I'm finally going to buy myself a DA polisher. As I don't have couple hundred Euros to spend I thought about buying 650W(Is that enough?) DAS-6 V2 with 5" backing plate polisher (69euros) and some Rupes pads and compound.
Before polishing I'll wash car, do a tar removal, clay bar.

Will this list be OK for 2 stage polish?

250ml (8Oz) Rupes Zephir compound (1.stage)
250ml (8Oz) Rupes Keramik compound (2. stage)
5 Rupes Blue pads (1.stage)
5 Rupes Yellow pads (2.stage)

Are 5 and 5 pads enough to do whole car (Jaguar XF)? Should I buy etc 6 blue and 4 yellow pads or something entirely different?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English - not my first language