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    Re: Buildup / Streaking on Metal Trim

    Audi had a big problem with this a few years back and replaced a lot of trim under warranty. It’s from the alkaline cleaners in touchless car washes and there is no known fix.

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    Re: Removing "OPW" Other people's wax

    STEAMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! :-p
  3. Re: Recommendation for detailer in Westchester County, N.Y.

    I'm in Dutchess county, have done a bit of work in Westchester in the past.
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    Re: Need Some Help Learning the MKII 21

    My biggest thing when going from the porter cable to a long throw DA was that you don’t need the same amount of downward pressure, the long orbit of the machine does the work for you.

    That, and...
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    Re: Detailer(s) in Daytona area.

    Mr. Sparkle in Ormond Beach. Pretty close to Daytona.

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  6. Re: Sunkist Orange Ford Taurus gets glossed!

    Justin, beautiful work as always.

    I really like that tip about using 2 separate machines and leaving the residue from 3D one on the paint, I’m gonna give that a go, thanks.

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  7. Re: Local detail shop's prices and an overall rant/future outlook

    The best advice I got when I started doing this for money was actually to RAISE my prices. People who you are going to want as clients can smell the difference from an $89.99 “buff and wax” special...
  8. Re: Feel like I was duped here with detailing and ceramic coating

    I use Feynlab coatings now. For a 2 step paint correction (a real paint correction, not what you got. I aim for 90-95% defect removal on a 2 step correction) and a 5 year warrantied self healing...
  9. Re: Feel like I was duped here with detailing and ceramic coating

    Best advice you’ll receive on this topic: Once you get your money back invest it in Mike Phillips’ 3 day detailing boot camp. After that you’ll be able to do better work than this clown could ever...
  10. Re: Feel like I was duped here with detailing and ceramic coating

    Bro, that looks TERRIBLE!!!! There’s swirl marks everywhere and I can’t really tell but looks like rotary buffer holograms too. Time to call the credit card company.

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  11. Re: Feel like I was duped here with detailing and ceramic coating

    This is what I’m thinking too... I don’t think anybody actually even touched your truck. Very curious to see what happens when you get it back.

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  12. Re: Removing residue from previous tire balancing weights?

    I just used a 3m eraser wheel for he first time on some emblem adhesive after debadging. It worked amazing and this is my plan next time I have wheel weight residue to remove, even though I haven’t...
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    Re: 2019 White MDX product suggestions

    This is what I would do. Won’t take more than an hour tops once you get good at it, OCW is great on wheels too. Will also protect your paint nicely in the brutal Florida sun.

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    Re: Need advice on rotary decision

    I own both. I wouldn’t want to do any large panel polishing as you say with the PE-8. For what you want to do, a smaller pad on the PE14 is the way to go. It’s a great machine, you won’t regret it.
  15. Re: Clearcoat edge line from new paint job

    I’ve seen these before, it’s gonna peel and keep peeling. I’ve wet sanded them to “smooth it over” but it’s just a bandaid on a constantly bleeding wound.

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    Re: Auto Spector app suggestions

    Mike for what its worth, numbers 1, 3 and 6 on this list are all n my own “wish list” for the app. Otherwise I love it!!

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  17. Re: check out this damage done during a paint correction - repaint needed?

    Looks like they lifted chunks of filler out of the panel. Possibly air bubbles in the filler before the panel was painted? Either way, super sloppy, wouldn’t make me confident about any of their...
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    Re: Most durable finishing wax?

    I would look at Poorboys Polish with Sealant. I wouldn’t use it every time I wash. It should remove light water spots.

    Might also want to consider a ceramic coating to minimize the possibility of...
  19. Re: Recommended pads for Pinnacle Jeweling polish

    Corvette paint is regarded as being particularly robust and difficult to polish due to its “hardness” so I hate to burst your bubble but I doubt you will get anywhere with that polisher. Same goes...
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    Re: Makin A Blingy Benz

    Richy, that scene in the movie Wayne's World, where they're bowing down going "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"

    That's me right now...
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    Re: Polisher Upgrade from Porter Cable

    If the vibration and noise are your biggest pet peeves with your Porter Cable then I would go with a Rupes machine and stick to using Rupes brand pads. They are engineered together to have the best...
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    Re: CarPro Reset in a foam gun

    Very well, lots of suds.
  23. Re: Meguiars D120 Glass Cleaner-Of course it’s safe for tinted glass

    That's a sweet tip, thanks!!
  24. Re: Before I say yes to full detail on this '93 Corvette........ cupla ?'s

    This would be how I would approach this car too. I would imagine it would have hard paint and I have used m101 with great success on hard GM paint. I would use something more "robust" than a GG6...
  25. Re: How much do you charge for a one-step exterior detail?

    $400 for "average" sized cars using HD Speed. I'm in the 6-8 hour range depending on if I choose to chase down any RIDS that bother me :-p.
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