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  1. Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    Made some pizza dough, been in the fridge since about 1am last night, gonna fire up my Ooni Koda and make a few NY style pizzas tonight.
  2. Re: Had a visitor to the garage today

    When I was 9 or so my grandpa made me a bow out of a PVC pipe he cut up. He took some of his arrows, removed the tips and put rubber tip on them so I couldn't do any real damage. We were hiking thru...
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    Re: OTC Product like Ironx?

    Pep Boys, at least in So Cal carries the Surf City iron remover. I can't comment on how well it works. But when I saw it I opened the bottle to give it the smell test, it was definitely as bad as the...
  4. Re: I've never had to change my clothes during a detail... Until now

    wow, well at least the owner definitely uses it for it's intended purpose to off-road. Wish you had gotten his reaction. I'm an eco-conscious detailer, my 6 liter Kwazar pump sprayer wouldn't have...
  5. Re: If you are sidelined by Covid-19, what are you doing to keep busy besides detailing?

    Bought a Roland FP30 which was delivered yesterday. going to learn to play piano, or uhhh try at least. Since I believe this lockdown is going to last much much longer then our big orange goof of a...
  6. Re: Review: 303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit - 1949 Mercury Convertible Kustom Streetrod

    Welp, after a super scrubbing of the top, there's still white bird poo visible. I'm assuming bird poop does some nasty things to fabric if left on. Probably not etching like paint, but uh yeah those...
  7. Re: Review: 303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit - 1949 Mercury Convertible Kustom Streetrod

    2008 Saturn Sky Redline, this thread inspired me to go outside right after I posted the pic and begin to clean it. 30 seconds in it started to rain, imagine that lol. Was just a sprinkle so I stood...
  8. Re: Review: 303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit - 1949 Mercury Convertible Kustom Streetrod

    Excellent post Mike, my convertible top looks awful awful awful. I haven't done anything to it in like 2 years, and my car was sitting outside non moving for close to a year and a half of that time...
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    Re: The Last Coat Black Ice

    Pan, I dunno... some of his videos really seem like sponsored infomercials, Jimbo absolutely crapped all over TLC v1 and said he didn't even want to try v2. But he ended up testing it and really...
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    Re: The Last Coat Black Ice

    I don't doubt the claims are over exaggerated, but Last Coat v2 was spoken of very favorably by a lot of detailers. I know some people poo on it due to the high price, but it's the same price as...
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    Re: The Last Coat Black Ice

    Sounds like it might be close to a Can Coat, their web page recommends you throw the towel you used to apply it out.
  12. Re: Crazy kids toys you see out and about.

    I bought a 2 year old one of the Grumblie's. Looks kind of scary to me, you touch it and it goes crazy and shakes like it's having a seizure and laughs and screams and does something like burps or...
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    Re: Your day in three words

    Maple Chipotle Wings
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    Re: Torque

    Brian from Apex Detailing on Youtube didn't like it, he's my go to for detailing product reviews and tests. As far as all the ones that have popped up recently on YT commercials and FB, I The Last...
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    Re: Joining the IDA

    IDA's good for networking with other professional detailers, customers wouldn't know IDA from MECP. MOST "customers" I deal with consider a wash+wax+vacuum a full detail lol. It could possibly land...
  16. Re: Do microfiber-specific detergents clean any better than "free & clear" detergents?

    Even if this was the case, the cheaper MF detergents still cost a boat load more than All or something else you'd get at Target.
  17. Re: Blast from the past! - New Car Touchless Acrylic Clearcoat Sealant

    There's a reason this product's been dead for 20 years and NuFinish is still alive and going strong. NuFinish will be around long after all these CarPro and similar company's products are dead and...
  18. Re: If you could only use two or three product lines for all your detailing needs, what would you choose?

    Adams is a one of the few company that makes good quality chemicals and also has their own line of polishers, pads and compounds. Meguiars has a lot of solid chemicals and the MT300 polisher, but...
  19. Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    200ML, not sure exactly but it's been a long time, at least 4 years I'd say. Next time I want to demo how good the products I use are I'll go with something that's not old lol. I shook it again good...
  20. Re: What did you do today, in regards to detailing?

    Neighbor was asking me about some sealant spray they saw an ad for on Facebook. I said it wasn't good and ran home to get my Polish Angel Viking Spritz. He asked if it would make his paint as slick...
  21. Re: 15% off tool but Flex PXE and Cbeast conviently only pre order (no discount)

    Detailing stores online have sales all the time, but you almost never see Flex included. Which leads me to believe Flex has the say when their stuff goes on sale.
  22. Poll: Re: Battle of Entry Level Coatings...

    A lot of coating's you'll get better durability with a 2nd coat, but it won't be double, it varies from coating to coating. I've used a few where you can only put 1 layer down. Another thing to think...
  23. Re: How to avoid germs - Gas Station

    AG sells Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean interior cleaner, it has anti bacterial stuff in it. I don't know the science behind it, but apparently it keeps killing bacteria days after you've used it. And it's a...
  24. Re: opinions on 2 potential logos for my business?

    Will post when I have one, I want to find a graphic designer to fix it up. I also have my favorite and everyone I've asked has an opinion so I'm not even 100% decided on which it will be yet.
  25. Re: opinions on 3 potential logos for my business?

    I showed all 3 original logos to everyone around me, I showed the revisions without the bottle to everyone around me. I showed the logos with the updated name to everyone around me. What I learned...
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