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  1. Re: New Bauer (HF) 56367 long throw polisher - non-standard backing plate

    Perhaps try the Bauer Forum. This is the AutoGeek forum and they do not sell Bauer products. If you purchase from AutoGeek, their customer service is always top notch and helpful with issues like...
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    Re: Review: BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax

    Anyone have experience with this?
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    Re: Post Your Unpacking Pictures

    PiXiE!!! Good luck with it! I love mine.
  4. Re: DP Polish and Seal VS McKee’s37 360 mini test.

    Very cool!! Thanks for posting.
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    Re: Review: BLACKFIRE BlackICE Hybrid Liquid Wax

    Hello Mike.

    Question. Does this fully dry to pass the swipe test 100% or does it remain somewhat oily?

    I used this for the first time tonight over one step and it didn’t fully dry after...
  6. Re: Knowing your tools or owning all the tools?

    Well let me start by saying I have tried many, many detailing products. I have a lot of products. Some sit and don’t get used.

    For me it’s now about finding a product I like and using it period....
  7. Re: Pre-Production UDOS Polisher from LC Power Tools - First Look Pictures

    All of the different operations are free spinning spindle random orbit design with exception to the rotary mode.
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    Re: Buff and Shine Dark blue uro-tec

    Hey buddy!! Thanks for sharing your technique!!

    I’m not a fan of damp pads personally. If I want my pad softer, I will just choose a softer pad. I like to just keep buffing and worry about pad...
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    Re: Griot’s BOSS Microfiber Pads

    I’ll have use MF pads from time to time but now pretty much phased them out of my process.

    What type of machines are you guys using these on?
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    Re: Makita vs Dewalt vs Shurhold

    What are you polishing? Boats and RVs or automobiles?

    I don’t polish boats or RVs. Just automobiles

    My Favorite is the Rupes rotary. Comes with a great D handle or a super nice stick handle...
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    Re: Pad choice for Menzerna Products

    First off, I don’t like the CCS pads. Just get the regular pads.

    Secondly, hopefully you have a 5inch backing plate and are planning on using 5.5 pads!! Machine works much better with these pad...
  12. Re: Whats this piece for that comes with the Foam Master Foam FUN I mean gun?

    Basically useless IMO. Supposed to be a deflector of types. I haven’t found a use for it in automotive processes anyway.
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    Re: Meguiars 205 and which pad?

    First off the more pads the better.

    Most important thing in your process is a test spot. Make sure you are happy with the results from test spot You don’t wanna buff a whole vehicle then decide...
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    Re: Cleaning Black Wheels in a SSS 2019.

    Awesome job.

    May suggest I a touchless Sio2 sealant for easier “waxing” and better
    self cleaning with durability better than a typical wax or sealant.

    Here’s one version. A few companies...
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    Re: Buff and Shine Dark blue uro-tec

    The AutoGeek site has then listed if you look there. You will see a description. I think only available in 3, 5 and 6 inch.
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    Re: Buff and Shine Dark blue uro-tec

    Good tip! Personally I have learned: The more pads the better. I have no problem purchasing A LOT of pads. While initial investment is more there are a lot of Benefits:

    1: fresh pads simply work...
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    DP Tire Dressing

    This was included when I was picked for the Project 98 give away package.

    So many tire dressings on the market........

    This provides a satin to semi gloss depending on tires. Gloss can be...
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    Buff and Shine Dark blue uro-tec

    So I have bun using these pads rather often now. These were definitely a needed addition to the line.
    It’s my go to AIO pad. It cuts well and finishes really nice on MOST paint systems. In the past...
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    Re: DP Car Shampoo Review

    Just finished my bottle today. I really enjoyed using this shampoo. Looking forward to some of the DP line coming in gallons in the future!
  20. Re: Help me with new polisher Makita PO5000 or Flex3401

    Congrats on your purchase. Now to check emails and tracking numbers 8,732 times a day till it arrives!,
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    Re: Review: Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating

    Very nicely done review, Mike.

    Looks like a great coating. I also love those applicators. The crease let me know what side is up so I always know what side has the coating on. I’m not a fan of...
  22. Re: Blackfire One Step + Blackfire Paint sealant

    Nice thing with BF One Step is that you can put the Blackfire sealant, paste waxes or liquid wax on right after and see increased durability of the protection in One Step.

    I know One Step is an...
  23. Re: Help me with new polisher Makita PO5000 or Flex3401

    I’m not Mike but here you go!

    FLEX XCE 10-8 125 Corded Polisher

    I would add the 6 inch backing plates so you ca run 6.5 inch pads.

    FLEX XFE 7-15 6 inch Backing Plate

    I know Mike likes...
  24. Re: Looks like its past the point of no return or just severely oxidized? Can it be fixed?

    Looks pretty bad. Perhaps Optimum clear coat restorer would help. Looks like AG doesn’t sell it though. Unless I’m missing it.

    You can try compounding and you may get lucky.......Perhaps it was...
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    Re: weekend warrior

    Speaking from experience, I’d say that was the easy way out. Glad they washed off for you!
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