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    Re: What am I looking for ? Rotary or orbital or flex?

    Quote Originally Posted by rsutoratosu View Post
    These are the blotches i'm trying to remove.. so far nothing really gets rid of them, I used No Touch GS8 Auto Glass Stripper, it gets rid of some but not completely. So mechanically is the way to try next.

    Attachment 68189
    Was this the same you used CeriGlass and the DA polisher?

    Have low expectations when polishing glass. It's on very shallow defects you can make an impact on them. Basicly if you have a noticeble scratch it will take a long time to correct it. If you have a lot of damage it's very time consuming for a very little results from it. And if you you are going to correcting glass I would protect the surroundings with tape and plastic covers that you see painters use when they mask off. When you use CeriGlass or any other cerium oxide abrasive based glass polish. You heat up the glass and the polish dries fast so you pretty much always reactivate it with water so it don't just dust away. This gets very messy work and if you don't want to spend hours of cleaning too make sure this wet slurry mess don't get anywhere but on the glass and plastic covers.

    It's also much about heat management as you can get a very high heat build up. So feel the glass constantly so you don't get a too high of a heat build up. Windshields has a kind of a laminates in the middle of the glass between the outside and the inside. This is a safety reason and all vehicals must have them but don't remember exactly the year this was getting as a standard but have been for a long time. So if you heat up the windshield too high you can damage this laminate. It's so the glass won't gets to little pieces as some side windows does when it breaks. And this laminate when getting enough heated up the first damage is that it gets hazy/foggy. If you are unlucky it can even separate from the glass inside and you get moisture in it since it's constantly warmed up and cooled down from the natural environment it faces. Also since you spray water on it regualary you can get the glass to crack. This is when you put in the time to do a little correction on the glass. If you deep clean it and maybe correct the wiper blade trail that's caused by the rubber and fine dust cought in between the wiper blades and the glass.

    Seems like it's water spot etching on the picture you showing or do you have anything else like a tree or something that you parking under? Tree sap from some trees can be very acidic and cause etching on the glass. So it's depends on how deep defects these have caused. Or a if it's just very shallow to non defects and cleans up with the glass polish.

    Just want to be straight forward so you know what you are getting in to. And that even if you put in a lot of hours and much of product and also the investment in a rotary polisher. You may still be needed to be replacing the windshield. And it's even harder to say than polishing paint if it's going to work or not. I just did some glass polishing last week on a very scratched hatch window on a Ford Focus I maintain. They had proberly used paper to clean the glass with dust from gravel roads on the window. So fine scratches every where and also a lot of wiper blade trail that's caused by the gravel dust being wiped off with it. Some of the wiper blade trail was corrected and the bad ones a little improvement on. So it where not worth it to put in the time on it other than cleaning it deeply with the CeriGlass and their Rayon Glass Polishing Pads. Used a 3" mini polisher with a 12mm throw. So have your expectations set very low when you polishing glass. And you can be happy when seeing the minor results you can get from it. 3M has a glass polish with 90% of cerium oxide abrasives in it. Don't know how much it's in the Carpro CeriGlass but don't think it's as high as 3M. You mostly can imagine the difference when you find the price on the 3M glass polish as it's very high. So I don't think that the retail glass polishes has such a high procentage in them. And for doing any kind of correction on glass you need a lot of abrasives in it.

    / Tony

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    Re: What am I looking for ? Rotary or orbital or flex?

    @Tony, if your concerned with amount of cerium oxide in a product and can get c/o in a powder form and mix your own surly.

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    Re: What am I looking for ? Rotary or orbital or flex?

    Are those scratched into the glass or on the surface?

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    Re: What am I looking for ? Rotary or orbital or flex?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rsurfer View Post
    It's the backing plate that is 7". The spindle is 5/8", so a 5" backing plate with a 5/8 female fitting will work.

    And yes Car Pro's rayon pads only comes in 3" (odd size) and 51/4" sizes.
    You can get a smaller rotary backing plate that will fit the HF rotary from here on good ol Autogeek. If glass is all you are using a rotary for, I'd get the flex 3" pe8 rotary.
    Great little machine, easier to get into tighter spaces. Great for headlights, too.


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