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    Rupes Recommended Method for Pad Priming

    I am very glad that I am not the only one who feels this way. I respect all these professionals and their contribution to the detailing industry.

    I personally have experience with RUPES DA System...
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    Re: Are my prices too low? Please read and help.

    Find a bit of resistance. When they are taken back by price but they end up doing it anyway, that is a happy zone to be in. It means you are getting your worth and it also allows you to deliver a...
  3. Re: Does the LHR 15 MK3 benefit from the washer mod

    Then again, you can easily always remove the washer to begin with.

    A while back, I was using my RUPES as intended.

    I personally had mine with the washer mod for over a year after a while using...
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    Re: Nano: luxury or very useful

    The iBrid Nano is one of the most useful tools that you can add to your arsenal.

    You will be glad that you have one.

    My most favorite preference of usage is in rotary mode using the 1” pads.
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    Re: #&$#@& high spots in coating

    When it comes to ceramic coatings, it is all about checking for high spots in the right type of lighting. The wrong lighting can wash it out. So it’s not the high spots that decided to show up at a...
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    Tiny rust spots

    Since GYEON Q2M clay is extremely chemical resistant, I use GYEON Q2M Iron as clay lube on these spots—this particular combination is spectacular.
  7. Re: Struggling getting results using LHR15 MK3

    Welcome! What a first time post. I am going to keep this as simple as possible. Here it goes...

    I have a RUPES LHR15 MK III, 75E Mini, and a iBrid Nano Long Neck. I have all the major RUPES pads...
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    Re: Considering coatings

    If I had to choose a user-friendly coating, I would go with Optimum Gloss Coat.
  9. Re: Getting started with a Pro level ceramic company?

    How many ceramic coating packages do you install per month? This is what these companies will ask you.

    As mentioned, many pro detailers will install CARPRO UK 3.0 all day before they are able to...
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    Re: I’m questioning joining this forum/AGO

    Welcome to the Thunderdome!!!
  11. Giving Out Quotes for Detailing a vehicle (aka how much do I charge)?

    If I was putting in time for anything, I would work for a minimum of $100/hr to cover cost of living, overhead, and taxes.

    In terms of (exactly) providing the services you stated above, it...
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    Re: alternative pads for LHR15 MARK III

    What speed are you using your machine on?

    Their pads are phenomenal. I am hard pressed to find any issues at all with the set up you have. It is a proven system. I used it almost exclusively—...
  13. Re: Sonax for wheels, what do you use for tire cleaning?

    GYEON Tire Cleaner. I have found this to be highly effective. This is the product I find myself coming back to the most.
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    Re: Who here uses paint depth gauges?

    I have denied plenty of good paying jobs because of a paint depth gauge. Not worth the risk of polishing out thin paint for no reason.
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    Anyone still using carnuba products?

    I absolutely love carnauba wax and actually prefer it over new technology on the market such as a ceramic coating.

    When I finish prepping a car prior to a ceramic coating installation, I always...
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    Got knocked off the horse

    If I may share my experience...

    A couple of years back, faith in my business was shaken. I was in the position where I was happy with how business was going. Especially since moving my business...
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    The difference between white and “white”

    Granted, there is an angle due to the door propped open, but with that said...

    After I hit the door panel with...
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    Re: Swisswax Concorso vs Souveran Liquid Wax

    I can’t speak for the other wax...
  19. Re: Presenting High-Ticket Offers to Affluent Clients by Dan Tran

    “Do work SO GOOD, that no one can’t ignore it.” —Tim Ferriss

    AIO are the happy medium! Nothing to ignore. Great money maker, easy people pleaser!

    Mike Phillips has stated (not word for word)...
  20. Presenting High-Ticket Offers to Affluent Clients by Dan Tran

    First time anyone has referred to me as Moose. Awesome! And yes! Sometimes if I spend more than X amount of minutes talking to them and haven’t closed a deal yet, they are not telling me something or...
  21. Re: Presenting High-Ticket Offers to Affluent Clients by Dan Tran

    Sticking to your values is very important. I may have budged if I was just starting out. But my advice for anyone who just started and is looking to stay in business is to find that point of not...
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    Detail Product ?s

    Quite honestly, I think that you all ready have a good combo of products. I have personally used everything you have. All great products. M205 is highly versatile and Clearcut is quite magical on its...
  23. Presenting High-Ticket Offers to Affluent Clients by Dan Tran

    This is why higher margin pricing is good thing. I never look at the clock.

    If I have a ‘treatment’ meaning I perform up to a multi-stage correction, a high-quality ceramic coating and a premier...
  24. Presenting High-Ticket Offers to Affluent Clients by Dan Tran

    Hello Geeks,

    In a different thread that I posted about my 2020 year in review, I made mentions of the how I now produce exterior work almost exclusively with my business. And at the (informal)...
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    Re: 2018 Range Rover Sport


    I admire your work. You have been an inspiration to me to produce fine results as displayed with this example. Great work my friend! I need to be more patience and capture more before and...
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