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  1. Re: Back in the shop! My new truck + 300s and Trackhawk!!!

    Congrats on the new truck Justin! That is very nice.

    Ever wondered what its like buffing a train going by? Now you know! Lol

    Nice work on the other cars. Well done.
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    Re: Happy New Year!

    Late on this one.

    Happy new year Gang!
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    Re: Cleaned Up My 67 Camaro

    Hey that looks great! Well done!
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    Re: Flex 3401 died :(

    AFAIK, Powerhouse Distributing is the authorized repair facility.
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    Re: Flex 3401 died :(

    German engineering.

    Good to hear you are back in shape. Thanks for sharing your experience. You have gotten a good bit of use out of it on the original brushes.

    Wonder when FLEX will...
  6. Re: One Step Product & Machine Advice

    Welcome back Steve. You cant go wrong with the BlackFire One Step. I havent used the updated version but the previous generation was a breeze to work with. The topper is going to be up to you.
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    Re: The hobby. Who owns who?

    I can see how the lighter coolers keep their "look" and being easier to maintain than black. Especially after driving through inclement weather. I guess with my OCD and nothing looks better than...
  8. Re: Hello everyone from El Dorado,Ca

    Hi Will, Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
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    Re: Happy Birthday Visitor!

    Happy belated Birthday Visitor!
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    Re: The hobby. Who owns who?

    I own two jet black cars. They own me on a short leash.
  11. Re: New Toy - #5000 Grit Trizact Foam Finishing Discs

    These are great to have when following up after 3K discs. Just finished up a headlight restoration and finished with 5K. The lens was almost clear!

    Have you tried the new 8K discs Mike?
  12. Re: Cool tool that should make detailing much easier

    That is a very cool tool. Im thinking I may have to order one as well.
  13. Re: It's an honor and thank you! - Signing Tools

    Very Cool. Nice thing of you to do Mike.

    I too have a Flex or 2 signed as well.
  14. Re: Biggest job I've tackled; happy with results

    Looking good! Thanks for putting together and sharing.

    You let that M5 sit outside 24/7!? Blasphemy!
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    Re: 2018 Porsche GT3

    Stunning! Looks great.

    Any before pictures?
  16. Re: Lake Country Microfiber Pads used with flex 3401

    IME, these pads have been pretty grabby with the 3401.

    If you are looking for more cut than a foam pad I would look into a wool pad. The hybrid wools are great on this machine
  17. Re: Happy Birthday Mike@DedicatedPerfection!!!

    Thanks guys!

    Got my car up to snuff yesterday just in time for the snow to fly today. Lol
  18. Re: Thinking of getting a black car, that crazy?

    You dont own black, black owns you.

    No garage? As my as I love my black cars (both garaged) I would never own that color if it was to sit outside.
  19. Re: Upcoming Project - Dealer Ruined Brand New Kia

    Thats the way to do it fightnews. Well done.

    Let us know/share the progress on the transformation.
  20. Re: And then... There was a G8 (Polisher)

    Wow thats awesome! And laid out like a full size machine with trigger to boot!

    This really really sets the bar for a small machine.

    I can imagine the full size Boss machines will receive the...
  21. Re: DG AW vs. UQW Showdown (as toppers)

    Just read through the thread. Thanks for putting together and sharing real world experiences. Keep in going.
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    Re: Lurker

    Hi, welcome to AutoGeekOnline!

    What level body shop work are you doing? The final touch before customer delivery or the cut and buff removing runs, sags, etc?
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    Re: New from Finland

    Hi, Welcome to AutoGeekOnline!
  24. Re: Review: BLACKFIRE Metal Polish

    Nice review and nice work Mike. Came out pretty good by hand. I imagine you could really clean those up and put a shine on them with an attachment for a drill.
  25. Re: Hey everyone its been a while.

    Welcome back Leon!

    What was your old screen name?
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