Just to chime in...

First - I'm going to close this thread, nothing good is going to come from it moving forward.

Second - the fact that we're all posting to a car detailing discussion forum means we all have more in common than in differences, I've never understood how talking about car wax, or in this example, buffing tools can go so south?

Third - I'm not a Moderator on this forum. A Moderator is like a Policeman, they enforce the rules. I'm a "how-to" guy on this forum. This thread has been "reported" multiple times. I've received multiple PMs about it. I appreciate it when people come to me to help resolve conflicts but I choose not to play the role of policeman on this forum.

It's 6:15am on Monday morning, May 7th, 2018 and I have to prep to give 5 Skills Validation tests for the International Detailing Association starting at 7:30am and going until 6:00pm. I just finished a very INTENSE 3-day, hands-on detailing class where my students used ALL THE TOOLS and all 15 cars they buffed out ALL came out looking GREAT.

The point being, with great abrasive technology, the right pad for the job and using good technique all of the tools you guys are arguing about can be made to dance on paint as my class has just proved.

I'm closing this thread, prepping for tests and I'll let the Moderator(s) handle any further action.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday car detailing discussion forum.