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Thread: My Rupes DIED!!

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    Re: My Rupes DIED!!

    Quote Originally Posted by RZJZA80 View Post
    i think 2 years now, maybe closer to 3. I just change the water filter when the light comes on and that's it.

    I've had Samsung phones for many years, monitors, TV's, all with no issue (except the phone battery going bad but whatever). The only thing I wouldn't buy from Samsung is a washer and dryer, but some say those issues have been resolved.
    Samsung washer and dryer since 2010. Side by side. Best washer and dryer Iíve ever owned. Flatscreen Samsung for daily Xbox since 2008.

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    Re: My Rupes DIED!!

    Samsung electric oven....... Baking element wire broke off it's connector then arced to the back case cover. Didn't trip breaker because the wire was such small gauge it couldn't carry 50a (required breaker rating, per Samsung)

    Will never even entertain a Samsung appliance again. Anyone noticed their local Lowes blowing out Samsung washers and dryers? There is a reason for that.

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    Re: My Rupes DIED!!

    Another quiet morning here, with a 350z in the garage about to be polished, and I'm listening to our GE fridge making so many weird noises.. Drips, and moving ice. Sometimes it sounds like It's trying to blast off into orbit...

    My Rupes are fine though!

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    Re: My Rupes DIED!!

    LOL! My GE fridge makes weird noises all the time too! This is the second one Iím on in ten years. I think itís time for a Whirlpool
    Treat it like it's the only one in the world.

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