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    Purchasing pads & backing plates.

    I've positioned myself to a predicament where I need to simply replace my pad collection with new. My rotary has been sold, leaving me with my Rupes 21 and 7424XP with 6" backing plate.

    My tag team has been great, but I've been doing a good bit of work by hand since my machines simply cannot go everywhere. I've been considering a couple of options:

    1. Grab a 3.5" plate for the PC and accompanying 4" pads
    2. Purchase a 5" plate for the 21 and accompanying pads (pending I get around to doing the washer mod...)
    3. Other - what say you AG???
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    I run 6.5 pads on my rupes 15 and my PC with a 3 inch bp And 3 inch pads and there is not really anything I run into that I cant handle.

    Going to get the rupes mini eventually but just don't see a strong need right now.

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    What I have is a PC with the 3" backing plate and have 3" and 4" pads.

    My Rupes 21 has 6" backing plate and 5" backing plate. I have 5.5" and 6.5" pads.

    I also have a Rotary with the normal backing plate. I also ordered a 3" Flex backing plate for it to use all my 3" pads on my Rotary.

    I do want to order a Flex 3401, just to have it in my arsenal.

    It's weird how I learned that smaller pads on a DA have more potential to burn paint. VS Smaller pads on a Rotary.

    I learned that the bigger spin on a Rotary with a normal backing plate has more potential on burning paint vs a smaller backing plate one.

    ^ Tried to explain my best.

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