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Here's why....

First - You say this RV will be garage-kept - this means you don't need longevity as a primary feature. There are no long-lasting one-step product generally speaking that at this time, also use great abrasive technology. That's a lot to ask from one product.

Second - You can take 2 ap
proaches to this RV just like you can take two approaches to a car.

1: Put a LOT of time into it doing multiple dedicated steps, (machine compounding and machine polishing), and then SEAL the surfaces in some manner i.e. wax, sealant or coating. This option will work but it is time-consuming and labor intensive. If you use a ceramic paint coating, then in the future - it will be harder to do any touch-up work without the process being time-consuming as there will be multiple steps involved.

2: Use a great one-step cleaner/wax, or in the case of BLACKFIRE One Step, a cleaner/sealant, (same idea). With this approach, you can work around the RV ONE TIME and you're done. The BF One Step will work on damn near any surface, paint, gel-coat, plastic, glass etc. It will correct, polish and seal. If you let it dry, it wipes off SUPER EASY and that's something that is important when working on LARGE toys.

Down the road, if you need to do some touch-up, for example while backing into a parking slip at an RV park you get some tree branch scratches along the upper side of the RV - no problem, just buzz over it with the BF One Step, let the product dry, wipe off an your done.

Down the road, if you want to do an annual refresh, wash and dry and then buzz around the RV with the BF Ones step. It's fast and easy. It will work with any tool and by hand.

When I detail professionally, I have 3 packages. My first package is using BF One Step. It's my favorite because it's fast and easy and the results are always eye-popping. My package 2 and 3 include ceramic coatings and I don't mind doing them but they are a LOT more steps and more work and time.

What I know about human nature when it comes to detailing is this,

If it's fast and easy - people are more likely to do it.

If it's time consuming and complicated - people are more likely to NOT do it.

Take the easy road.... and if you do it right the first time and then wash carefully, the results will last a long time and the results will even be faster to maintain and refresh.

Thanks for taking the time to post this, it really helps. I'm going to give the Blackfire One Step a try. 2 questions for now

1) Which pads from Lake Country? White/green? I have some 5.5 flat pads and some 5.5 CCS pads, but will need more.
2) I read on here you liked Sonex Polymer Net Shield over the top. Would that help make bugs and tree sap come off easier?