I have only used it on cars. But some on a domestic forum I come from has used it on travel trailer and has been satisfied with it. The product is Ultima Paint Guard Plus sealant. Don't know how good the uv protection is. But they have not noticed any oxidation when keeping it topped up. And that is the big benefit of it's ease of use. WOWA product is awesome since you don't need to wipe it off or buff. The Ultima PGP you use very little product. When you have gotten a layer on you apply one more for longer longevity. Then you can get the Ultima Paint Prep Plus if you want to use a non abrasive cleaner polish. And it's also get you a longer longevity since it's leaves bonding points to the Ultima PGP. Then you can maintain it with either waterless wash or rinseless wash or 2bm wash that also leaves the polycharger polymers for some topping to your Ultima PGP. And get some extra applicators and they are of a high quality. I have never feeled any mf applicator that soft and smooth and I think also that it let you stretch the reload necessary longer in between them. And since they change to a new formula of Ultima PGP that is water based instead of solvent based. You can use it as a drying aid too. When applyied on a mid sized car. You prime the applicator with one spray and one spray for every panel only and split the hood and roof in 2 panels. So the 4oz bottle gives you between 15-20 layers. And the 12oz bottle would be well enough for many layers of a travel trailer. If you get it to smear you have used to much of product. That is easy happens since you feel like you use so little. But a polishing with Ultima Paint Prep Plus and 2 layers of Ultima PGP you get around 6 months longevity from. And you can ad a New layer very fast as you spray the applicator and wipe on and move to the next section. So again it's very easy to apply it. And the looks is more carnuaba glow than the useally sealant look. It's good chemical resistant LSP. Not the most hydrophobic LSP but okay. There you have the Ultima Acrylic spray wax if you want more hydrophobic surface. Could be an option to try. And the Ultima Tire & Trim Guard is also a quality product if you want a long lasting product like that. The interior cleaner and the interior protection is also great.

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