping it. Damn good car, except for the water pump with the plastic vanes.

    I currently have:
    2011 BMW 335d 67,500 (daily driver)
    2011 BMW M3...
  24. Re: Need some help and guidance - New to detailing

    Another vote against Dawn. Stick with products made for car care. You can’t go wrong with Meguires products. Meguires has something to work everywhere on your vehicle, except a coating. Once you...
  25. Re: Recommendation for polish and pad to bring out the best shine...

    205 and a medium pad should do the trick. Nice car!
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