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    Re: I never liked gear driven polishers.

    Way cool! Thanks for your input! I have the Flex 3401! Keep on rocking!
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    Re: I never liked gear driven polishers.

    Cool video. You gave a great overview, simple and to the point. Makes me want to strongly consider getting 1 now.

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    Re: I never liked gear driven polishers.

    Quote Originally Posted by WRAPT C5Z06 View Post
    Whatís the orbit mm of the proxxom?

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    It's just a corded rotary, same form factor as Rupes nano, but slimmer head..can readily get extension c
    Bar for it too..
    Tool is 160 shipped

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    Re: I never liked gear driven polishers.

    Thanks for letting us know about the Proxxon polisher. I like that price. The one I am finding (WP/E)looks like a rotary and the backing plate is a 2"

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    Re: I never liked gear driven polishers.

    Added a thread on my opinion / experience.

    Initial Impressions of Mille vs Flex 3401
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    Re: I never liked gear driven polishers.

    Interesting review, TTQ! I don't have any exposure to the Flex 3401, but I see your points regarding the Mille. For me, the biggest annoyance is the trigger lock button, that I am touching by accident while polishing, which of course shuts down the machine. Then the slow start feature kicks in, which compounds (see what I did there?) the annoyance of the interruption. It's not a deal-breaker, by any means, but it does take away a bit from my enjoyment of using the Mille. I'm using the Rupes Mille pads, and they work very well. The blue foam pads cut much less than you would expect them to when you feel how rough they are. The blue pads seem to break down if you get a lot of product and residue in them, so I started changing them out more frequently. The yellow pads flat-out rock, though. In fact, they finish out so well, that I haven't even tried the ultra fine polish and white pads yet.

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    Re: I never liked gear driven polishers.

    I realize that this thread is almost 3 years old but wanted to comment anyways.

    I was looking for information to help me decide on a future purchase of a gear driven machine. I started a thread soliciting comments on this machine - the Mille, and the Flex line of gear driven orbitals.

    Flex vs. Rupes Gear Driven Orbital Polishers

    I got many replies. None of those replies had anything bad to say about the Mille, but more often they simply praised the Flex. Understood! The Flex machines have an immense following and are loved by their many users.

    But I just couldn't wrap my brain around the CCW rotation of the Flex, therefore my interest in the Mille.

    Anyways, I just have to say thanks Joe... This thread and the included video played a key role in forming my decision to go with the Mille.

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