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    15% off and Gyeon Special How-To

    *15% Off Coupon Code ONE15 valid on in stock items. Not applicable on previously placed orders, custom or special order items, extractors, air compressors, BUY ONE GET ONE, VIP Special, car covers, polishers & polisher kits, vacuums, Kreepstool, FlatStoppers, Shop Air Heavy Duty Drum Fans, vapor steamers, garage flooring, gift certificates, bulk and case pricing, complete wash systems or any item as noted on product page. One coupon code per order.

    *Free Shipping applies to orders over $50
    with ground service within the 48 contiguous United States. Regular shipping charges apply to garage flooring and mats, air compressors, and carpet extractors as noted on those products. Regular expedited charges apply.

    GYEON Q2 One
    High Gloss. Super Easy Install. Big Time Water Beading. Long Term Protection.
    These are all things to expect from the all new, GYEON quartz Q2 One Protective Coating. Q2 One is the top dog in the new Enthusiast Line from GYEON quartz. It is designed for DIY users as a very easy step up from waxes and sealants and in to Quartz Coatings.
    So why would we want a Quartz Coating over a wax or sealant?
    1. Protection measured in years and not months
    2. Deep gloss
    3. Real world protection against environmental contaminants
    4. A surface of high repellency that makes maintenance washing a breeze

    If you can successfully apply a wax or sealant, you can apply GYEON Q2 One. So lets go over the steps:
    1. First and foremost, the most important aspect of moving from a wax or sealant in to a coating is surface prep. Because we are asking this product to last a minimum of 1 year, we need to ensure we have a perfectly clean and pure bond to the paints surface. This means no other wax or sealant can be in place at the time of application. Use your favorite degreaser or panel wipe to ensure everything is gone. We then want to perform a final wipe down using GYEON quartz Q2M Prep. Prep is alcohol based and will ensure that all lubricants used in the wash and strip process are gone as well as leave an anti-static surface for us to work with during the Q2 One application.

    Use a generous amount of Q2M Prep, to where the product starts to run down the surface. We are asking Q2M Prep to emulsify any left over polishing oils, lubricants, or soaps left behind. This step is very important. I like to use a high pile height and plush microfiber towel for this step. You should also use a many as necessary to effectively remove the product. It is best to switch towels every panel or so, so that you aren’t just transferring the contaminant from the first panel on to the second. I like a GYEON quartz Q2M SoftWipe for this process.

    2. Once the Prep process is complete, we are ready to apply our Coating. This is not a complicated process, but does take a bit of attention to detail. Drape your Suede Applicator over the Foam Applicator block as shown, both of which are included in the Kit. Apply a moderate amount of Q2 One to the Applicator. I like one solid line across the suede or 3-4 drops. You don’t want too much, and you don’t want too little.

    3. Now it is time to apply the Coating to the paint. Make sure you are working on a cool surface, out of direct sunlight. All coatings are a mixture of Carrier Solvents and SiO2. The solvent will evaporate out (or “flash) and leave behind the SiO2 which protects the paint. We want to let this happen in a controlled manner. So if the panel is hot or you are working in direct sunlight you are going to speed up the “flash” time and have a tougher time working with the product.

    Apply Q2 One in a small and controlled area. Work a section about shoulder width so the install area is directly in front of you, and avoid “pushing” out the install area as you progress. Apply the coating in deliberate and overlapping lines, called a “cross hatch” pattern. Starting at your left shoulder, move the applicator across the paint to your right shoulder. Moving down, overlap the first stroke by half of the applicator and move back to your left shoulder. Repeat. Do not overwork the coating in to the surface. We want to remove the product before it begins to dry, so one good cross hatch pattern will be enough.

    4. The removal process is the most important part of the Coating installation. I like to use the GYEON Q2M BaldWipe Towel with Q2 One. It is a short fiber and very tight knit, so it is very absorbent and will not “push” product around. I also like to use a handheld light during removal. Play with different angles once the coating is on the paint so that you can see the distortion of light that is showing you that product is still left on the paint. You may need several towels for this process as well. Remember, the towel is a tool and we want it to function best by being new and very absorbent.

    The initial bond with all GYEON coatings is within 3-5 seconds. I recommend removing Q2 One immediately after the first cross hatch pattern is done. Just as long as it takes to put the applicator down and pick up your BaldWipe towel. Use the handheld light as shown during removal to ensure you get all of the excess product off the paint. Move around the car in this manner, applying and immediately removing small sections at a time. Do not apply Q2 One to the entire car and then try to remove.

    5. Now sit back and enjoy! You want to allow the coating to “dry” at this point for at least 24 hours before it is exposed to the elements. The coating will not fully “cure” for another 5-7 days and should not be washed with any detergents until it does. It can however get wet after the first 24 hour drying phase.

    GYEON Q2 One 30 ml.
    Our Price: $59.99

    GYEON Q2 One 50 ml.
    Our Price: $79.99

    GYEON Q2M Prep - 500 ml
    Our Price: $14.99

    3 Pack Storm Gray Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth
    Our Price: $9.99

    12 Pack Storm Gray Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth
    Our Price: $19.99

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    Re: 15% off and Gyeon Special How-To

    How far will this product go? I've got a crew cab and a Tahoe I'm looking to cover.

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    Re: 15% off and Gyeon Special How-To

    Quote Originally Posted by Jose1959 View Post
    How far will this product go? I've got a crew cab and a Tahoe I'm looking to cover.
    I would consider getting the 50 ml bottle if covering these larger vehicles.

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