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GYEON Q2 CanCoat

Are you interested in Quartz Coatings but haven’t yet made the switch from a wax or sealant? Totally understandable. Much of what you read online can feel intimidating or cumbersome. Let me be the first tell you: if you can apply a wax or a sealant you can apply a Quartz Coating.

Q2 CanCoat from GYEON quartz is the perfect entry level coating to get your feet wet. The kit includes 200ml of Q2 CanCoat and a Microfiber Towel for application. This is a very versatile product. It can easily be used on paint, plastic trim, wheels, chrome, engine bay plastics, and any other exterior surface except fabric and glass.

Q2 CanCoat will deliver tons of gloss, very intense water beading, real protection from UV and chemical damage, and last at least 6 months, often up to a year with proper maintenance.

So lets go over the step by step How To guide and get you comfortable with GYEON quartz Q2 CanCoat!

Step 1:

We always want a perfectly clean surface where the coating can bond directly to the paint. We want all polishing oils or lubricants from a previous detailing step removed. This will make the application easier and allow the product to function for as long as possible. This is done with GYEON quartz Q2M Prep.

Spray a liberal amount of Q2M Prep on the a small working section of the car at a time (ie: half the hood). We want enough product on the surface to emulsify and lift any oils or lubricants that are in place. To me this is usually as much product so that it’s sitting on the surface and just starting to run off, but not actively dripping down.

It is very important to use several brand new and highly absorbent microfiber towels for the Prep process. We want the towels to lift and remove the contaminant. If we use only one towel then it is very likely that we are just transferring contaminant around the car and not removing it, as the contaminant will build up in the single towel.

I like 2 towels for this process. The first to pick up the majority of the Prep and contaminant in long straight line wipes and the second to buff off any excess product. You can use a hand held light to make sure all excess is removed. This is your last step before applying the coating so we want to make sure the surface is well prepared, with no “wipe” marks from the Prep phase. On to CanCoat!
Step 2:

Q2 CanCoat includes 3 individual sprayers. Remove the metal cap and install one of the sprayers. Do not throw away the cap, as we will use this for storage once complete.

Step 3:

Using the included White Microfiber Towel (not shown) or a tight knit microfiber like the GYEON BaldWipe (shown) spray 2 or 3 sprays of CanCoat directly on to the Microfiber. It is important to “cup” the sprayer a bit as shown. When sprayed, CanCoat is thick and heavy and it is very easy to waft it over to the working area or cause a bit of overspray. This will show up as tiny little dots at the end of the project.

Step 4:

Wipe CanCoat directly in to the surface as you would a “spray sealant” or “quick detailer”, keeping the application towel moving the entire time. We do not need to let CanCoat dwell on the surface or flash. Work the product in to the surface until it nearly disappears. This is usually 15-25 seconds. I like to keep a secondary microfiber to wipe the surface and pick up any leftover product. Work a shoulder width area so the application section is controlled and directly in front of you.

Make sure all material is picked up using a hand held light. The only way to mess up a coating is to not remove the excess material that has not absorbed into the paint. It is not like a wax or sealant where if you see a missed spot tomorrow you can simply wipe it up. This is not difficult but does take a little intention. This is a “less is more” product. You do not need to see a thick layer of CanCoat being applied.

Step 5:

If you wish, you can layer CanCoat up to 3 layers for additional performance. Wait at least one hour in between each layer. You can also apply CanCoat to the other surfaces mentioned above in the same manner. CanCoat is very quick and easy to use. When finished, it is very important to remove the plastic sprayer and re attach the metal cap for storage. We must also thoroughly rinse the used sprayer. It can be re used several times if properly cleaned. I like to fill the sink with warm water and soap and flush water through the sprayer continuously. If you skip this step, that sprayer will be useless on the next go.

Sit back and enjoy the gloss!

GYEON Q2 CanCoat - 200 ml Free Bonus - Limited Time Only!
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