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    Re: Removing Old Pinstriping

    I try to avoid using the plastic razor blade my self ,,I heat the entire stripe up and pick the edge up with my nail and then pull,,I can usually get the whole stripe to come if I get get the pull...
  2. Re: How would you best protect a new stock vehicle.

    everyone has their preferences I suppose and mine is still a sealant such as Jescar Powerlock Plus or Wolfgang
    I know it doesn't last as long as ceramic but I enjoy the process of doing such things...
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    Re: Show us your pet.

    The Three Amigos

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    Re: What is the car?

    the F85's (Cutlass) are some of my favorites of the Oldsmobile line,,all the way into the late 80's anyhow
  5. Re: When Turkey's Attack!!! 2020 Jeep Wrangler

    great job,,you slayed it like a true assasain,,stupid Turkeys sure can do a lot of damage
  6. Thread: wool pads

    by Farmallluvr

    wool pads

    I was reading through your boat class thread and found something that was of interest to me...wool pads.
    I finally found a supply guy to get pads from,,,the last few months I have been using Rupes...
  7. Re: Should I clean my undercarriage or no point

    I say power wash the underside as much as you can and let it dry if you have a heated garage.,,the sodium chloride in road salt actually accelerates the corrosion process,,,I like to use cavity waxes...
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    Re: Your day in three words

    yesterday : slipped on ice

    today : really freaking sore
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    Re: Happy Birthday Mike Phillips!!

    Happy Birthday Mike,I hope its a good one��
  10. Re: Products that fill and last beyond a wash?

    I have been using Menzerna 3 n 1 for a few months and am quite pleased with it,,,cuts pretty good,removes swirls well and seems to lasting pretty good.

    My best results have been with a Megs MF...
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    Re: Show us your pet.

    She looks totally adopt-a-bull,I'm partial to bully breeds
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    Re: What do you keep in your car?

    if you run out of free replacements from the zone you may want to just suck up the extra cost and get an Interstate or Optima..There was one in my wifes truck when I bought it in 05 and just replaced...
  13. Re: Blast from the past! - New Car Touchless Acrylic Clearcoat Sealant

    I think I remember it or a product or 2 like it.
    I was just starting out in the early 90's and the guy who was giving me direction told me crap like that was a gimmick and nothing beats Caranuba...
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    Re: What did you do today non-detailing related?

    working on remodeling my upstairs and I'm taking a break at the moment,,,it's a 125 year old farmhouse and not one thing is square or level and seeing I'm not an expert at carpentry it's time...
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    Re: Removing Scratches under door handles

    might be good place to put a Paint Protection Film as well seeing it's something that can re-occur frequently
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    Re: The lengths for a good bourbon

    I'm not a huge bourbon expert but I do like Makers Mark on the rocks with a good steak dinner.
    I'm more of an occasional slow sipper but I'm curious as to how most people like theirs.
  17. Re: What it looks like when you buff through the clearcoat - Burn Through - Strike Through - Mike Phillips

    yup, seen that a couple of times,

    (I've even done it myself a few times)

    It happens and when it happens I think respraying the entire panel to be the best solution.

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    Re: Yay? OR Nay? 1950 Ford Custom

    I don't mind the mirrors or wipers so much,,unexpected rain pops up alot in Michigan but you're right,,those fuzzy dice gotta go.
    I dig the paint scheme myself,I grew up around hot rodding and this...
  19. Re: 1940 Buick -Before & After - EXTREME extreme Makeover!

    good thread,,I guess I'll be buying a new carpet brush and using my old one for tires.
    I think bringing back an old neglected car like this way more more satisfying than most of the other stuff I...
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    Re: Eldorado2K, checking on you...?

    I'm glad to see you are ok and up getting around,,,I wish you a speedy recovery and good vibes towards finding a new ride
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    Re: Turtle Wax Seal and Shine

    And to think I've just been ignoring it because it says Turtle Wax on the bottle,,,I have a couple of other off the shelf at Walmart products I use so why not another :D
  22. Re: The COMET Technique by Mike Phillips - 1965 Cadillac - Original Single Stage Paint - Slam job by Mike Phillips

    In the early 90's I did a lot of cars this way that were destined for the auction house,,a quick Comet job and then a quick polish and ship it,,color didn't matter but speed did ,,most of these cars...
  23. Re: Harbor Freight DA polisher N/A. Alternatives?

    I like the idea of upgrading your own DA and giving her your old one,,I have a HF DA also and it has become a good go to polisher for light work I want to do and nor grab my rotary or long throw
  24. Re: Crane Polishing with BLACKFIRE One Step

    There is a local crane company here that has a few cranes this size and some smaller and some bigger.
    They are always absolutely flawless all the time as well as all of their trucks,,,at least the...
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    Re: Back from the Bodyshop (swirls)

    It's not just the east coast but everywhere,,,The insurance companies have absolutely ruined the Autobody repair industry and nobody wants to work in a dirty low paying pressure ridden industry,,,or...
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